Some key things to keep in mind when participating in the Gossip Forum:

All articles need to be posted in accordance with copyright law. The poster must provide a link to the original article and may include no more than 4-5 paragraphs of the original article. No copyrighted photos may be posted. Please PM a moderator or administrator with any questions or concerns. Thank you.

Please do not quote pictures...doing so can eat up the bandwith for the person that is hosting the image you see (that would be your CC friends, since we don't allow hot linking) and it eats up huge chunks of the viewing page.

You should never link directly to the image on another site. That is called hotlinking and stealing bandwith and that is bad. If you have any questions, or aren't sure if what you're doing is hotlinking, please read up both here and here.

Instead of will need to copy the picture to your computer, upload it to your own image hosting service (flickr, photobucket, etc.) and then load it onto CC from there. It's more work, but better karma as long as you're following copyright law Not to mention that some folks protect their images from hotlinking by having porn images load up instead of the image you *think* you downloaded.

I know we've said this before, but I think it bears repeating since some folks seem to be coming across viruses....please, please, please, if you don't know the safety of a site, don't visit it. If you don't have virus protection or anti-spyware, please run, don't walk to get something. Any site you visit or any email you open has the potential to have spyware or a virus. You need to be proactive and get protected.

If you think that you've visited a site that has infected your computer then contact the web administrators of that site immediately! Give them the information that you've received from your anti-virus report and let them know. If they're anything like we are, they'll scour their site to find out what's going on and do their best to remedy the situation. We had some challenges with avatars setting of anti-virus protections in our earlier days and tracked it down to the one avatar and got rid of it. Better safe than sorry.

But please, if you feel that you have to blame someone, don't blame the folks that go out of the way to take the time and energy to post the pictures and the news that you're craving. Blame the sites that you visited that have the problems. When it's not setting off the OP's anti-virus protection, she certainly can't be expected to know that there's a virus out there or that someone without protection might be at risk. You must be proactive and protect your computer yourself, always assume that any email you open or link you visit will have a virus and act accordingly.

Here are some good, basic guidelines to follow to help keep your computer safe.

And rememberů
The purpose of this forum is to have some light hearted fun gabbing about celebrities. Snarky comments about the subjects are to be expected- such is the nature of gossip! That being said, snarky comments about each other and big heavy debates are not really the purpose of this forum.

If someone says something truly offensive, by all means voice your opinion, but overall we are trying to keep this a fun place. Debates about 'Why do you care if Britney wears shoes anyway', 'only losers gossip' etc are probably not going to be well received.

If you aren't clear on any of the items discussed in this post, please, feel free to PM a mod with your questions! We want to make your experience a fun one, and when we're dealing with copyright issues, etc. it can get confusing. We're here to answer your questions if you have them.

Thanks, and have fun!