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    Default The tip of my finger is numb!

    Weird question... this whole week, the tip of my right pointer finger has been numb. I have NO clue why. It seems to be more numb right at the first joint. Last night, you could clearly see where it was numb... my skin was white in that area only. It's not tingling or anything, just numb. Has anyone ever experienced this? It's so strange!
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    I have chronic nerve issues that result in a lot of numbness and tingling. When I have a compressed nerve I usually get weakness and pain.
    The only time I will lose colour in my hands is in the winter b/c I have raynaud's syndrome. It's when the vessels over constrict and decreases the amount of blood to the outer layers of the skin.
    I would get it checked out--just to be safe.

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    Yeah I had that on a 12+ hr plane trip. I was writing in my journal on the plane and cause a minor embolism . It went away on its own after a few days.
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