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    Hi all!

    Ahem, I reluctantly admit that I haven't gotten anything Christmassy up yet this year. OTOH, my shopping is done, except for one more stocking stuffer or two for DH. (DH, however, still has his sister, our nieces, and his stepdad to complete.

    DS is very much thinking about Santa this year, and can't settle on what he wants. He's obssessed with Ben 10, so he's getting a Ben 10 Watch and a t-shirt.

    Also on the list are a bike, kid backpack, and easel with chalkboard/whiteboard. Oh, and we usually end up with several books by teh time Amazon is done enticing me.....The twins are also getting easels, so I expect the grandparents will go with my not-subtle hints send masses of paints and chalk.

    The tree and all the trimmings go up on Saturday and Sunday, then the cookie making begins. I think DS will be able to help with the cookies a bit more successfuly. Last year was a MESS. Amazing the difference between 2.5 and 3.5 though. (And I readily admit to liking 3.5 better. But that may be because the twins turn 2 tomorrow, and my darlingest DD became an absolute PILL exactly one week ago. sigh.)

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    Hi everyone!

    First of all, I have happy news to share: we are expecting #2 in July! I'm 11 weeks today and finally feeling like myself again. The m/s was definitely worse this time around. We told E a couple weeks ago and he's pretty excited (as much as a 3.5 y/o can be) to have a sibling and keeps talking about the baby. Today he wanted to say Good Morning to it and shouted that into my belly!

    As far as Xmas presents go, we are getting him:

    - 2 Thomas building/station sets for his train table (although he'll likely play with them on their own as the table is collecting dust these days)

    - Books

    - Hotwheels race track

    - Leapfrog Tag Reading system (he's probably a bit too young for this still)

    - And a bunch of little things for his stocking: kaleidoscope, slinky, CARS tatoos, etc.

    I'm sure my family will get him more stuff. My mom went crazy on him this year and said it's because he'll have "competition" next year, so she wanted him to really enjoy this one!

    AmyE I can't believe your twins are turning two already! Wow. Happy Birthday to them!

    cgmom That's cute that your DD sat on Santa's lap. It can be such an intimidating experience. E was so excited for it this year and then got very quiet and serious once he was placed on his lap!

    I hope everyone else is doing well and enjoying the holidays!

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    Can you believe our kids are turning FOUR?!!?? In another blink of an eye we'll have to create a "Tweens" thread after "big kids."

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    WOW...it's been a long time

    Congrats Katie! July is coming quick!

    How are everyone's big 4 year olds? Mine is such a character...she's a ham. She's in gymnastics and LOVING it. It's amazing how smart she is. She is just so much fun to have around.

    Have to go see what I've missed! ..........
    dd 5/00 dd 3/05 ds 9/06 ds 4/08

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    Wow! It's been almost a year since the last post. How is everyone doing? Can you believe our kids' 5th birthdays are right around the corner? What is everyone doing? DS wants to do his at Chuck E Cheese. I was trying to talk him into Build A Bear, but I guess I'll have to wait to do that for DD.
    We're doing well here. Hard to believe kindy starts soon. Ours is just right across the street from our house so that will be nice. DD is almost 16 months. It's been so awesome to watch their relationship evolve. DS definitely has his challenging moments, but I think I'm going to like the independence of the school age phase.

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    Can't believe my "baby" is going to be 5!??! How and WHEN did that happen? He says the funniest things (like when I took him to pick up a pizza, he saw the pictures on the wall and said "Mama, I don't want polka dots on my pizza... NO POLKA DOTS, K?" (ie pepperoni!)).

    He wants a pool party for his birthday. But I don't think I can handle it. Where we live, nannies take care of kids, and nannies aren't allowed in the pool. So I don't think we would get a big turnout, since I would say that parents have to swim with their kids. I am going to look into a bouncy castle of some kind and just have pizza (without polka dots, of course!)

    I totally can't imagine my little boy going to kindergarten next year. The school here is HUGE (K-12) it is nearly 1,900 students. It is a scary thing for a parent to send a little 5 year old off on the school bus going to such a HUGE school. But I guess I have to do it! I have 5 more months to prepare myself! LOL

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