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11-04-2007, 08:29 PM
Welcome to the October - November 2007 Mommy group!
Congratulations to all our new mommies!

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Since we've gained/lost some original members, we ask that you re-post your stats to join this thread. We'd also love to have new members along for the ride! To join/re-join, please submit a post with the following information in RED:

Me: Name, age
DH: Name, age
For each child:
DS/DD: Name
Time of birth:
Weight at birth:
Length at birth:
Photos: 1 to 2 pics per child
Any other children:

For security reasons leave out any information you'd like.

Please post all updates in RED.

Also, when posting, please put in the subject line how old your baby is (w,d). It will help us to know where everyone is. Thanks.

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11-04-2007, 08:30 PM
Our Mommies & Babies

Me: Jen, 30
It's a girl
Birthdate: 9/27/2007
Weight: 8lbs, 14oz

Me: Ali, 30
DH: Chris, 33
It's a boy: Henry Jay
Birthdate: 9/11/07 (born early at 32 weeks -- due date was 11/9)
Time of birth: 5:01 p.m.
Weight at birth: 4 lbs., 13 oz.
Length at birth: 18.5"

Me: Olivia, 30
DH: Adam, 33
It's a girl: Amelia
Birthdate: 10/12/07
Time of birth: 12:39AM
Weight at birth: 4lbs, 10oz
Length at birth: 18 inches
Any other children: Maia, almost 3
Furkids: Coco - 8; Bailey - 5

Me: Carrie, 31
DH: M, 32
It's a boy: Jonah
Birthdate: 10/11/07
Time of birth: 6:58 am
Weight at birth: 8 lbs, 13 oz
Length at birth: 21 3/4 inches

Me: Cortney, 26
It's a boy: Gavin Carter
Birthdate: 11/10/07
Time of birth: 2:25pm
Weight at birth: 7lbs, 10oz
Length at birth: 20 inches
Any other children: 2 kitties

Me: Christine, 31
DH: Jason, 36
It's a boy: Jackson
Birthdate: 11/1/07
Time of birth: 11:38pm
Weight at birth: 6 lbs, 12.9 oz.
Length at birth: 19 inches
Any other children: furbaby - Alley Cat

Me: Kellie, 26
DH: David, 27
It's a boy: Ethan Samuel
Birthdate: 10/7/07
Time of birth: 10:25 am
Weight at birth: 6lbs, 15oz
Length at birth: 19 in
Any other children: Grace 7/30/05

Me: Molly, 35
DH: M, 35
It's a girl: Nora
Birthdate: 11/15/07
Time of birth: 12:10 am
Weight at birth: 8 lbs, 3 oz
Length at birth: 20.75 inches
Any other children: Seamus (7/30/06)

Me: Ericka, 33
DH: Jarett, 30
It's Twin Girls: Julianna and Katelyn
Birthdate: 10/23/07
Time of birth: 4:46 pm & 4:49 pm
Weight at birth: 5lbs 10oz & 5lbs 3oz
Length at birth: 17 3/4 in & 18 1/2 in
Other Children: Rebekah - 4/18/05 (passed), Easton - 9/5/06

Me: Samantha, 28
DH: Gary, 31
It's a boy: Michael
Birthdate: 10/17/07
Time of birth: 8:49 pm
Weight at birth: 7 lbs, 2oz
Length at birth: 19.25 inches

Me: Jennifer, 32
DH: Brent, 33
It's a boy: Thatcher James
Birthdate: 10/11/07
Time of birth: 9:00 am
Weight at birth: 7lbs, 11oz
Length at birth: 18 1/2 in
Any other children: Payton 8/1/05

Me: Julie, 28
DH: Michael, 30
It's a girl: Charlotte (Charlie) Claire
Birthdate: 11/4/07
Time of birth: 3:50pm
Weight at birth: 6lbs 9oz
Length at birth: 21 3/4"
Any other children: Mia Grace 3 1/2yrs

Me: Anne, 30
DH: honeyboy
It's a girl
Birthdate: 10/29/07
Time of birth: 11:15am
Weight at birth: 7lbs, 1oz
Length at birth: 20.5 inches
Any other children: our furbaby Dante

Me: Tracy, 31
DH: Mike, 29
It's a girl: Grace Isabella
Birthdate: 11/1/07
Time of birth: 3:05 AM
Weight at birth: 6lbs, 13oz
Length at birth: 20 inches
Any other children: Rosco, Mini-Australian Shepard

