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  1. Before and After Photos
  2. Home Improvement and Decorating Links
  3. Building from the ground up? Come on in!
  4. breaking in the new decorating forum
  5. Gardening, anyone?
  6. DIY Home Improvements
  7. Calling all gardeners...post here!
  8. Stupid things the previous owners did to your house
  9. Domino- the magazine
  10. Painting wood trim?
  11. Finding Pottery Barn (and other expensive stuff) cheaper!
  12. Azalea help?
  13. Post your decorating ideas!
  14. Paint Color Gallery
  15. How do you deep clean ceramic tile?
  16. Has anyone tried the swiffer sweep+vac?
  17. All-Important Dyson Thread
  18. Selling/Buying a home with hardwood floors
  19. Bleeding Hearts
  20. Building a new home, anyone?
  21. Homebuying 101
  22. Helpful House / Cleaning Tips
  23. Rose bush 911... I'm a rookie, gardening with a "black thumb" here gals...
  24. Title insurance - crossposted
  25. Has anyone done a home sound system?
  26. Bathroom delimma
  27. Can you steam Duponi Silk Curtains?
  28. Has anyone put in a pool?
  29. Partylite Candles
  30. What to do with so many tomatoes?
  31. Rooms you love
  32. Real Estate in your area
  33. Apartment dwellers decorating ideas
  34. Flyladies of the CC!!!
  35. Washing Venetian Blinds?
  36. Know any good organic pesticides?
  37. Where to get sofa
  38. Help! My grass is turning brown!
  39. Where do you even start?!?
  40. Window Treatments
  41. Decorating magazines?
  42. Hydrangea Hydrangea I finally go them to go.
  43. What is an ATH group?
  44. Paint/Curtain Color...please help
  45. Japanese Beetles
  46. Need motivation to get things accomplished?!
  47. Has anyone done a professional carpet cleaning?
  48. Slipcovers?
  49. Anyone have roman shades?
  50. Post the cheapest house in your area
  51. Cleaning toilet stains?
  52. The Art on your Walls
  53. Kitchen remodeling and pics
  54. Please post pictures of your bars and entertainment centers
  55. Aletheia's Shower Curtain Collection
  56. Walkways
  57. Where to find cheap lined baskets?
  58. Gazebo for the back yard?
  59. Feng Shui
  60. How to remove borders?
  61. Window Treatments - Master Photo Thread
  62. Can you have a Dishwasher and Oven side by side?
  63. Kitchen Cabinets....UGH!
  64. Help me fix my lawn!
  65. Poem/cute saying for housewarming invitation
  66. Organizing your fridge
  67. Help with floor cleaning, please!
  68. Let's talk about your appliances
  69. Carpet Cleaner/Steamer
  70. How many dining room chairs do you have?
  71. The Siding Company is Here!!
  72. Decorating on a "Budget" (or close to no money at all!)
  73. Super dumb question - hanging plant
  74. What can $300,000 buy you in your area?
  75. Flipping/investment homes
  76. New Home Inspection & Repairs
  77. Why are basements uncommon in some areas?
  78. Cleaning Concrete Floor
  79. Sewing machine recommendations?
  80. Anyone else have microwave problems before?
  81. Crown molding and Wainscoting Projects
  82. What's on your sidetable?
  83. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser?
  84. FRENCH DOOR window design dilemma!
  85. Desk built in to a closet - requesting pictures
  86. What would you do with this countertop area?
  87. Anyone Own a Mobile Home?
  88. Possible Move - CO
  89. What would you do in this kitchen?
  90. Daddy long legs
  91. Do you love your neighborhood?
  92. Another Slipcover Question
  93. Need decorating help please!
  94. Housework Task Schedules
  95. Anyone Hire an interior Decorator?
  96. Here we go again...paint ideas - this time for the kitchen :)
  97. New homeowner...what do I need?
  98. House hunters, come on in!
  99. Suggestions for this area? Photos...
  100. Photos of plants, flowers, gardens, etc.
  101. New house, new job?
  102. Anyone familiar with WHEDA/recapture?
  103. Should we break down these walls? ?? about adding breakfast bar to kitchen ...
  104. x-post from Home Improvement Thread
  105. Brown thumb needs advice for planting Sunflowers
  106. "Favorite Things" for the home?
  107. Cleaning a brick Fireplace
  108. Need help cleaning/repairing in the basement
  109. Restoration Hardware
  110. Painting suggestions for funky walls
  111. siding protector for outside faucet?
