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    Our DD is 26 months. We are doing art supplies.

    Finger paint
    paint brushes
    construction paper

    Goldfish crackers, because she thinks candy is yucky.

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    My DD is 20 months...
    - 3 puzzles
    - pail/shover (the basket)
    - stuffed animal
    - a few chocolate eggs
    - clothing
    - stickers
    - pop-up washcloth

    My DS is 1 month...
    - a stuffed animal (no basket)

    ETA: Most of the stuff in DDs basket are things we would have picked up for her anyhow as she was developmentally ready for the new toys (i.e., the puzzles).
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    I feel better seeing that other moms with kids my DD's age (15 mos) didn't buy anything.
    I didn't grow up in the States, and even though we did celebrate Easter, there was no basket involved. It was all about the chocolate eggs/bunnies

    Because of that I don't quite get the whole basket idea, and I wouldn't even know where to begin (DH is too much of a "guy" to know).
    That being said, I want DD to have a "normal" childhood, so I thought that maybe I should get her one. But on the other hand I felt like she's still too young and she wouldn't understand.
    I don't feel so guilty now that I see DD won't be the only one without a basket.

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    DD is 24.5 months and is getting her actual "basket" filled with some eggs and treats (some candy, cookies, Play Doh, small toys, etc), but her main "basket" is a sandcastle bucket filled with sand toys, shovels, etc. We could definitely use those at the park and beach
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    DD is 23 months...She's not getting too much, because her birthday is right around the corner. She already has way too many stuffed animals and toys. My MIL is going to give her more candy than we want her to have, so none of that.

    Disney princess nightie
    New book (haven't gotten yet)
    finger paint set
    baby doll
    M 6/30/00
    DD 4/30/05

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    DS is 15 months:

    - Pad of paper and large crayons from the $1 store
    - Bubbles in this spill proof thing I got on clearance a couple months ago
    - Dried mangoes and bananas (Gerber Organic)

    I got DS a basket last year that he will use each year.

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    DS will be 16 months on Easter:

    -2 coloring books with the big crayons
    -mini MagnaDoodle (Cars theme) with a Cars book
    -new bath/beach towel
    -cinnamon Teddy Grahams (packets)

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    Thanks for some of the ideas...I think I'll throw in a mr. potato head as well
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    DD is 20 months old. I loved Easter baskets as a kid, so I am all into it!

    -mini mr. potato head
    -new crayons
    -plastic eggs with little figures inside (Blues Clues, Dora, Diego)
    -small chocolate bunny
    -a few mini play doughs
    -koosh ball
    -a few wiffle balls
    -goldfish crackers
    -cute tub of cereal
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    another mama not doing much. mainly because my mom went a little overboard. she gave DD (2 this month)
    candy filled eggs,
    little people stuff
    egg shaped chalk (this suff ROCKS-so much easier for dd to use-i even went and stocked up on a couple more to use all year)
    bunny/chic playdough with stampers which she loves
    peep bubbles
    dora washmit
    i know there was more....we also did the 99 cent easter bucket and DD loves playing with that and the plastic eggs
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