Me: Joy, 31
DH: Jim, 35
It's a boy: Jack
Birthdate: 11/24/07
Time of birth: 12:56 p.m.
Weight at birth: 7lbs, 15oz
Length at birth: 20.5 inches
Any other children: Caroline 12/2/04

Me: Jenn, 26
DH: Brad, 27
It's a boy: Evan
Birthdate: 10/6/07
Time of birth: 4:26 pm
Weight at birth: 7lbs, 8oz
Length at birth: 19 inches

Jenn (and Bill)
Me: Jennifer, 35
DH: Bill, 43
It's a girl: Natalie
Birthdate: 10/10/07
Time of birth: 12:41 pm
Weight at birth: 7lbs, 3.5oz
Length at birth: 19.75 inches

Me: Jennifer, 33
DH: Eric, 35
It's a boy: Caleb
Birthdate: 10/16/07
Time of birth: 12:26 pm
Weight at birth: 7lbs
Length at birth: 20 inches
Other Children: Elijah, 3.5 yo

Me: Julie, 26
DH: Tim, 31
It's a boy: Logan
Birthdate: 11/12/07
Time of birth: 8:39pm
Weight at birth: 9lbs, 2oz
Length at birth: 21 1/2 inches
Any other children: 3 fur babies

Me: Lila, 31
DH: David, 32
It's a boy: Nicholas David
Birthdate: 11/18/2007
Time of birth: 9:03 pm
Weight at birth: 6 LBS 14 OZ
Length at birth: 21 IN

Me: K, 26
DH: G, 27
It's a boy: Dylan
Birthdate: 10/24/07
Time of birth: 7:15AM
Weight at birth: 6lbs, 2oz
Length at birth: 18 1/2"

Me: A, 24
DH: A, 26
It's a boy: B
Birthdate: 10/14/07
Time of birth: 1:16 PM
Weight at birth: 7lbs, 12oz
Length at birth: 19.5 inches

11-04-2007, 08:31 PM
Me: Megan, 27
DH: Derek, 27
It's a boy: Reed
Birthdate: 10/3/07
Time of birth: 7:53 am
Weight at birth: 8 lbs, 13 oz
Length at birth: 21.75 inches
Any other children: Dean, 6-27-05

Me: Meredith, 30
DH: Dan, 30
It's a girl: Vivian
Birthdate: 10/23/07
Time of birth: 2:16 am
Weight at birth: 8lbs, 6oz
Length at birth: 18 in
Any other children: just our two 8-y-o cats

Me: Melissa, 26
DH: Scott, 26
It's a boy: Kyle William
Birthdate: 10/13/2007
Time of birth: 4:19PM
Weight at birth: 7lbs, 11 oz
Length at birth: 21 inches

Me: Bethany
DH: Morgan
It's a boy: Parker Gowan
Birthdate: 9/17/2007
Time of birth: 10:58 PM
Weight at birth: 7lbs, 9 oz
Length at birth: 20.5 inches

Me: Melanie, 30
DH: Joe, 30
It's a girl: Ellie Caitlyn
Birthdate: 10/5/2007
Time of birth: 5:08 PM
Weight at birth: 7 lbs, 8 oz
Length at birth: 19 inches

Me: Caly
It's a girl: Sofia
Birthdate: 10/25/2007
Time of birth: 1:56 PM
Weight at birth: 6lbs, 13 oz
Length at birth: 20.75 inches
Other Children: 2 other kids

Me: Chica, 26
DH: Chico, 29
It's a girl!: Chiquita
Birthdate: 11/24/07
Time of birth: 3:30 A.M.
Weight at birth: 7lbs 7oz
Length at birth: 20.9 inches

Me: 30
DH: 31
It's a boy: Jasper
Birthdate: 10/30/2007
Time of birth: 11:33am
Weight at birth: 9lbs, 2oz
Length at birth: 21.25 inches
Other children: big bro is a tabby-cat

Me: 32
DH: 35
It's a boy: Graycen
Birthdate: 10/22/07 at 35 weeks
Time of birth: 10:41 pm
Weight at birth: 3lbs 14oz

Me: 27
DH: 29
It's a girl: Norah Patrice
Birthdate: 9/29/07
Time of birth: 2:34am
Weight at birth: 8lbs, 1oz
Length at birth: 20 inches
Other children: DS, 3/4/04

