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    Default How much to replaster a pool?

    Has anyone paid someone to come and replaster your pool? If so how much did it cost and what did they do? Did you retile as well?

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    I need to have this done. My neighbor behind me just had it done and she has a very large pool (think mini olympic size) She paid 6000 dollars to have it done.

    My pool is about 20 X40 and 5.5 ft deep. They call it a play pool. I have a client who is a poolbuilder and he told me it would be about 3500 to have it replastered. I don't know whether that includes tile.

    I have it emptied right now, but I'm considering waiting till the wintertime to have it replastered because I thought maybe I would get a better price. My poolman told me to be careful whom I picked , as there is a very cheap way to replaster the pool and then, there is the 'right' way. I did read up a little bit on it, on the internet, and it does seem you have to be careful to get someone who doesn't shortchange you on the plaster.

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    WOW! I wonder if that is just for the plastering!!! Because we are getting quotes around $7000 - $9000!!!!! YIKES!!!

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    tigerrest - I am in the process of building a pool...we are using a pebble product instead of plain white plaster in our pool - for our pool (88 ft perimeter, 360 sq ft surface area, 3.5-7.5 feet deep) we are getting quotes of about $6500 for Pebblesheen in new construction...I would expect that removing some or all of your old plaster plus new basic tile would be in the $7-9k you are hearing - more if you have additional work or updgraded tile, pebble or quartz finishes etc. Of course it depends on where you are located!
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