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    Default Men's Khaki Suits

    Hi ladies,

    I have NO CLUE where to look for a men's khaki suit. FH wants something similar to the groom in this pic for our wedding:

    Any ideas of where to look?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Here's one

    Here's another

    Basically, most department stores will have them.

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    Thanks Missy. I found the brooks brothers one... but the jcpenney one I could not seem to find.

    I realize department stores should carry them, but I've had a hard time finding them on the web!!! Maybe its just the season? Maybe they will be easier to find after the new year when they get spring inventory?

    It would be nice to have an idea, budget-wise, of what its gonna cost, but I'm probably trying to budget everything out too soon!

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    Jim's Formalwear (google them) rents tan suits.

    I recently bought my fiance's wedding suit from Hugo Boss. It's a light tan color.

    I would check department stores, and places like Banana Republic.

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    Overstock.com has a couple khaki suits for $144.

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    Shapsgirl - THANK YOU. I found the PERFECT thing for FH on the Jim's formalwear site. I wish they posted prices since I think we'd like to purchase something he can wear again.

    Banana Republic is a good idea.

    Greengables - thanks for the overstock suggestion!

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    Update - We went by the Banana Republic at my mall today and found some GORGEOUS tan suits ON SALE, and in his size! We put one on hold to think about since SO said the only thing he didn't like was how "heavy" it was on (and it was true, I "held" the blazer part and thought it was a weight!). I think he wants something a bit lighter. The only material I can think of that would be as good quality as those suits would be linen, which would wrinkle.

    We'll think about it. I called the local Jim's Formal Wear retailer and they rent tan suits for 89.95, but didn't know how much they would cost to buy. The guy said he would check on it for me.

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    My DH got his at www.bachrach.com

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    Default Update: We bought one!!! Thanks ladies!

    Just thought I would post an update. I had looked on overstock.com a couple of weeks ago for khaki/natural suits, but either this is a new item, or I missed this, because I don't remember it. Anywho, I just ordered it! If we don't like it, we can return it, but I know I'm not going to beat this price ANYWHERE. It is a linen blend suit, so wrinkling will a be a bit of a factor, but its not completely linen, and it should be "light" and cool, which is what SO wants. Here's the post from my journal:

    * * * * *

    I had posted something under the wedding section about trying to find a khaki suit for Andrew. I know now is a good time to buy because summer suits are on clearance. After looking for the last two weeks I think we've found it. Woohoo! I just ordered it!!! Found it on Overstock.com for $109 and only $1 shipping! They just happened to have his size! This is SO exciting. Here it is:

    Of course, he would just wear a crisp white button down shirt underneath, probably without any tie.

    Here's the specks:

    The perfect marriage of style and comfort, this 3-button suit from Prague makes a sophisticated addition to any gent's wardrobe.
    Jacket features 3-button front
    Notched lapels
    Buttoned cuffs
    Front flap pockets
    Handkerchief pocket
    Three interior pockets
    No vent
    Pants feature zip fly
    Double button/hook and loop closure
    Double pleated
    Two rear pockets (one is button-secured)
    Unhemmed -- tailor to your perfect fit
    Available in natural
    55-percent linen/45-percent viscose
    Click here to view our men's sizing guide.
    Dry clean
    Made in China
    Model number 370-017

    And here is a review from someone who bought one:

    Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

    Dashing and Dapper, July 17, 2006
    By Dotheff from Richmond (hot as blazes) Virginia

    Appearance: 5 out of 5
    Comfort: 5 out of 5
    Fits true to size: 4 out of 5
    Value: 5 out of 5

    "I bought this suit for my husband to wear to an outdoor summer wedding. After only $25 in alterations to hem the pants and take up the sleeves a little bit, he was looking good in this suit. Now, keep in mind that he is a conservative dresser and isn't one to stand out in the crowd, but he kept getting compliment after compliment at the wedding. He really looked sharp, and the fit was awesome. It was over 85 degrees and he said he was still comfortable with the jacket on. There is a lot of linen in the suit, so wrinkling is a factor, but the cut and color of the suit really makes up for it. I'm so glad I got him a summer suit!"

    I figure, if for any reason, we don't like it, we can return it. But you can't beat this price, especially for a linen blend suit, which will help it be cool and not so "heavy" to wear (which was our only complaint about the banana republic suit he tried on). With Florida weather you have to keep that in mind!

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    Default Suit review

    Update on the ordered suit:

    Well it came, and WE LOVE IT. It fits perfectly. The only problem was, we noticed it was missing some buttons. So I contacted overstock, and they sent me a free return shipping label and I ordered another of the exact same suit (fortunately they still had his size in stock). The good news of this story is, for some reason, the price of the suit has gone down since the last time I ordered, and, since I have an American Express card, I also happened to notice I could get 10% off (which I had failed to realize previously - some special they are running). So basically, we bought SO's suit for the wedding for $91, INCLUDING shipping (Overstock often only charges $1 for shipping). All we'll need to do is have it altered, and really, it fits PERFECTLY so I think the only thing we'll need to do is hem the pants. And... HE LOOKS SO HOT in that suit! I cannot tell you how pleased I am. After having him try the suit on, I realized I would have been willing to pay much more for it should we have found it in a store.

    Just a review in case anyone else out there is interested!!!

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