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    Default For Those Who are Building from the Ground up.....

    Who is your builder and why did you choose that builder?

    Did you know people who have houses from the same builder? Did you have builder's remorse afterwards? Is your newly built home appraising for more now?

    We are thinking about building and are just looking for info We love David Weekly homes and would also love to hear from any David Weekly homeowners!

    Thanks girls!

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    Our first experience was with Fox and Jacobs. We liked their homes, but backed out of the contract for various reasons. We were definitely victim to high pressure salesmanship, though that isn't their fault.

    Our next experience was with Ryland Homes. It was horrible. We would never build with Ryland. One sales consultant was great, but the other guy was beyond rude to us. Their mortgage people were rude and the numbers didn't add up. They refused to explain numbers and even told our realtor that since she's in the business, she ought to just shut up and know that there are miscellaneous fees. We backed out of that contract and did get our earnest money back.

    Right now we're building with David Weekley. We're getting a home in the Imagination Series...we've had nothing negative to say about them. They seem to go the extra mile to make homes energy efficient. They are also the only builder in our development who uses Fortiflash around windows...other builders use plastic. They have a company-wide motto: Do it the Weekley Way! Basically, this means they go above and beyond expectations. They have inspections at every step of the way to ensure things are up to Weekley standards (though we will still have our own inspection before our first year is up so they can fix anything that comes up in an inspection before the full warranty is out). Our sales consultant is so awesome...she offered us her carseat for our daughter because we weren't sure MIL was going to pull through in time. She also sent us a gift after DD was born. Finally, they have a website where they post photos every step of the way. We've been really impressed. Also, our realtor has sold 3 David Weekley homes and has had nothing bad to say about them. She said they're one of the best builders to work with. They call us each Tuesday to give us a status update.

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    Well, unlike the previous poster, we built a home with Ryland Homes several years ago and were very pleased with them. The house was wonderful, the people we worked with were wonderful and the entire building and buying experience was great for us! The house was even completed two months earlier than originally anticipated, which worked great for us. We sold it about a year later for significantly more than what we paid, but this was in Arizona where house prices are growing very quickly.

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