Me: Summer, 25
DH: J, 35
It's a girl: Taylor Belle
Birthdate: 10/25/2007
Time of birth: 1:32pm
Weight at birth: 8lbs 5oz
Length at birth: 20 inches
Other children: Jacob, born 10/19/06

Me: Melinda, 27
DH: Andy, 32
It's a boy: Gabriel Martin
Birthdate: 9/28/07
Time of birth: 5:18 pm
Weight at birth: 7 lbs, 2 oz
Length at birth: 19.5 inches
Any other children: an Italian Greyhound named Ziggy

Me: Sara, 27
DH: Sam, 28
It's a girl: Nava Chana
Birthdate: 10/3/2007
Time of birth: 4:40AM
Weight at birth: 7lbs, 9 oz
Length at birth: 20.25 inches
Other Children: DS (Avi) 6/8/05

Me: 29
DH: 29
It's a girl: Molly
Birthdate: 10/18/07
Time of birth: 3:47am
Weight at birth: 6lbs, 12oz
Length at birth: 20.5 inches

Me: Jessica, 30
DH: Brad, 34
It's a boy: Charles Philip (Charlie)
Birthdate: 11/30/2007
Time of birth: 4:19 PM
Weight at birth: 9lbs, 6.2oz
Length at birth: 21.5 inches

Me: Thea, 31
DH: Craig, 38
It's a boy: Maxwell James
Birthdate: 11/20/2007
Time of birth: 8:11 am
Weight at birth: 8lbs 2.4 oz
Length at birth: 20.5 inches
Any other children: DS age 10 adopted 12/7/06

Me: Kathy, 30
DH: Mike, 36
It's a girl: Caroline Elizabeth
Birthdate: 10/11/07
Time of birth: 12:01pm
Weight at birth: 6lbs, 12oz
Length at birth: 19.25 inches
Any other children: Michael 8.18.06

Me: Vanda, 31
DH: Matt, 32
It's a girl: Nissa
Birthdate: 10/28/07
Time of birth: 2:38 a.m.
Weight at birth: 6lbs 3oz
Length at birth: 18.75"
Any other children: Asher - 1/4/06

Me: Wendy, 36
DH: K., 38
It's a girl: Audrey Leigh
Birthdate: 11/25/07
Time of birth: 2:55 p.m.
Weight at birth: 7lbs, 13oz
Length at birth: 20.5 inches
Any other children: Two furbabies--miniature poodles

11-04-2007, 08:32 PM
Babies by Birthdate


September 11th ~ ali_ohli
September 19th ~ mobe63
September 27th ~ 2002BeachBride
September 28th ~ QueenofCA
September 29th ~ Peever


October 3rd ~ spps
October 3rd ~ Megande
October 5th ~ Mom2B-10.07
October 6th ~ jenji
October 7th ~ daisysue62
October 10th ~ Jenn (and Bill)
October 11th ~ CarrieCP
October 11th ~ UTChick
October 13th ~ mlfallis
October 14th ~ Mandos*Bella
October 16th ~ jjsanner
October 17th ~ FSUSammy
October 18th ~ SQ2
October 22nd ~ papergirl
October 23rd ~ Ericka_Jarett
October 24th ~ loving624
October 25th ~ PinkMartini
October 25th ~ mommycal
October 28th ~ VMB
October 29th ~ honeygirl
October 30th ~ nektarine


November 1st ~ Hope1126
November 1st ~ cradle
November 4th ~ Geranium
November 10th ~ cat_loverpq
November 12th ~ julietchicago
November 15th ~ emmjay
November 18th ~ Lila55
November 20th ~ Thea
November 24th ~ janders6
November 24th ~ mrschica
November 25th ~ wendalah
November 30th ~ teacher_jessica

11-04-2007, 08:32 PM
Watch us grow (WBV stats)

Birth: 7lbs, 3.5oz & 19.75 in
2 weeks: 8lbs, 1oz & 20 7/8 in
1 month: 9lbs, 6oz & 21.5 in
2 months: 11lbs, 4 oz (75%) & 22.25 in (50%)
3 months: 12lbs, 6 oz & 23.75 in
4 months: 13lbs, 11 oz (50%) & 25 in (75%)
5 months: 15lbs, 2 oz (50-75%) & 25 5/8 in (75%)

Taylor Belle
Birth: 8lbs, 5oz & 20 in
5 days: 8lbs (58%) & 20 3/4 in (85%)
2 weeks: 9lbs, 1oz (63%) & 22 in (92%)
2 months: 12lbs, 4oz (71%) & 23 in (58%)
4 months: 3/8

