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    Exercise definitely WILL work. As everyone else has said, it's important to combine diet with exercise. But even going beyond that, if you work with a personal trainer they can give you additional tips as to what exactly you should be eating. For instance, I found that reducing the amount of dairy in my diet and eliminating sugar really helped get rid of stomach flab. So, it's not just the calories, it's the content of those calories. But yes, exercise helps a LOT if you do it regularly and push yourself.

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    Hi Anna,
    Some effective tips for you to attain a flat stomach. Do exercise regularly to manage stress and have healthy breakfast. Avoid skipping meals and break your meals i 5/6 small meals including snacks. Drink green tea, increase water intake and avoid beverages and flavored juices. Avoid eating late and sleep for 7/8 hours a day.

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    Exercise is best tool to get fitness and maintain health. So there is no doubt about exercise and we can say that exercise really works. Exercise has thousands of benefits so everybody should do regular exercise.

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