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    Yippee!!! That's great! As soon as I have a few minutes to surf the 'net, I will post some fun goodies too....but first...I just added this lovely to my handbag collection

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    ooh goodie!! I love lusting after stuff LOL
    I almost never shop at the expensive stores, but I do love to look!

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    I have so many products, it's crazy. These are just some! I went a little overboard

    hair care:
    shampoo- Framesi Voluminizing and bumble&bumble Sunday
    conditioner- Pantene Pro-V Hydrating Curls
    deep treatments-placenta treatments, Paul Mitchell thickening leave-in-conditioner
    styling aids: bumble&bumble Straight(THE BEST)
    hairspray: (cheap and good)Tres Emme medium hold
    tools: in the market for a new straightener, suggestions? I want a GOOD one!

    skin care:
    facial cleanser: Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash cream cleanser, Borghese Crema Saponetta
    make-up remover: Dove original soap bar
    on-the-go product:?
    moisturizer:Oil of Olay daily moisturizer with SPF 15, Pelle deep hydrating face cream for face and neck
    anti-aging product(s): Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, Prescriptives Super Line Preventor (I do not want wrinkles!)
    eye cream: I che-lac the two above all over my eyelids and undereyes.
    acne products: this is very old school: Aquafresh toothpaste for pimples or rubbing alcohol if I'm desperate
    masls: Biore individual heating masks(soo goood)
    scrubs/exfoliators: Loreal Microdermabrasion Kit

    foundation: don't use it, but I mix MAC bronzing liquid with my moisturizer
    powder: Revlon SkinLights in Medium
    blush: Stila Clay, MAC Mocha, Swoon and one other
    eyeshadow: don't really wear it. But have many. Fave are by MAC and Estee Lauder
    mascara: Max Factor Thickening in Soft Black
    eyeliner: MAC black kohl, Revlon chocolate color pencil
    lipstick: MAC "O." Plum Dandy, and many, many others
    lipgloss: C.G. Bigelow menthal lip shine, the best!
    lipliner: MAC Plum, Whirl, Spice
    nail polish: Essie Fed Up, and Limo-Scene
    brow pencil/powder: Stila two-sided pot
    tools: mostly MAC brushes and a few cheaper ones that leave little black hairs all over my face. Need new brushes.

    cleanser: Dove soap
    lotion: Johnson&Johnson Bedtime(the best)
    scrub: sea salt exfoliator from Trader Joe's
    scent: Hermes Marveilles
    bath products:Johnson&Johnson bedtime bath, also the best
    hand cream: Bath&Body Works Vanilla
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    This is my absolute favorite beauty product EVER!

    I have oily skin, it works wonders and never over-dries my skin.

    I also like the cetaphil gentle skin cleanser for waterless makeup removal.

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    skin care
    -Kiehl's Ultra Protection Water-Based Sunscreen Lotion-SPF 25
    -Neutrogena Deep Clean Scrub
    -(winter) Kiehl's Sodium PCA Oil-Free Moisturizer

    -Clinique Deep Comfort Body Moisture

    makeup-ish stuff
    -Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey
    -Burt's Bees
    -Nars Orgasm blush

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    I am a beauty junkie recently turned freelance makeup artist, so I am always trying new products! I am currently freelancing for Laura Mercier so I have a ton of her products, and a lot of them are my favorites!

    hair care:
    * shampoo - Pantene Volumizing
    * conditioner - Don't use it
    * deep treatments - Also don't use
    * styling aids - Bedhead by TIGI Superstar and Bumble & Bumble Sumotech
    * tools - My hands!

    skin care:
    * facial cleanser - Philosophy Purity Made Simple
    * make-up remover - DHC Deep Cleansing Oil and Maybelline Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover
    * on-the-go product - Comodynes makeup remover cloths for dry/sensitive skin (available at Trader Joe's for cheap!)
    * moisturizer - Laura Mercier Moisturizer SPF 15
    * anti-aging product(s) - Heavy duty sunscreen! Shiseido SPF 55
    * eye cream - Clinique Stop Signs (has sunscreen!)
    * acne products - Differin Gel and my birth control (NuvaRing)
    * masks - Borghese Fango Active Mud
    * scrubs/exfoliators - Laura Mercier Face Polish

    * foundation - Laura Mercier, hands down. Also can't live without her foundation primer.
    * powder - Laura Mercier translucent powder
    * blush - Bobbi Brown pot rouge in Summer Tan
    * eyeshadow - Laura Mercier
    * mascara - L'Oreal Voluminous
    * eyeliner - Laura Mercier cake liner
    * lipstick - Funny, I use gloss almost exclusively now and can't think of a favorite lipstick!
    * lipgloss - Laura Mercier
    * lipliner - Laura Mercier long-wearing lipliner
    * nail polish - OPI in Tutti Frutti Tonga
    * brow pencil/powder - Laura Mercier
    * tools - Laura Mercier, Trish McEvoy and Kevyn Aucoin

    * cleanser - Laura Mercier Creme Brulee
    * lotion - Jergens Natural Glow
    * scrub - Laura Mercier Clementine Sugar Scrub
    * scent - Angel by Thierry Mugler
    * hand cream - Aveda
    E & B 9.13.03
    And baby makes three 9.21.06

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    ssstephanie Guest


    I want:

    a marc jacobs handbag
    a balenciaga handbag

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    YAY Steph!!! I knew you would find this thread....a girl after my own heart
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    Here's a FAV Louis Vuitton!
    For the low low price of $2680.00! I'm buying one for everyone! HAHA I WISH LADIES!

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    Holls ~ That's pocket change, right?!
    Boy - 8/04 : Girl - 6/06 : Girl - 2/08

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