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Thread: Mom's Club?

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    Default Mom's Club?

    Does anyone belong to "The Mom's Club"?


    How do you like it? Did it work well for your town? Did you start the club?

    I am thinking of starting a division in my town but wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts first.

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    I've been a member of my city's MOMS club for about a year. For the first six months of my membership, I didn't do ANY activities because DD was still taking a morning and afternoon nap and every activity seemed to start at 10:30 in the morning. Prime nappy-time! I should have looked more carefully at the calendar and roster to see the ages of the other children before I joined because it was kind of a waste.

    But, once DD switched to one afternoon nap (around 14 months) I've done quite a bit. In our club, the members put together a monthly calendar. Moms volunteer to host playgroups at their houses, playground dates, stroller walks, and lots of other things. There's a knitting group (playgroup at member's house while the moms knit), book group, coffee dates, hikes, a gourmet cooking group. It's been great. There is no weekly commitment for activities, I just pick and choose what sounds interesting and what works with our schedule. We also do some volunteer activities and tot and date drops, where other mothers watch a bunch of kids so you can have a few hours of free babysitting. I've met a lot of nice moms and many have two children, which is nice because I'm expecting baby #2 in a few months. A lot of our other mama/baby activities are geared for new moms with only one child, but that, of course, will depend on the membership.

    I like it, and the membership fee ($25 annually) is well worth it to get you out of the house!

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    Thanks! That is really great info - I appreciate it.

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    I agree with knzbound.

    I joined my moms club and ended up meeting another new mom who is practically my neighbor so we hang out a lot. It's also good for my son to hang out with other babies and kids. I'm the last person who joins clubs or committees but I'm glad I did, there is no pressure to attend events, I just go to whatever looks good unless it's at my son's nap time.

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    I joined the local MOMS club about a year ago. I was unsure of it at first, dd seemed so much younger than other children and I didn't have a lot I could do.

    Now, I love it. We do playgroups once a week and usually a couple of calendar events as well. I've gotten to be pretty good friends with a lot of the moms.

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    Are you in the boston area? Or just like the Sox? We live on the South Shore - that is why I ask....

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