Nava Chana
Birth: 7lbs, 9oz & 20.25 in
2 week: 7lbs, 9oz & 20 in
1 month: 8lbs, 4oz & 20 1/4 in
2 months: 9lbs, 9oz (25%) & 22 in (25-50%)
3 months: 11lbs, 15oz & 23 in
4 months: 13lbs, 11oz (50%) & 24 5/8 in (50%)
5 months: 15lbs, 1 oz & 25 in

Birth: 7lbs, 2oz & 19.25 in
2 weeks: 7lbs, 12oz & 20 1/2 in
2 months: 12lbs, 4.5oz & 23 in
4 months: 15lbs, 12 oz & 25.5 in

Birth: 7lbs & 20 in
2 weeks: 7lbs, 13oz & 20.5 in
2 months: 12lbs, 7oz & 22.5 in

Parker Gowan
Birth: 7lbs, 9oz & 20.5 in
2 weeks: 8lbs, 5oz
1 month: 10lbs, 2oz & 22 in
2 months: 12lbs, 9oz & 24 in

Birth: 7lbs, 8oz & 19 in
10 days: 7lbs, 2.5oz & 20.5 in
2 weeks: 7lbs, 4.5oz
1 month: 8lbs, 9oz & 21 in
2 months: 13.45lbs (90%) & 23 in (75%)
3 months: 16lbs, 10oz & 24.5 in
4 months: 17lbs, 10.5oz (95%) & 26 in

Julianna & Katelyn
Birth: 5lbs 10oz & 5lbs 3oz; & 17 3/4 in & 18 1/2 in
1 week: 5lbs, 5oz & 4lbs, 11oz
2 weeks: 5lbs, 5oz & 4lbs, 11oz
3 weeks: 6lbs, 15oz & 6lbs, 5oz
7 weeks: 8lbs 12oz (50%) & 21 1/2 in (25%) & 7lbs 10oz (25%) & 20 3/4 in (10%)
2 months: 10lbs 14oz (50%) & 22 1/2 in (75%) & 9lbs 1oz (10-25%) & 21 in (10%)
4 months: 13 lbs 12oz (50%) & 25 in (75%) & 11 lbs 1oz (10%) & 23 3/4 in (50-75%)

Birth: 6lbs, 12oz & 20.5 in
2 weeks: 6lbs, 15.25oz & 20.5 in
2 months: 9lbs, 8oz & 22 in
4 months: 13 lbs, 1.8oz & 24.5 in

Norah Patrice
Birth: 8lbs, 1oz & 20 in
1 week: 8 lbs, 3ozs
2.5 weeks: 10 lbs, 4ozs
2 months: 11 lbs, 15.5ozs, 22 1/4 in
4 months: 13 lbs, 8.9 ozs, 24 in
6 months: 16 lbs even, 26 in

Kyle William
Birth: 7lbs, 11oz & 21 in
1 month: 10lbs, 2oz & 23.5 in
2 months: 13lbs, 9 oz & 25.5 in
3 months: 14lbs, 5 oz & 26.5 in
4 months: 16lbs, 3 oz & 28 1/4 in

Thatcher James
Birth: 7lbs, 11oz & 18 1/2 in
2 weeks: 8lbs, 3oz & 21 1/2 in
2 months: 12lbs, 7oz (50%) & 23 3/4 in (50%)
4 months: 17lbs, 3oz (95%) & 26 1/4 in (95%)

Birth: 8 lbs, 13 oz and 21 3/4 in
5 days: 8 lbs, 10 oz and 21 1/4 in
1 month: 12 lbs, 2 oz and 23 1/2 in
2 months: 14lbs, 9 oz (95%) and 24 1/2 in (95%)
4 months: 17lbs, 15 oz (92%) and 26 1/2 in (92%)

Birth: 7lbs, 12oz & 19 1/2 in
2 weeks: 8 lbs, 5oz & 20 1/2 in
5 week appt: 10.5 lbs, & 21 1/2 in
2 months: 15.5 lbs, & 24 in
4 months: 18.8 lbs, 26.5 in

Nissa Ruth
Birth: 6 lbs, 3 oz & 18 3/4 in
1 month: 9 lbs, 2 oz & 19 3/4 in
4 months: 13 lbs, 7 oz & 23 in
5 months: 14 lbs, 6 oz & 24 in

