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    Default Frequently Used Threads - Check here before you post! *UPDATED 4/10*

    This post is meant to be a list of the CC Parenting threads that we all know, love and use a lot - BFing, FFing, Car seats, etc. Sometimes the threads get pushed off the 1st page, and hopefully this sticky will allow us all to find them easily and be able to post in the proper place. Let me know if there's a thread you think should be on this list.

    Please, if your question pertains to one of these topics, please post it there, even if you haven't read the entire thread. Your question will automatically go to the people who either know the answers or have been there, done that, and our server gets clogged down when there are multiple posts on the same topic.

    Feeding Threads
    Formula Feeding Thread
    Breastfeeding Help and Support
    Moms with Pumps (MWP)
    Master Solids Thread
    Babies with Food Allergies/ Sensitivities
    Homemade Baby Food
    Plastic or Glass Bottles?

    Gear Threads
    Moms- What Items Have You Not Been Able to Live Without?
    Cloth Diapering Thread
    The Car Seat Thread
    Master Diaper Bag Thread
    Baby Carrier and Sling Info
    Master Baby Monitor Thread
    High Chair Recommendations
    Infant Swing Recommendations
    Good Swaddling Blanket Recommendations
    Shopping Cart Covers
    Let's talk Double Strollers
    STROLLERS - Regular
    STROLLERS - Lightweight
    STROLLERS - Jogging

    Clothing/ Shopping Threads
    The FYI Sale Thread
    Gymboree Thread
    Our Little Ones CC Closet Thread (Part 4)
    Let's See Your Baby's Coming Home Outfit
    The Janie & Jack Thread
    Formula Check/ Baby Product Coupon Thread
    Online Retailers of Baby Gear
    Favorite Etsy Sellers for Kids & Babies
    Toys For Babies: A Holiday Shopping Thread (with age ranges)

    Sleeping Threads
    Sleep Teaching / Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child
    Cry It Out
    Happiest Baby on the Block

    Health/Medical Threads
    The C-Section Thread
    Questions to ask when interviewing a pediatrician
    Teething Relief Thread (info on which teething remedies seem to work)
    Tylenol vs Motrin for teething
    Are highlands teething tablets really ok?
    Vaccines (selective, delayed, and pro-vax info)
    Vaccines (non-vaxing info and discussion)
    Gripe Water
    Eczema: Master Thread
    Acid Reflux

    Nursery Decor Threads
    Post your Nursery Pictures
    Post Pictures of Your Wall Letters
    Gender Neutral Nurseries
    What Crib Did You Buy?
    Pictures of Crib Bedding
    Cribs & Nursery Furniture

    Other Threads
    First Birthday Party Ideas
    Master Recall Thread
    What Parenting Books Do You Suggest?
    Birth Announcements
    Baby Signing: Information and Chat
    Travel Master Thread
    Potty learning
    Master Bed Transition/Big Kid Bed Thread
    Support Thread for Moms of High Needs Babies
    WOHM Help & Support
    Master Day Care thread
    What is Your DD/DS Wearing For Halloween?
    If you have girls...how do you feel about ear-piercing?
    Halloween Costume 2
    The Mama Venting Thread
    Baby Memory Books
    Master Babyproofing Thread

    Advice For New Moms
    New Mommy Rookie Questions
    Tips for First Time Moms- Post Them Here!
    What is the one thing you wish you had known?
    A Day in the Life of a Very New Mommy
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