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    Default September 2004 Moms and Kids - All Turning 3!

    The Grand List of September 2004 Mommies and Babies!!

    AmyPooh (AmyInDallas on WC)
    Me: Amy, 28
    DH: Rich, 32
    Married: 8/3/2002
    DD: Kailey Catheryn
    Date of Birth: 9/3/2004
    Time of Birth: 1:18PM
    Weight and Length: 6lbs 4oz 18"
    New Baby #2 Expected - Nov 26, 2005 - Big Sono next week!

    AttyGrl74 aka MonkeysMama
    Me: Kelly, 31
    DH: Jason, almost 33
    Married: 1/11/03
    Eleanor Ruth ("Nora")
    8 lbs., 2oz., 21" long

    Me: Chelsea, 23
    DH: Jonathan, 34
    Married: 09/04/02
    2:27(I think)
    6lbs 12oz, 19in
    Other children:
    Trystin 9/29/99

    CC: cpbride8203
    Me: Jen, 30
    DH: Jim, 33
    Married: 8-2-03
    DD: Kylie Jean 8-30-04
    DD: Kaitlyn Ann 7-12-06

    CC Name: Darin's Girl
    Me: Emily, 29
    DH: Darin, 37
    Married: 9-6-03
    Madelyn Fae aka "Maddie"
    3 lbs 14 oz 16 1/2 inches (6 weeks early)

    ez2luv (CanadianBride1)
    Me: Tammi
    DH: Trevor
    Married: 9/29/01
    DD: Isabelle Brenda
    2:11 AM
    7 lbs, 4 Oz; 21 inches long

    Me: Jennifer
    DH: Miguel
    Married- 9/6/03
    DS: Andrew Miguel
    6:04 am
    8lbs 4 oz 19 1/2 in

    CC: Islandbride1025
    Me: Kelly, 35
    DH: Al, 40
    Married: 10-25-03
    DS: Myles
    Baby's Name: Madison DeVon
    Date of birth : 9-20-04
    Time of birth : 11:55 pm
    Weight and Length: 7lbs 4ozs, 21 inches

    CC Name: Jeggink
    Me: Judi, 32
    DH: Dan, 32
    Married: 9-28-02
    Joseph, 9-23-04
    5 lbs 6 oz 19 inches (5 weeks early)

    Me: Joann 33
    DH: Chip 37
    Married: 6/01/02
    William Edward
    9lbs3ounces, 22"
    Add: Alli 6/11/03

    Me: Sue (31)
    DH: Tim (33)
    Married: 12/01/01
    DD: Claire Sophia
    B-day: 9/16/04
    Weight: 6lbs 12ozs
    Length: 20.5 inches
    Time: 9:15pm

    NikosMommy (bmlp224 on WC)
    Me: Lorraine, 37
    DH: Brian, 33
    Married: 8/7/02
    3 Angel Babies
    DS: Nikolas Peter
    Date of Birth: 8/30/04
    Time of Birth: 6:19 PM
    Weight and Length: 7 lbs. 6.05 oz. 20"
    Niko will be a big brother in June 2006

    Me - Ann (33)
    DH - Darren (41)
    Married - August 4,2001
    DS - Kyle Anthony
    August 31, 2004
    weight - 9pounds 7 ounces
    height - 22 inches

    Me: Stephanie, 28
    DH: Tim, 28
    Married: 7/4/03
    Lucas Alexander
    4:16 PM
    8 lbs, 21-3/4" long
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    J & J 8-2-03
    KJ! 8-30-04
    KA! 7-12-06

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    ** Saving**
    J & J 8-2-03
    KJ! 8-30-04
    KA! 7-12-06

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    ** Saving 1 more**
    J & J 8-2-03
    KJ! 8-30-04
    KA! 7-12-06

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    We are now open!! Please check your stats on the first page and post all changes in Red.
    J & J 8-2-03
    KJ! 8-30-04
    KA! 7-12-06

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    cp - thanks for getting us up and running! Can you please change my age to 31 and my DH to 33? Thanks!

    golden - hee, hee CC police! Too funny!

