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    Default Has anyone used Benjamin Moore's Chestertown Buff paint?

    It is one of the colors from the Pottery Barn line. I really like it but my DH is not convinced. He thinks it is too "mustardy." Just wondering if anyone has a photo or 2 to share of the paint 'in real life.'
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    I know this may not help much...but here goes

    both my mom and I have used BM paint in our house and we love it! My SIL just used BP paint as well. I can't remember the name off the top of my head, but I can tell you that the little sample looked very goldy/mustardy to me (which I didn't like). However, when she finished the whole room somehow it did not look as mustardy/gold.

    So...maybe if you have the paint, paint a pretty big area on the wall and see if the gold tones down.

    I have to say though I think I know where your DH is coming from. Any hint of gold/yellow/mustard I tend to stray from.

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    there was an episode of trading spaces.....the 100,000 dollar episode and the red-headed designer used it in the living room. It looked nice.

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    This doesn't answer your question, but...I believe that color is one of those that you can get in a small sample at any store that sells BM paint. I actually just got some paint samples today for $3.99 each at my local ACE hardware store that sells Benjamin Moore. It does look yellowy-gold IRL. I highly recommend getting a sample before committing to a paint color.
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    I have used Chestertown Buff! I really like it. I was nervous because Im not a huge yellow person but I wanted something different for our office. Its a mixture between yellow and gold in my opinion. I have had lots of compliments on it!

    Unfortunately, we dont have any furniture in our office yet. However, I did take some pictures for you just in case they might help!

    I tried to capture it with something on the wall so you can get a better sense of the color. Hope that helps!

    Without flash-you can see its a little brighter than the first picture showed...

    Good luck!

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    I used Chestertown Buff in our living room and it is definitely mustardy. I like it but it sounds like your DH won't. HTH!

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