Birth: 6lbs, 2oz & 18 1/2 in
2 weeks: 6lbs, 7.5oz
4 months: 13 lbs, 5 oz (25%) & 24.5 in (25%)

Charles Philip
Birth: 9lbs, 6.2oz & 21.5 in
2 weeks: 10lbs, 1oz & 22.5 in

Birth: 6lbs, 14oz & 21 in
1 month: 9 lbs, 5 oz & 21.5 in

Birth: 3lbs, 14oz
2 months: 9 lbs, 1oz & 20 in
3 months: 11lbs, 1oz & 22 in
4 months: 13 lbs, 5oz (25%) & 23 in

Birth: 4lbs, 10oz & 18in
1 month: 6lbs, 10oz (5%) & 19in (5%)
2 months: 8lbs, 2oz (5-10%) & 20.5in (10%)
4 months: 10lbs, 7oz (4%) & 23 in (10%)

Birth: 8lbs, 2.4oz & 20.5 in
2 weeks: 7lbs, 10oz & 20 in
1 month: 8lbs, 7oz & 21 5/8 in
2 month (9 weeks): 10lbs, 4oz & 21 3/4 in

Gavin Carter
Birth: 7lbs, 10 oz & 20 in
4 months: 13lbs, 2oz (25%) & 25.25 in (65-70%)

11-04-2007, 08:33 PM
Our Babies

Jenn (and Bill)'s Natalie


PinkMartini's Taylor Belle


daisysue's Ethan Samuel


daisysue's Ethan Samuel & Grace Katherine


Mom2B-10.07's Ellie Caitlyn


mobe63's Parker


11-04-2007, 08:35 PM
Our Babies

jenji's Evan


Ericka_Jarett's Julianna and Katelyn


loving624's Dylan

First day home:
7 weeks:

ali_ohli's Henry


11-04-2007, 08:35 PM
Our Babies

Hope1126's Grace


julietchicago's Logan

4 weeks 3 days


cat_loverpq's Gavin Carter


cradle's Jackson

Hospital Pic: (1 day old)
Announcement Pic: (1 mo. old)

11-04-2007, 08:36 PM
Our Babies

Lila55's Nicholas


Geranium's Charlie

4 weeks:

11-04-2007, 08:38 PM
Saved for Photos

11-04-2007, 08:39 PM
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Baby Laughs: The Naked Truth about the First Year of Mommyhood
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The Birth Book: Everything You Need to Know about Your Baby from Birth to Age Two
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Baby's First Year Journal: A Day-to-Day Guide to Your Baby's Development during the First Twelve Months
By A. Christine Harris

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The Inappropriate Baby Book: Gross And Embarrassing Memories from Baby's First Year
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Open For Posting

Welcome to our new home and make sure to post your stats in your first post so we can get you added to our member list :)

Also - if your DC has already had a WBV/checkup feel free to list the stats so we can get them added to the WBV list

Jenn (and Bill)
11-04-2007, 10:40 PM
Sign me up!!!

Username: Jenn (and Bill)
Me: Jennifer, 35
DH: Bill, 43
DD: Natalie
Birthdate: 10/10
Time of birth: 12:41 pm
Weight at birth: 7 pounds, 3.5 ounces
Length at birth:19.75 inches

As of 10/22, weighed 8 pounds, 1oz and was 20 7/8 inches. Next appt: 11/12


11-05-2007, 07:07 AM
Pink - thanks for the new thread!

Username: spps
Me: Sara, 27
DH: Sam, 28
DD: Nava Chana
Birthdate: 10/3/2007
Time of birth: 4:40AM
Weight at birth: 7 pounds, 9 ounces
Length at birth:20.25 inches
Other Children: DS (Avi) 6/8/05

1 month:
height: 20 in (she shrunk!)
weight: 8lb 4 oz

We go for her 2 month on 12/5.

Anyone else still working back into their pre-preg clothing? My sister is getting married in early Jan and I haven't started looking for a dress yet b/c I am determined to hit my pp weight before the wedding. Hopefully having the goal will help motivate me to excercise.

11-05-2007, 08:02 AM
Pink: Great job on the thread
Username: mlfallis
Me: Melissa, 26
DH: Scott, 26
DS: Kyle William
Birthdate: 10/13/2007
Time of birth: 4:19PM
Weight at birth: 7 pounds, 11 ounces
Length at birth:21 inches

spps: I am still working. I can do up a couple pre-pg pants, but there is too much of a muffin top there for me to actually wear them out of the house.

