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    Default How many Eggs per child?

    I'm doing a Easter egg hunt for the nieces and nephews on Sunday before Easter dinner. There will be 4 kids, 12 year old girl, 8 year old girl, 4 year old boy, and my son who is 2 ½. So anyway how many eggs would you put out for each child. I’m planning on putting the boys on one side of the yard and the girls on the other side so that the boys can get about the same amount of eggs as the girls, but I’m unsure how many to put out all together.
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    I'm doing a hunt for 3 (my 2 ids and a friends boy) all of whom are under the age of 4, and I have about a hundred eggs. If I were you I'd do about a hundred and that's 25 each.

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    We just did our egg sunt last weekend and we did 25 per kid.
    One thing I did to keep it even with differeing ages was give each child their own color of eggs. They had to find those 8 eggs before they could find any of the free for all. So the little kids got a bit of a head start on the easy free for all eggs vs the older kids. And once they hit 25, they were done. So it wouldn't be much fun to grab 25 easy eggs in 5 min, then have to sit out the rest of the hunt KWIM?

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    I think my mom said she got about 100 eggs for my DD (2.5) and my sister (28) for our hunt this weekend. Yes, my mom is "making" my sister do the hunt with DD. She isn't color coding anything, but she's telling my sister to stay away from certain colored eggs as they will have stuff for DD rather than candy/cash.
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    Are you doing real or plastic? When we've done Easter egg hunts with the whole extended family (50ish of us) we usually do real eggs and write each person's name with a crayon on it before dying. Adults and older kids had eggs in harder to find places, younger kids had theirs in easier places. With just 4, you could color code them.
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