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    Default Popular Threads - Check Here First! - UPDATED 6/09

    New to Family Planning? Use this handy thread as a reference in getting started.

    What all those abbreviations mean!

    TTC Rookie Thread No question is a dumb question!

    How long to get pregnant?

    POLL: How many months of TTC did it take?

    How long to conceive #2?

    ************************************************** ****

    Pre-ttc and getting ready to ttc

    Tell me about your pre-conception visit!

    Testing for cystic fibrosis?

    Prenatal Vitamins

    What to do *before* TTC?

    Genetic Counselor

    Going off the Pill

    Did going off the pill make you go crazy!?!

    Questions about going off the pill...

    Yet another going off the pill question...for those who've done it multiple times

    Chances of conceiving twins after going off the Pill?


    OPKs & Fertility Monitors

    Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor

    Master Thread for OPK questions

    +OPK/Peak fertility reading & BD Timing?

    Predicting when to test for LH surge....

    Dollar tree ovulation kit?


    Charting Questions

    Interpret My Chart!

    Is FF ever wrong about O date?

    Waking Temps

    CM Question

    is there such a thing as an implantation dip?

    To Chart or Not to Chart?

    To Chart, or not to Chart....that is the question

    OK, totally stupid question - anyone just "go for it" w/o charting?

    Anyone else's doc tell you NOT to chart?


    Tips & Tricks

    Master Shettles / Gender Selection Method Thread


    Tricks that might help you get pregnant

    Saliva Microscope

    OV Watch


    Instead Cups

    How to tell the difference between CM & semen?

    Short LP - magnesium & B6?

    Anyone here try B6?


    How to increase quality/quantity of CM?

    Does Grapefruit Juice Work THAT Well?

    Green tea, yay or nay?
    Thread 1
    Thread 2
    Thread 3


    The 2 Week Wait and Pregnancy Tests

    HPT's and When to Test

    Implantation Spotting

    Real Stories of Late BFPs


    The 2 Week Wait

    ************************************************** **

    Birth Control

    Birth Control

    Birth Control?

    IUD Users??

    Mirena IUD and fertility

    Did/Are you getting a Tubal Ligation after baby?

    POLL: Tubal Ligation or Vasectomy?

    TTA for Dummies! (Trying to Avoid)

    FAM/Charting after a baby

    ************************************************** **

    Group Threads
    (found in the Family Planning Groups Forum)

    Charting to Avoid (CTA)

    Ladies in Waiting

    Seeing What Happens

    TTC With Charting

    TTC After a Loss

    TTC Again

    TTC at 35+: Age Is Just a Number! Part 2

    SAI (Still at It)

    Tough Second

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