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    Default Insecticides That Are Safe Around Baby?

    We are suddenly having a problem inside and outside of our house with little spiders and also what we believe to be springtails (tiny, harmless bugs in great numbers). My DH usually sprays around the outside of the house, but I told him to stop spraying the inside with insecticide because I'm paranoid that it can harm DS if he crawls through the leftover residue or whatever. If DH sprays in the corners on the wall, carpet, tile, or vinyl... can it harm DS even after it dries. I'm worried about him getting it on his skin and then putting his hands in his mouth or something. Am I a nut to worry about this?

    More importantly, can you recommend insecticide/pesticides that are completely SAFE to use around babies? I would love some specific brand/type recommendations. I know nothing about insecticides, and my DH is really eager to spray with whatever he bought from Home Depot. Thanks so much!!
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    I don't know if they have anything to address your current bug problem, but I always buy from Gardens Alive. They have a number of non-toxic/organic fertilizers and insecticides (I buy stuff from them b/c we have pets, but I believe most of their stuff is non-toxic to humans as well).

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