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    Default Hardwood Floors - Same Color Throughout House?

    We just started to refinish the original hardwood floors in our living room/hallway. The color is "Bombay Mahogany." We live in a 1923 bungalow and the hallway leads to 2 bedrooms with a lighter finish on the floors. I wanted to do all at once, but due to our three birds and the smell of stain (and the amount of time it is taking!) I just don't think I can finish everything this week. I'm a perfectionist so having a half finished floor right now is driving me insane!!

    How horrible would it be to leave our bedroom floors a different color for a couple of weeks? Do all the floors have to be the same color? I work for a company that sells millwork and according to them everything has to be consistent, but with our animals and lack of space, I'm not sure how practical that would be to finish everything at this time.

    Does any one else have two different colored floors or any opinions on this?

    One more thing - we have a light colored Pergo in our kitchen that we will not be replacing at this time (it will be going eventually but we don't have plans to change it out any time soon). The light color of the Pergo doesn't clash with the hardwood floor in the living room, but it is quite obvious these are two different types of floors.

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    I wouldn't worry about it. If yo have plans to refinish the bedrooms soon, who cares if they're different for a little while?

    And the kitchen floor being different probably wouldn't bother me at all wither.

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    Youre worried about having different colour floors for a couple of weeks?
    Don't come to my house - I've got mismatched appliances, lightswitches, light fixtures, doors...
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    Quote Originally Posted by BeakersTrio
    I work for a company that sells millwork and according to them everything has to be consistent...
    Yes, this is what millwork salespeople say.

    Different colored floors are fine for a few weeks, or forever. Whichever you choose.

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    I think it's completely fine to have different HW stains for weeks, for months, or forever. In our house we have most of the house in original HW flooring from 1834, but in the DR it's a bit newer of an addition and the HW floors are more narrow planks (still wide plank) and a much lighter color - more honey, where the rest of the house is more brown. We actually really like it that way. It gives the house some character and honestly once rugs are down and furniture is in, people only notice that the floors are old HW, not really the color.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you for all the replies!!! I think I will leave the bedrooms as is for a little while. I want to get the stain smell out before we do more. I probably wouldn't have thought twice about it before, but at my job something like that is a HUGE no no. Everything has to be matching--hardware, trim, floors, EVERYTHING. I've just had it in my head that this is the way it has to be, and then I thought more about it and figured, maybe not.

    nyclaura, floors from 1834??? I am so jealous. I bet those are amazing!!!

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