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    Default Thanksgiving Pilgrim Activities For Pre-School Needed!

    I am looking for an activity about Thanksgiving or Pilgrims I can do with Pre-schoolers to go with the reading of the Thanksgiving story. We've already made turkeys from various items--so that's out.

    I already have making cornucopias from Bugles...putting frosting in and then putting Trix fruits in and eating it. But...I think that will be kind of short.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions for an additional activity? Thanks!
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    What would Thanksgiving be without turkeys?

    Have each student trace their hands -- or you could do it -- and have them decorate them any way they like.

    A palm down hand with fingers spread doubles as a pretty good turkey. I used my hand as a template for gingerbread cookie turkeys I made for everybody in work.
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    Have them trace their hand (or you can trace a larger hand) and have them name five things they are thankful for. I have seen this done on a pilgrim boy or girl before. It's in a book called Thanksgiving Crafts.

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