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    Default What is going in your childs easter basket?

    Just curious.
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    sadly, we didn't get DD anything for Easter. we thought about getting a cute basket and maybe some baby snacks and a toy, but she doesn't get too excited about that kind of thing yet. We are going to go shopping for some spring/summer clothes that she needs and let her "pick out" some outfits.
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    There is a thread about this over in the "April" section.

    We doing a Mr. Potato head bunny, some spring-y little people accessories, jelly beans, a book and a chocolate chick (that mom can eat )
    He also got some silly stuff that I'm giving as favors at his easter egg hunt, like bunny straws, a pop up bunny on a stick, a pinwheel, and a wind up egg.
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    Well, I went overboard..so overboard that I had to go out yesterday and get a bigger basket.

    Alphabet cards
    stuffed bunny
    small chocolate bunny
    A pig candy dispenser that makes noise and the candy falls out of his butt - I found this at WalMart for $2 and had to have it
    life saver fruit snacks
    a small bubble cup that she can hold - it claims it is non spillable
    Mr. Potato head sprout set
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    Let's See DD is 25 months old.

    - Little Einsteins Color/Sticker book
    - Easter Coloring Book
    - Bubbles
    - Playdough in Easter Eggs
    - Pez Dispenser
    - Mr Potatoe head
    - Box of Animal Crackers
    - Yellow Ducks
    - Few little what I call junk toys from the Target Easter aisle (However DD always loves this stuff the cheaper the better)
    - A very small little chocolate bunny

    We also got her a bike helment because my mom bought her a little pink tricycle for Easter.

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    Bunny Ears (I tried them on him in Target, and he actually kept them on!)
    Board book about Easter (Christian)
    Cadbury creme eggs (for me!)
    Cadbury mini eggs (for me!)
    Robin's eggs (for me!)
    Chocolate bunny (for me!)

    He has enough stuffed animals and he just got a ton of toys, etc... for his birthday last month, so it's kind of heavy on the candy. We'll be at ILs for Easter, and I'm sure MIL will make him a basket, too.We might give him tastes of the candy now that he's over 1, but mostly I bought what I like knowing I'd be the one to eat it.
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    ummm.... nothing. Is that wrong? DS is only 15 mos old, has way too many toys, and grandma got him a 4 foot basket (no kidding). We just don't get into Easter at all (though we do for just about every other holiday) and probably won't even have a special dinner. My ILs might come into town and we might go somewhere for dinner? Who knows, it's Good Friday and I still haven't heard. Seriously, is that wrong?

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    My kids will be 3 this summer. I'm still dealing with broken bits of Easter junk toys from the past two Easters that I really cut back on those this year.

    Each boy's basket is getting:
    • a Thomas train
    • a Matchbox car
    • a silly Easter wind-up thing they'll break in 20 seconds and I pledge now that I will throw out immediately
    • a Little Golden Book
    • a stuffed bunny
    • a DVD (Over the Hedge and Charlotte's Web)

    Plus some jellybeans, a Reester Egg (Reese's peanut butter egg), and mini Chocolate bunnies.

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    Not a whole lot-just a small toy and some plastic eggs. We had an egg hunt at Kindermusik this week (which consisted of eggs being placed in clear view and the kids just picked them up and put them in their baskets) and he seemed to enjoy that so we're going to try that this weekend.

    I just got him a 99-cent basket at Target. I'm going to wait another year before investing in a really nice Easter basket.

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    DD is 18 months.

    - Sandra Boynton "Dog Train" book and cd
    - sidewalk chalk
    - new crayons
    - case to put her crayons in
    - color wonder paper/markers
    - peeps
    - Mr. Potato head (to play with in the car on a road trip in a few weeks, I may hold out and not put this in the basket)
    - Sand and Sea table (obviously not going in the basket!)
    - jelly beans, whoppers, and M&M's (her favorite!) in her plastic eggs for the egg hunt

    Yea, $100 on easter is a bit crazy, but her bday is in Sept so there's no good excuse to buy toys between now and then and I wanted to buy her the Sand and Sea table, so it was a good excuse!

    She also got a giant box full of stuff from her grandad and my parents are on there way here with a ton more stuff. I wasn't spoiled like this as a child...hmmm.
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