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    Default About the "Venting" threads

    Lately, there have been too many digs at other users or other inappropriate messages in the Vent thread. We want you to have a place to vent your emotions anonymously, but this thread is NOT the place to:

    - Address another forum user
    - Address concerns about forum issues: moderator decisions, board policy, disagreements with other users/mods, etc.

    If you need to say something to another user, PM them or take care of it off the board if you can't address them personally. A bunch of anonymous (but apparent to who they're intended for) jabs at other board users just sours the entire thread and creates unnecessary paranoia.

    If you have a disagreement or concern about another board issue, we have an open forum for board questions and concerns here. You can also PM a mod or admin if the disagreement involves them.

    From here out, a warning will be given if a post is made calling out another user. If another post of the same kind is made by the same person, a 30-day ban will be issued for harassing behavior toward another member. For a board biz post, a warning will be given to take your concern out of the vent thread and to the proper forum/PM.

    This thread and the policies outlined also apply to the Post Your Random Thoughts threads.
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