  112. This is not a plant I bought at Home Depot
  113. refinishing furniture
  114. Bamboo floors?
  115. Privacy fence - what would look best?
  116. Real estate prices are out the window here...aiyiyiyi
  117. Anyone know how to take mildew out of cloth?
  118. I need a message board/center for by my phone....
  119. Anybody have a climbing hydrangea?
  120. Help me clean my tub!
  121. Are Some Rooms Too Small For Dark Colors?
  122. Show me your coffee tables or ottoman coffee tables!
  123. Who mows the lawn?
  124. Free site for paint schemes?
  125. Picture Frame Ledges...
  126. Flipping: Have you done it or do you know anyone who has?
  127. Where to find thin shelves?
  128. Anyone have Travertine or other natural stone floors?
  129. Crown molding with recessed lighting
  130. Bugs..Bugs! Help!
  131. Stainless Steel Backsplash
  132. What do I do with a $50 gift certificate to Pottery Barn?
  133. Post your moldings / decorative trim.
  134. Staining Hardwood Floors
  135. What makes a home "homey" feeling?
  136. How Do You Find What "Works" in Your House?
  137. Anyone own half of a duplex?
  138. Cost of living vs. income - relocation advice.
  139. Futon Covers
  140. 1st time homebuyer / just got home inspection
  141. How much to bid?
  142. Can someone help me identify this plant/weed?
  143. Outdoor Patio Furniture
  144. Anyone have an Aquabot pool cleaner?
  145. wood countertops
  146. Anyone ever DIY a headboard?
  147. Brag about your non-Dyson vacuum
  148. Help cleaning upholstery
  149. Pergo Floors?
  150. Anyone Use One of these Spot Cleaner Vaccuums?
  151. Exposing a brick wall...
  152. Chimney the same color as your house?
  153. Having different floor materials next to each other?
  154. Good Floors for a basement?
  155. Can you help with this painting challenge?
  156. Lampe Berger-I lost my shade!
  157. Cost of home inspection?
  158. Blue and chocolate rooms
  159. Show me your master bedroom!
  160. How to care for microsuede furniture?
  161. Decorating Ideas You Love /Can't Stand
  162. Color suggestions please
  163. Kincaid Furniture Review?
  164. RAR! Bugs are eating my leafy plants...
  165. Painting over faux finish?
  166. Aaaaaaaahhhhhh a mouse!!!
  167. Painting furniture
  168. HELP!!! Mildew/soap scum in shower
  169. How is your china cabinet set up?
  170. Furniture Horror Stories
  171. Granite
  172. Expiration Dates for many items
  173. Framing Posters
  174. 10-10 long distance numbers
  175. What does it cost to have a room painted?
  176. Need Breakfast Bar / Kitchen Pics
  177. How to clean dishwasher?
  178. Need a new dishwasher! Which one?
  179. something is stealing my tomatos?!
  180. What are your favorite home shows?
  181. covering up sponge paint on cieling?
  182. Help with updating our kitchen
  183. Mattress Suggestions
  184. Can you help me pick paint colors for my Master Bedroom?
  185. Can my plant be saved?1
  186. Please help my houseplant
  187. PAINTING - Show me your faux finishes!
  188. Dining Room Tray Ceilings
  189. Model Home Pictures
  190. Why do relators advertise to other homeowners?
  191. Designer/Contractor interviews
  192. Decorating Advice.Need help choosing countertops and floors.
  193. Greenery...Where to get it?
  194. Would this be bad for resale value? (removing bathroom mirror)
  195. Looking for tile countertop advice, please.
  196. Master Kitchen Photo Thread
  197. Picture rail AND crown molding?
  198. Fabric repair kit?
  199. Aww crap...How much for a new air conditioner??
  200. Apt. Maintenance Won't Fix It!
  201. Housekeepers: Individual or a Company?
  202. post pictures of brown rooms
  203. Tomato end rot
  204. Do you tip your house cleaner?
  205. How much are your property taxes?
  206. Did anyone Relocate to another State when buying a home?
  207. Landscape Advice
  208. Tips on finding a realtor?
  209. Help with Self Cleaning Oven
  210. Bathroom Remodeling - what was unexpected?
  211. Rooms that blend
  212. What color is your ceiling?
  213. What do you have hanging above your fireplace?
  214. Front (Entry) Doors
  215. Sheets and Thread Count
  216. Weird tomato situation
  217. Lane Furniture?
  218. Show us your home!
  219. window treatment help!!
  220. Good solution to shoe problem?
  221. Share your household tips...
  222. Mail organization?
  223. Moving company suggestions
  224. Has anyone bought furniture in North Carolina?
  225. Walmart Furniture?
  226. Online Nurseries for Plants
  227. Painting Stripes on Walls
  228. Carpet cleaning - Dry or Steam?
  229. Looking for a Lowe's coupon?
  230. Advice on Rooms to Go? (Baker's rack, bar stools, dining table)
  231. Anyone have a sleigh bed?
  232. Dryer--Repair it or replace it??
  233. Sump Pump & Finishing Basement
  234. Removing a toilet tank?
  235. Furniture! I'm looking for....
  236. What to do with these windows?
  237. Help me with this window scarf
  238. Getting Rid of Spiders - Organic?
  239. pictures of houses with wood-colored interior trim/doors and non-white walls?
  240. Horn worms!!
  241. Powder Rooms
  242. Blind brands - any reviews?
  243. What are your favorite Pampered Chef items?
  244. Cut Flowers - Secrets for longlasting
  245. HELP! Round Dining Room Table????
  246. Cleaning spots on the carpet
  247. Home buying question?
  248. Has anyone done DIY laminate flooring?
  249. Staining Furniture
  250. Container Herb Garden...Rosemary ?