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    Thought I would update this. Our album just showed up today, 7 years later. The quality of the album is amazing but the quality of the actual photographs is horrendous. Our photographer made-up some excuse about the negatives being lost by the processing lab (married before digital was so common place) so the photos in our album are low resolution scanned copies of what I assume to be the proof album. I am glad to finally have an album but it is not at all what I paid for. I am upset but after 7 years I just don't have any fight in me to deal with it.

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    I logged in just to respond to this. Seven YEARS?! Holy cow.

    Anyway, this is so not okay! I'd ask her for a partial refund (heck, personally I'd ask for a FULL refund) for making you wait so long. And I'd let her know that I was filing a report with the BBB for crappy service. Others deserve to know about your experience! Seven YEARS is outrageous.
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    OMG! Not only were we both married on the same day & year ... but we both had issues with our photographer.

    I am still without a wedding album. Our photographer also provided our proofs rather quickly after the wedding and we ordered the thank you pics. But it did take a few months to decide on actual pics. At which time, our photographer went missing. After a few years, we finally heard from him with an excuse of taking a full time job out of the state and commuting during the weekends and he is working on them. His other excuse is he felt some of our pics were dark and he was working with a lab to lighten (also prior to digital) and then I have not heard anything. After numerous emails and voice messages from both myself and my husband - we have nothing!

    You probably know that this is a sore subject in our household and I also don't have the energy or the resources to fight in small claims court.

    Glad to hear that you received your album after all these years.
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