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    Default recovery from having adenoids removed??

    Have you had your child's adenoids removed??

    My 2 year old (28 month old) son just has his removed this past Monday (5 days ago) and I'm wondering if he is recovering normally or not. Its Saturday night, so I have to wait until Monday to call his ENT.

    I keep reading that its normal for him to have stinky breath for about 10-14 days because of the scabs. But how stinky is normal? My sons breath smells like a bad diaper; its so bad that you can smell it just being near him, and it seems to becoming more foul by the day. He also is still running a very slight fever, but nothing over 100, which again, I hear is normal. And he seems to still be in quite a bit of pain. If I let his Tylenol lapse, he is crying and in pain until 20 minutes after he gets another dose.

    So technically, everything is "normal" from what I have read on the recovery sheet, but I'm worried about how BAD his bad breath is (and getting worse), and the fact that he is in pain 5 days later. I'm worried about infection.

    Do I need to rush him over to the ER, or Urgent Care, or just call his ped on Monday...or is he really recovering normally?????
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    I'd call his ENT surgeon. There should be an answering service where he can be paged. Better to be safe than sorry. He's the one that did the surgery and he's the one that should answer any concerns you have. I work for a surgeon and it's not uncommon for people to call with concerns after surgery. Most just need to be reassured, but there are a few times when it is more important. The only way for us to know if there's a problem is when the patient or family member calls. Also, if you go to the ER, he'd likely be paged anyway, even if it's just to consult over the phone with the ER staff- better to go right to the source.

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    My nephew had his adenoids removed recently and I remember my brother describing how HORRIBLE his breath was a few days later! So I think the bad breath is probably normal. I am not sure about the pain -- I know my brother described my nephew a few days after surgery as "doing well, as long as he gets his pain meds on time".

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    My SIL had her adenoids out many, many years ago (I think she was like 12 at the time) when I was just getting to know my DH, and he said she was in a LOT of pain afterwards. Can't speak to the stinky breath, but I think the recovery from this takes a while, from what I've heard. I'd also call the ENT.

    Hope he feels better soon!

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