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    Thanks, cat_loverpq! DH can't stop talking about this job, so I think we'll plan on going next month for me to be able to look around a bit (and the hospital is going to set us up w/ a real estate agent to get oriented to the city, but it's a lot nicer to hear from people who aren't trying to sell me a house ). This definitely helps us get started looking online. I had kind of been just looking blindly at the real estate websites with no context, so this will help us focus our search and not feel so overwhelmed!

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    Hello again! Since you were so helpful with the neighborhoods question, hoping to get a little more info---I am due with my first just a few weeks after our move to KC. It seems like there are a lot of hospital choices in the KC area--any recommendations or have you heard anything good/bad about the local hospitals in terms of the maternity wards? Thanks!

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