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    Default Common Infertility Threads and Questions

    These are the most commonly discussed topics in Infertility. It's sometimes hard to search for these things because some acronyms are too short for the search function to pick them up, so these links should help. Please PM me if any of the links are outdated or you want a thread added!

    Go ahead, bump up any thread to ask a new question!

    How to Show Support
    Ways to tell infertile friends about your pregnancy

    Need Support
    The IF/TTC Pity Party Thread

    Start Here
    Infertility Rookie Questions

    Seeing the Doctor
    When to seek help?
    Who Do I Call?
    Annual OBGYN appt. tomorrow -- What to ask?
    The Middle Stage: after the decision, before the specialist...
    What to Expect on 1st RE Visit?

    OB/GYNs and REs (specialists)
    Going to an OB/GYN or an RE?
    Shopping Around For Fertility Treatment?
    My gyn fired me?!?! Endo/Infertility related.
    RE Questions

    Testing and non-treatment Procedures
    FSH and Estradiol Tests
    elevated FSH?
    Day 3 blood test?
    Progesterone test - does time of day matter?
    HSG experience
    What happened after your HSG?
    Please tell me your experience with a Laparoscopy
    Hysteroscopy: what should I expect?
    Endometrial Biopsy
    Post Coital Test?

    Costs / Insurance / Logistics
    Costs of various infertility treatments
    States with mandatory IF coverage
    Clomid - costs without insurance?
    How do you get away from work for frequent appts?

    Male Issues
    Low sperm count?
    Varicoceles and other male IF issues

    Female Issues
    Unexplained Infertility
    Immune Issues?
    IVIg- anyone know about it?
    Endometriosis...what do you think?
    Weak Ovulation?
    Does anyone else here have a uterine anomoly?
    Blocked tube - questions

    PCOS and TTC
    Does anyone have PCOS but is not TTC?
    PCOS questions - long
    PCOS Questions
    PCOS/Clomid/HSG Questions
    Metformin experiences?

    IUIs (Intrauterine Insemination)
    IUI experiences
    Tell me about IUI...
    Success with IUI?
    IUI without added drugs success rate? (aka "Natural IUI")
    Acupuncture with IUI?
    IUI: How Many Times?

    IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)
    Please help me with questions about IVF
    IVF - Can you walk me through the steps?
    Poll: IVF success rates?

    Secondary Infertility
    Fertility Meds & Breastfeeding
    ROs - Question about Clomid & TTC #2

    Success Stories!
    Anyone with success stories that don't involve medical treatment??
    Anyone with success stories after years of TTC?

    Medications and Side Effects

    Progesterone / Provera / Prometrium (and Luteal Phase Defect)
    Low Progesterone
    Progesterone suppositories - is this normal?
    Low Progesterone and Clomid

    Clomid / Clomiphene Citrate
    Clomid checks? (need for monitoring?)
    CLOMID--tell me about your experience
    TTC w/Clomid
    When to take clomid?
    Clomid and O
    Poll: How long after round of Clomid did you O?
    Clomid (lifetime cap?)
    What happens next after Clomid doesn't work?
    Clomid--Day v. Night? Generic v. Brand?
    High temps with Clomid? HELP!
    What was your experience with CBEFM while on clomid?

    Femara / Letrozole
    Success with Femara
    Femara-- Has it made you O early?
    Letrozole/Femara, Anyone?

    Estrogen / Estrace
    Estrogen side effects

    Injectables (FSH / gonadotropins)
    Injectables - Master Thread
    Poll: How many injectibles cycles before moving on?

    Trigger shots
    Trigger shots and timed intercourse ??
    Triggering with HCG and then injecting more HCG a week later???

    Ovarian cyst?

    Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS)

    Links to support group threads:
    SAI (Still At It) - support and info for people TTC for at least 12 months and/or with known infertility problems. Includes beginning testing through injectables and IUIs.
    IVF - IVF support and information
    Tough Second - secondary infertility support
    Clomid for Dummies - Clomid support and information
    TTC at 35+: Age Is Just a Number!
    Pregnancy after Infertility
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