11-05-2007, 08:54 AM
Updated to here.

11-05-2007, 09:05 AM
No problem ladies :) Both babies were actually asleep at the same time last night, so I had the time to start the new thread...

I've lost 20lbs since the day I got home from the hospital but I'm still awhile away from pre-pregnancy clothes :( That's the downside of being pregnant 2 years in a row...

11-05-2007, 09:42 AM
Username: mommycal
Me: Caly
DD: Sofia
Birthdate: 10/25/2007
Time of birth: 1:56 PM
Weight at birth: 6 pounds, 13 ounces
Length at birth:20.75 inches
Other Children: 2 other kids

11-05-2007, 09:51 AM
Updated to here.

11-05-2007, 09:53 AM
Username: FSUSammy
Me: Samantha, 28
DH: Gary, 31
DS: Michael
Birthdate: 10/17
Time of birth: 8:49 pm
Weight at birth: 7 pounds, 2 ounces
Length at birth:19.25 inches

As of 10/31, weighed 7 pounds, 12oz and was 20 1/2 inches. Next appt: 12/18

Pre-pg clothing ~ Uh haven't tried getting into ANYTHING yet because even my early early pg clothing is kind tight on me. I don't get it because I've lost about 25 lbs already you'd think some of my early pg outfits would fit already. I have about 20 more pounds to go though and am considering going on WW soon, right now I just don't have the energy to deal with dieting.

I'm curious to know what form of birth control you ladies plan on using. I'm probably going to be charting to avoid since it worked when I did it before trying to get pregnant I'm just clueless on when I need to start temping, I figured its pointless to start now since we can't even consider sex until 6 weeks pp.

11-05-2007, 10:37 AM

Username: jjsanner
Me: Jennifer, 33
DH: Eric, 35
DS: Caleb
Birthdate: 10/16
Time of birth: 12:26 pm
Weight at birth: 7 pounds even
Length at birth: 20 inches even
Other DC: Elijah, 3.5 yo

As of 10/30, weighed 7 pounds, 13oz and was 20 1/2 inches. Next appt: 12/17

Pre-pregnancy clothing....I've fit into a few pants, but I'm wearing baggy tops to cover the love handles. At almost 3 weeks post-partem, I still have about 12 lbs. to go, and I have absolutely no idea what to do about the state of my stomach. It seems that there are not enough crunches and sit-ups in the world to get it back to what it was.

Birth control.....I will most likely be going back on the pill. This was our last child (at least for now until I get the baby bug again, convincing DH is a whole other story).

11-05-2007, 10:49 AM
Yeah a new thread! Can I join?

Username: mobe63
Me: Bethany
DH: Morgan
DS: Parker
Birthdate: 9/17/2007
Time of birth: 10:58 PM
Weight at birth: 7 pounds, 9 ounces
Length at birth: 20.5 inches

2 weeks: 8lb .5oz
1 month: 10lb 2oz 22 in

Sammy: I started Micronor BCP. My doc said it shouldn't affect my milk supply (but you are formula feeding, so thats not a prob right??) Charting to avoid is how I got pregnant, so I am going back to the pill.

Pre-preg clothes: I am back in them, but not really comfy. I liked m elastic wasted band stuff. Once I finish school for the semester it will be back to sweat pants for me.

I have psycho neighbors. We have been putting the dog outside during the day since the baby was born. The weather is perfect right now, cool in the mornings, and ~70s during the afternoon. We live in a new neighborhood, and they are still building houses around us. The dog does bark at the workers sometimes, but he is a dog thats what they do.

Last night there was a typed note on our door that said "I am concerned about the way you are treating your dog. He is left outside all day, and it is not good for his welfare.

He barks 4-5 hours a day, and it is annoying ALL your neighbors. If this happens again I am calling he police."

#1 he is only out for 4-5 hours a day (right now he is laying in the sunshine very happy...not barking)
#2 He is never out in bad weather, in fact when it rains I let him out the front so he can pee under the roof of the porch and not get wet
#3 The dog is not mistreated...he sleeps on a queen size bed by himself or on the couch, he is fed everyday, not chained up in the back

I am so annoyed. I don't know who put the note there (I suspect the old folks behind me) and I want to apologize that it bothers them, but threatening to call the police is a bit harsh. WWYD?? Thanks for letting me vent. Oh and the dog pees on the carpet, I just ad it cleaned and dont want ot go through that again!

