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    Default My truffles won't set up!

    I hate to bake, but I can usually handle making truffles because it's a stovetop activity. But tonight, I'm left with more of a thick fondue...

    I've used this Barefoot Contessa recipe before, and I don't remember it taking this long to set up (the recipe says room temp for an hour).

    I left out the grand marnier (b/c I don't like chocolate & orange together), and the only other thing I did differently was melt the chocolate and cream together in a double boiler rather than heating the cream then pouring it over the chocolate and whisking until it melts. Do you think that's the problem here? Heating cream without scalding it is tedious, which is why I used the double boiler, but I have to make another batch tomorrow so I could try it the "right" way.

    Meanwhile, I let this sit for an hour and a half at room temp, and another 30 minutes in the fridge, and it's still too soupy. I'm hoping it's the right consistency in the morning (and not too firm).

    Any suggestions, for now or for next time? I like this recipe b/c it doesn't have cornstarch or wax, but if anyone has another (easy) one, that works too . I was going to do a white chocolate variation tomorrow.

    ETA: Ok, the chocolate got a little too firm overnight, but softened up and I was able to form them into balls. I just made the 2nd batch using the actual recipe method, and that does apparently make a difference. Who knew you had to follow the instructions?
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    Yep, I think melting the chocolate with the cream is the problem...you made a chocolate sauce rather than truffles. Use it to go with a cake or something--I bet it still tastes good!

    Just read your edit--well, now you know. Honestly, homemade truffles are so good that even if they're soft, I bet they're still good.
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    I always heat the chocolate and cream together. Then I let it sit until the chocolate melts and add butter. I like it soft so I can pipe it into truffle molds, though. Once I put it in the fridge it gets that nice truffle-y texture. Glad yours worked out!

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