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    Sorry, I have not been to Rosarito Beach since I was a kid. I don't have any idea.

    Legoland is in Carlsbad, not in San Diego proper, so it is not as close to other SD destinations, but not terribly far. The Lego hotel is super cool and staying there if you can afford it and then moving is not a bad idea at all! In the summer, the Lego water park will also be open.

    I would definitely advise you to look into Balboa Park. Lots to do there.

    The Wild Animal Park is cool, and different than the Zoo, which is a great, large Zoo but still a Zoo...but it's been so long since I've been to either.

    Maybe stay in the Gaslamp District of SD if you want to be in a walkable area? Any hotel that is in or says "Hotel Circle" will be in an area that is tons of hotels, strip malls and chain restaurants.

    Old Town is cool for walking around, shops, and Mexican food. But I don't recall where you live or how unique this would be for you.

    You might want to check out this recent article from Midwest Living.

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    I was in Rosarito Beach once about 20 years ago and recall it feeling like a huge fraternity party - think Daytona Beach at spring break. I don't remember anything about the border crossing though and things have probably changed a lot anyway since passports are now required to go to Mexico.

    As for San Diego, just note that Comic-Con is the weekend of July 20th-23rd - the weekend that it sounds like you would be flying in. Hotels downtown book up really fast for that as it's become huge in recent years. The Legoland hotel obviously wouldn't be affected but if you want to stay downtown, I would book soon.
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    re: Comic-con, I would just fly in and head straight to Legoland to avoid that mess, but that's just me - it's ~1 hour drive, depending on traffic. DD loooooved the legoland hotel, and the theming is off the charts, way better than disney. We had a lego friends room which was really cute. The hotel itself though is kind of crazy. Just super nonstop kids everywhere and loud (!), but I would still recommend staying there because the novelty is worth it. I would start collecting 'kids go free' coupons. You can easily do legoland in 1 day but if you do the waterpark too, it might be fun to stay 2 nights and space it out. In the area, I would recommend dining at Stone Brewery. The wild animal park is also kind of out near legoland, as in you could hit it on your way back to San Diego proper.

    In San Diego we recently stayed near Sea World I think in a Hyatt ? and it was terrible, would not recommend. I would also recommend staying in the gaslamp district, or if you're super fancy, you could stay at the Hotel Del. But gaslamp would be more central if you like to walk to stuff. If you like baseball, I think the park is right there IIRC. Of course the zoo and balboa park are both great suggestions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by larslobster View Post
    I was in Rosarito Beach once about 20 years ago and recall it feeling like a huge fraternity party - think Daytona Beach at spring break.
    Lol! Perfect! Somehow, I'm not really surprised the atmosphere will be less than ideal though, just knowing how this wedding was planned and the people involved. The mother of the bride (my aunt) was warning everyone that the bride was planning on hiring some sort of person to force people to drink more or something? It was explained that it was some sort of Mexican tradition? Maybe it's just a spring break tradition though, ha ha. Also, the entire stay for the 3 nights is only costing $300 and we upgraded to a suite. It'll be an adventure

    Thank you so much for the heads up about Comic Con. I've heard of it before, but I had no idea where or when it was held, so this was definitely not on my radar at all. I do think we'll fly in and go directly to LEGOLAND (why does my computer autocorrect that to be all caps?!). Maybe we should do 2 nights there then, just to avoid the comic con stuff. Laura, do you mean you can get free tickets to LEGOLAND for kids? Where would one find these coupons?

    And Sea World! I totally forgot about that. I should probably add that to the list.

    So I was just looking at the safari park website and I'm confused about what it is exactly? What makes it different than a zoo? Also, it seems like you pay to get in, but then you then have to pay more for the actual safari? Would you recommend going to both the zoo and the safari park, or just one or the other?
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