It has come to our knowledge that has now disabled hotlinks and any picture that you have uploaded to Shutterfly and then posted here is now not viewable.

As per the Shutterfly Terms of Services:

Linking directly to images on Shutterfly’s servers from external sites is expressly prohibited.
There is also probably a problem with the Kodak site for the same reason.

There has been the suggestion of using which is "blog friendly" - and as much as it may competely suck, if it comes down to it, you may want to repost any pictures you've posted that were once uploaded to Shutterfly or they will forever not be seen. Please do so by editing your original post and do not actual *re-post* them in the thread.

If you have any further questions, there is a thread in Board Biz, that you can discuss it further.

thanks all!

Wedding Forum Mod.