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    Default instant cameras on reception tables?

    I like the idea of guests being able to take their point of view on the wedding celebration, but I'm thinking digital cameras are more cost efficient (most people have one, though they don't usually bring them to weddings, no?)
    I don't know, am at a loss here.
    What do you ladies think?
    Yes or no?

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    I say Yes, but not on every table. It's a quick way to get some fun snapshots of your wedding. I think of the episode of "Friends" when Chandler and Monica get married and the next day she is so depressed because her wedding is over and Chandler reminds her they have pictures they could developed today. It makes her post-wedding blues so much better!
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    Ihave heard of having a basket of self addressed, stamped envelopes with blank CD's in them and a note asking guests to please send you a digital copy of the photos' they took at your wedding.

    Saves on the printing costs of (potentially) bad photos!

    I have always wanted to do cameras, but have heard the % of good shots you get is pretty low.
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    We did table cameras and it was completely a last minute decision. We did a scavenger hunt, so we didn't end up with 100 pictures of people's plates of food. It was an outdoor event so a good percentage of them turned out. It was costly though, buying them and then getting them all developed.
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    I said no. You end up spending a lot of $ on really low quality photos and most of them you don't even want.

    IMHO, asking a friend that likes to take photos to snap some is going to get you more quality shots.
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    I voted "other".

    I think they are a great idea, but am glad I only put them on our "VIP" tables. We had some awesome pics from those cameras! One camera never turned up which I'm kind of sad about.

    If you decide to do camera on every table, I would definitely suggest a scavenger hunt like Sarah suggested. That is an awesome idea - it just wasn't a task I was willing to take on at the end of my wedding planning.

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    I'd say no, especially if you have guests with their own digital cameras.
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    If you're just going to set cameras out on the tables, I'd vote "no". As many have said before and many will say later, you'll get a lot of unnecessary and unwanted photos. Instead, I'd make sure to include your email address in your program or with your favors (or whatever...) so people know where to send digital photos to. And BTW, even though we did that, very few people sent us any digital pics from our wedding.

    Despite what I just said, we did disposable cameras with a photo scavenger hunt and it was WELL worth the money and time in making up the hunt. Seriously, the tone of our wedding reception got a lot more festive once the DJ pointed out the cameras on the table, and people had a blast getting creative with their shots. It helped that I tailored each list to whomever was sitting at a table. It also helps that our families are just mildly crazy sometimes
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    I used table cameras for my first wedding and was thrilled that I did! Some of our favorite pics came from those cameras, despite having an extremely expensive photographer there the entire night. Some of them were low quality, of course, but many captured our guests, and even us, in ways that the photographer didn't or couldn't have gotten. I highly recommend having them (though, honestly, I would never participate in any kind of scavenger hunt with one).

    As for digital cameras, I don't bring mine to a wedding and most people I know don't either, although we did have some people with their own cameras at that wedding and they all sent us pics afterwards.

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    We put out disposable cameras.... but only on 5 tables. We had 16 tables and really didn't need or want that many photos. First of all, there's the cost to buy them and develop all the film, and secondly the photos really don't turn out that great.

    We put the cameras on tables where our friends were sitting-- the fun friends you know will take silly photos. Out of all the pictures we got back from those cameras, about a handful were great and the rest were blah.

    If I had it to do again, I probably wouldn't put out cameras. Many of our friends took photos at the wedding with their digital cameras and then emailed us the photos later. Those pictures are GREAT-- we loved them. The ones from the disposables just aren't very good.

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