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    Default Party Music Suggestions?

    We're having a BBQ this weekend and I want to make a mix party CD. Music that is easy going, upbeat, as well as a few old favorites and such. Here are a few artists I was thinking of. . .

    Maroon 5
    Cold play
    Pearl Jam
    Dave Matthews
    Rob Thomas

    Let me know of your favorites that you like to hear. I'm thinking of throwing in some random ones like maybe Gold digger or maybe some other songs currently on the radio. What would you suggest?
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    I think some reggae would be awesome for a BBQ. Also, I'm a HUGE fan of American Standards by crooners like Sinatra or Dean Martin - it makes for great background music for conversation and sing-alongs.

    There are a lot of 80's songs ("Rock Lobster", "Relax", etc) that would be a lot of fun, too.

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