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    Default What to feed toddler with stomach virus?

    My DS has a mild stomach virus. He only vomited twice, but he is just not interested in eating (VERY unusual for him). I made about 5 different things for dinner and he wouldn't eat any of it. He doesn't like very bland things but the more flavorful things were making him gag. I'm afraid tomorrow is going to be more of the same so I'm trying to figure out what I should (and shouldn't) feed him. Just looking for some suggestions since we are obviously not on the same wavelength right now.

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    My Dr always recommends the BRAT diet until she's feeling better (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast). My DD likes applesauce so it's not too hard for us. I also give her animal crackers (the Trader Joes kind, not very fatty or sweet - more like a plain cracker) and plain pasta.
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    I was going to say the BRAT diet too, but then I googled it and everything is saying it's outdated. I still use it though. Mostly just toast and bananas though b/c those are DD's favorite things anyway. And plain pasta. And I avoid things that I don't like when I don't feel well, like tons of dairy.
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    We always just go with whatever sounds good to DD. If she's not hungry then we don't force it at all, she always more than makes up for it once she's well again. Things we usually offer with a stomach virus (that DD will often start with): frozen mango chunks, pasta with butter and a little garlic, bananas, oranges, mint tea, peanut butter and crackers, cheese toast, oatmeal, dry cereal.

    How old is your DS? If he isn't able to tell you yet what he wants to eat, I would simply offer a few options and if he doesn't want them it's no big deal. I'm sick right now and yesterday the only thing I ate was a cracker Kids can easily go a few days without really eating when they're sick and it's no big deal.

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    Ditto Pinetree. He'll eat again when he's hungry. As long as he's not dehydrated and is getting a few calories in, he should be fine.

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    Here is the list from my pediatrician's website:

    Other alternatives to oral electrolyte solutions:

    * Gatorade
    * Clear soup broth
    * Half strength Jello water (1 pkg/1 Qt water)
    * Seven-Up, Sprite or ginger ale with the bubbles stirred out
    * Half strength clear fruit juice
    * Popsicles

    Good First Foods with Stomach Flu: (Always offer age appropriate foods)


    * Full strength baby formula
    * Strained bananas, applesauce
    * Rice, rice or barley cereal, oatmeal, Cheerios
    * Strained carrots, squash, potatoes


    * Bananas, applesauce, apples
    * Rice, potatoes, unsweetened cereal, crackers, pretzels, toast
    * Cooked lean meats
    * Reintroduce milk and dairy

    Avoid giving….

    * Eggs, butter, bacon, pork
    * Peanut butter
    * Spicy or seasoned foods
    I would keep it bland until the vomiting has stopped for a day. Giving foods that irritate the stomach can prolong the vomiting and dehydrate your child. You can even just offer Gatorade/Pedialyte for a day until he asks for food.

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    Popsicles and (diluted) juice (not orange). That's usually all DD wants when she's sick.
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    hope your DS feels better soon diam. I echo the same sentiment as what grenouille posted!

    We had a horrid case of the intestional flu bug a few wks. back & did some of the same things. I know that dairy can be hard on their stomachs when sick, but that's all that my son wanted to drink & we had all options available to him. Like everyone else said, they'll let you know when they're ready to eat. They also told me, that if you were to buy gatorade or of the like, just don't get the color red.
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    I know that doctors often advise to stay away from dairy during a stomach virus. But I have actually had a lot of luck giving my kids yogurt. I think the active cultures can work against the virus. Although sometimes it can backfire and you're left with the stench of stawberry-banana vomit.

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    Thanks everyone. He wouldn't eat breakfast either but he's doing fine with dairy so he drank some milk. For some reason pedialyte seems to be causing diarrhea. I feel sick now too so I know how he feels.

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