11-05-2007, 10:55 AM
mobe - As long as you are giving your dog shelter, food, and water they can call the police all they want and you'd still be fine because you wouldn't be neglecting your dog at all.

11-05-2007, 11:04 AM
Do you mind if I join? I was due Nov 14 but my daughter decided to come early on October 23. It's been a wild ride, I'll say!

Me: Meredith, 30
DH: Dan, 30
DD: Vivian
Birthdate: October 23
Time of birth: 2:16am
Weight at birth: 8# 6oz
Length at birth: 18"
Any other children: just our two 8-y-o cats

I'll add a funny tidbit...we just happened to like the name Vivian, which we found by scouring the Social Security baby names list. My mom found in her dictionary that Vivian was an enchantress who antagonized King Arthur, and she imprisoned Merlin with one of his own spells. Now, this would mean nothing, except that my boy cat's name is Merlin! As a friend said to me..."watch out Mr. Kitty-cat." :)

Pre-preg clothes: Ha ha, that's funny. Actually I look a lot thinner than I did pregnant (duh) so I tried on my big jeans. Turns out it's just my knockers that are much bigger and just makes me LOOK thin. :D It probably won't take *too* long to get into them, but I'm still squarely in maternity clothes.

question: does anyone use a Hotsling? We have one and we have a Mei Tai, and I like the Mei Tai better because I feel like DD is kind of hunched in the Hotsling. Anyone else have that experience?

Jenn (and Bill)
11-05-2007, 11:06 AM
Birth Control - we haven't talked about this at all yet! First we need to decide if/when we want to do this all over again. I'm not ready but since I'm already 35, I shouldn't wait too long. Guess I should talk to DH before my 6 week follow up! But I'd go back on the pill if/when.

Pre PG clothes - I'm pleased to report that I've lost 40 pounds since delivery so I'm down 25 pre PG and everything I've tried on has fit or is a little baggy! BUT I'm way overweight so I can stand to lose this fast...and plenty more! Not like the rest of you skinny-minnies!

Follow up to Sammy's Q: Anybody have sex yet and care to share how it was? I assume it's diifferent for c-sections! TMI alert - I'm apprehensive about the pain and worried about reaching orgasm w/o breast stimulation!

Otherwise, things are OK. Natalie slept through the whole boat party! It was crazy but fun to show her off!

11-05-2007, 11:13 AM
Birth control.... Oh what a loaded question. I've gotten pregnant 3 times while on the pill so we're definitely not doing that again (2 different pills - 2 times not missing a single one):eek: I'm thinking about an IUD since I'm definitely not planning on getting pregnant again within the next year or so. DH would be getting snipped if we didn't plan on at least 1 more kid....

Sex.... Hell no! There's no way in hell I'm DTD before I get on BC. I really, really, really don't want to be pregnant 3 years in a row :eek: We waited until 9 weeks PP last year but I'm thinking it'll be a bit earlier this time as I didn't tear as bad and DH & I haven't DTD in months :(

11-05-2007, 11:53 AM
Username: daisysue62
Me: Kellie, 26
DH: David, 27
DS: Ethan Samuel
Birthdate: October 7
Time of birth: 10:25am
Weight at birth: 6lbs 15oz
Length at birth: 19"
Any other children: Grace 7/30/05


Here's both of my little pumpkins:

Pre Pg Clothes~ I'm finally in mostly pre-pg clothes now that I'm 4 weeks pp. For the first two weeks I didn't have anything to wear except for knit lounge clothes, and the last two weeks my transitional maternity/regular clothes are finally starting to fit. The hard part is shirts right now since the maternity ones are way too big and my regular ones fit but show the pudge. Yuck.

Birth Control~ We're not worrying about it right now (let's be honest, it's not exactly something that we really need for the first few months anyways!). Dh is planning on getting a vasectomy this spring since we're pretty sure we're done with two kiddos.

Hotsling~ I have a Peanutshell sling which is a pouch like the Hotsling and I love it! DS is in it several times a day and loves to sleep in it. Babies usually like to be all bunched up in slings, it's very reminiscent of the womb and I think that's part of the appeal for a lot of babies. He does look squished in there but he also looks extremely content so I'm not worried about it :)

Sex~ Dh has already been showing interest in this area so I'm sure we'll be DTD pretty soon after my 6 week check up. I'm not super excited about it since my sex drive is non-existent at the moment. Between caring for a 2 year old and a newborn all day I'm totally touched out and exhausted and just want to sleep at night! As far as pain goes, last time I remember it was a little scary but not too bad as long as you don't rush things. I'm not really worried about it hurting a lot.