    My parents are up this week helping me get the house together before K2 arrives. Plus, one of my cats got some bladder infection that caused his urethra to close up. Poor guy couldn't pee. He could have died if we hadn't gotten him to the vet so quick. So he spent last night at the vet hospital and I brought him home this afternoon. Our wallets are $800 lighter but our cat is still with us .

    Hope all is well with everyone!
    Sue & Tim ~ 12/01/2001
    Claire Sophia ~ 09/16/2004
    James David ~ 10/05/2006

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    Starting a new thread seems funny at this point. Jen, I am cracking up that you didn't even remember the password

    Kelly, Lorraine, anyone else who is on LJ, or going to switch. I am
    mom2alliwill over there. Tell me your names or friend me & I'll add you.

    We are living a crazy life right now. Our kitchen is in full remodel so we are at my Mom's all day to avoid getting in the way. Add that to being 9 months pregnant & I am run down. The kicker is that the contractor told Chip last night he expects to complete work next Thursday or Friday.....two days, or one, before Will's birthday party. I am going to have a nervous breakdown.
    Alli 06/11/03
    Will 09/03/04
    Owen 9/05/06

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    Thanks Jen for starting our new thread! Now the CC police won't arrest us! I need to stop

    Joann- You cute preggo!Hope the kitchen gets done ASAP!

    Kelly- Have you had a chance to look over on LJ? Come on over, we'll be your friends

    Sue- Glad the cat is doing better! $800 sucks! Thats really nice of your parents to come and help!

    I had a manicure and pedicure yesterday and it was heavenly! One more day till I go to the Peri.. Anxiously waiting!!
    Andrew 8/28/04 * Jacob 4/3/06 18w4d
    Ashlyn 2/23/07 * Aiden 3/26/09

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    Threadmistress, please change my age to "gulp" 37 and DH to 41. Thanks!

    I consider myself pretty computer saavy but when I go to LJ, I don't know what to do. I signed up with the same username, but then what? Where are the forums, how do you navigate around?

    Yikes, Sue, glad your cat is better.

    Joann 2 years ago when we had our kitchen remodeled, they finished the day before my shower for Pie. And it still wasn't fully complete, the glass for one cabinet hadn't come in so that was open. As long as your sink and stove work, it shouldn't interrupt your party.

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    Kelly- I dont know about forums, i just read everyones journal. Go to the top and click on manage friends. At the bottom you can add friends. Add me (same name as here), Joann, and anyone elses LJ name you have. Then you'll be able to read our journals. You can also post to your own journal. I just added to you my friend list so after you add me try to see if you can see my journal!
    Andrew 8/28/04 * Jacob 4/3/06 18w4d
    Ashlyn 2/23/07 * Aiden 3/26/09

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    Can you guys add me to your lj friends lists too, please? I'm gapeachinca. One of these days I will figure it out... I don't think I've posted yet.

    Oh, update us, sadly both DH & I are now 29.

    I'm so jealous of the get together. It looked like so much fun! I love to see little kids playing together.

    Everythings fine here. I'm in a funk, though, just so depressed about the future, which is silly because everything is great now and I'm not enjoying it. What's up with that? I think it's partly because having a child makes you think about the future a lot.

    In the meantime, Lucas has us laughing a lot. He LOVES to sing. He's really gotten good. He has quite a repetoire of songs, he can hold a tune and he knows the words. His main songs are:
    Baa Baa Black Sheep
    the ABCs
    Twinkle Twinkle
    He also knows:
    I'm a Little Teapot
    Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
    Head & Shoulders

    It's hard to get it on video because it never fails that we don't remember the video camera until he's already sung the song a bunch of times and then he doesn't want to do it anymore.

    Click here for some video for a few weeks ago. He's gotten better, really!

    Anyone else have some video to share?

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