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    Default Question about That 70s Show

    I looked for a That 70s Show thread and couldn't find one.

    Last night DH and I were watching The Simpsons, and during a commerical break a promo came on for That 70s Show, and we both wondered what happened to Eric and who that new guy is (we haven't watched the show ina while, obviously). I tried looking on the Fox website as well as imdb.com, but all I could find out was that the new guy is played by Josh Meyers. If there was plot/character info, it was buried, and I was tired.

    Can anyone help?

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    Eric went to Africa to teach English. The new guy is a guy who works at Hyde's record store. They had a guy who was supposed to replace Eric's character, but apparently they got negative feedback about him and they killed him off in the first episode (he fell off the water tower). I stopped watching after the first episode (it jumped the shark before that, but I used to love it so I wanted to give it a chance....sigh).
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    Thanks, KAM.

    Yeah, it really did jump the shark quite a while back. I used to be addicted.

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