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    Hi ladies.

    It's been forever since I've been here but we have been super busy. Brian did leave on August 29th for Iraq. It was a very hard day to begin with but got even worse when we had to rush Troi to the urgent care because he broke his arm :/ So he was in a cast for 6 weeks after that and it was a very rough 6 weeks with the cast and him not understanding but we made it through that.

    Troi is in a regular preschool right now but I'm trying to get him moved into a special needs preschool. He's in a room with 13 other kids and 1 teacher so he's not getting the attention he needs and is having problems. We are on the waiting list for this school and will hopefully be in by the end of January.

    Nikolas is doing good too in kindergarten. He's learning how to spell words so I basically can't spell anything I want to hide in front of him. Just another hazzard of growing up lol.

    Brian is doing good in Iraq. He's bored because it's the same routine but he said time is flying by for him. I wish it was for me, it seems like this is taking forever :/

    As for me, back in October I joined a gym, got a personal trainer and started weight watchers. As of December 7th I had lost 10 pounds but then had to stop everything because I finally had my much needed long awaited breast reduction surgery. So these past 3 weeks have been super painful but so far well worth it. I am soooo much smaller and perky.

    And in general, right now the plan is for me to take the boys over to Germany in March when Brian gets vacation and he'll meet us there. We're still not 100% sure on that though, he might come home for the week. We have to decide what we're going to do. And even though this deployment is taking forever, it is doing what it was meant to do, we have paid down our debt by $10k in 4 months. We will have everything paid off by the time he gets home and some put into savings. So we do miss each other, but it is working.

    Here are the latest pictures.
    ~~Lorraine, Mom to Nikolas 8/30/04, Troi 5/20/06 and 3 angels...
    "It is most difficult to say goodbye, when you never had the chance to say hello."

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