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    I've just taken up classes with my roommates, and I wonder - just how good is it for overall fitness? How about for losing weight? Tell all, I really don't have a clue!!

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    OK, I know there is a thread around here on yoga--actually two that were combined--but I searched and can't find it.

    Anyway...I've practiced yoga on and off for years, sometimes as many as 3-4 classes a week. It's great for my mental health. It's good for my overall strength, particularly legs, back, and core, and more upper body as I get into more advanced poses and arm balances.

    It is not so great for burning calories or weight loss. It's such a gentle form of exercise and you purposely breathe slowly, so it's just not going to do the same, calorie-wise, as going for a run, nor will it exercise your heart/increase your heart rate in the same way. The possible exception is ashtanga yoga, which has a faster pace.

    Enjoy your classes! If you're looking to lose weight, add some aerobic exercise too.
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    Here are a couple of threads:

    Any other Yoga lovers?

    Hot Yoga
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    Hi Sarah,
    I have been practicing yoga daily since last 10 months and found yoga great to lose weight and relief stress. Yoga makes our body flexible and helps in breathing better. Yoga improves memory, reduce high blood pressure and prevent from depression, cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer.

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    I actually have found yoga to be great for losing weight if I use it in a certain way. In general I'm a gym rat/treadmill girl. But, when I want to up my weight loss fast I do a couple yoga classes a week for a month and lose up to 10 more lbs than I would at the gym. It's definitely a muscle memory thing and the change to my routine shocks my system differently and results in the weight loss. I don't do it all the time and when I have gone for longer periods I don't lose weight but I do gain muscle and flexibility. So, everyone is different in how they react to exercise and what kinds, but it generally depends on how and how often you do it.
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    Hey Sarah you don't need to worry. Just do it. Yoga is a best exercise that will keep you healthy and prevent you from many infections and diseases. You can loss weight easily and can get a better body shape.

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