11-05-2007, 01:41 PM
Daisy: Love the pumpkin photos.

Birth Control: I am really dreading it, but I will be going back on the pill. I really would love charting to avoid, but DS will have to get better at getting up at a constant time.

Sex: So not looking forward to this. I have until 8 weeks at least though since I was ripped so badly. The doctor wants me to have 2 extra weeks to heal before I go for my exam. Who would have thought forcepes and have two tears almost the entire birth canal would have a plus side.

11-05-2007, 03:13 PM
Thanks for setting up the new thread...

Username: Mom2B-10.07
Me: Melanie, 30
DH: Joe, 30
DD: Ellie Caitlyn
Birthdate: 10/5/2007
Time of birth: 5:08 PM
Weight at birth: 7 pounds, 8 ounces
Length at birth: 19 inches
Other Children: None

For the front page...

mobe - Taking some time off sounds great!! I'm so thankful to be taking 6 months off from work. It's funny how different babies are. My DD actually would sometimes rather be laying by herself in her pack n play rather than being held.

Daisy - Those are really cute pics.

PP Clothes - I can fit into 1 pair of pants. I am only 5 pounds over my pp weight, but the jeans still don't fit. I never bought any transitional clothes, just went straight to maternity, so I really have nothing. Almost all my maternity pants are capris, so I can't wear them any more, but I am still wearing the maternity jeans. I just bought a few nursing tops that I like, but I am still just rotating between about 3 outfits at this point. I told DH that for Christmas this year I just want some $ to go shopping for clothes.

BC/Sex - Still not sure what to do about BC yet. DH and I talked about it and will likely just use condoms. DH is getting really antsy and just waiting for the green light from the doc. (Did anyone happen to see Friday Night Lights this week?) I'm definitely freaked. We haven't DTD since like April or something like that because DH couldn't think about doing it when DD was in my belly.

11-05-2007, 05:16 PM
DTD: I'm almost 7 weeks PP and still no action here! I'm scared of pain, DH is scared we will get pregnant again even though I'm on the pill and BFing

For the front page

11-05-2007, 05:24 PM
Username: jenji
Me: Jenn, 26
DH: Brad, 27
DS: Evan
Birthdate: 10/6/07
Time of birth: 4:26pm
Weight at birth: 7lbs, 8oz
Length at birth: 19"
Photos: http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j283/jenji11/Babies/Evan%20James/smEvan_James_067.jpg

Ped visits:
10 days - 10/16 7lbs, 4.5oz, 20.5"
4 week - 11/1 8lbs, 9oz, 21"

Pre-PG clothes - I fit back in my "fat jeans" from prepg and most of my tops, but I've been wearing my maternity tops all the time just because they're more comfy and don't show off my mooshy belly as much. I'm also still wearing my mat. jeans because they're way comfy. I've lost 30 of the 40lbs I gained, so I've still got a bit more to go

sex I'm so scared of this. DH is definitely ready, but we're waiting till after my 6 week check up, which is next Thursday. Fortunately we're leaving that night for ILs for a long weekend and we definitely won't be DTD there so that gives me another few days to stall

BC I was charting as birth control for a year or so before we started TTC, so I will go back to that, using condoms as backup. I don't really want to go back on the pill - I took it for about a year and a half and just did not enjoy what it did to me.

hotsling I have one and DS doesn't seem to mind being in it. He does look scrunched in there, but he seems to like it as long as nothing's getting pinched. I do prefer my ring sling though because I can put him vertically on my chest in a snuggle hold and he likes that a lot. I LOVE my slings for getting stuff done when either he wants to be held or I don't want to put him down and also for keeping people's grubby hands off him when we're in public!

11-05-2007, 06:11 PM
Me: Ericka, 33
DH: Jarett, 29
It's Twin Girls: Julianna and Katelyn
Birthdate: 10/23/07
Time of birth: 4:46 pm & 4:49m
Weight at birth: 5lbs 10oz & 5lbs 3oz
Length at birth: 17 3/4" & 18 1/2"

11-05-2007, 06:21 PM
Updated to here.

11-05-2007, 06:38 PM
Me: Jen, 30
DD#1: 8-16-2005 - 9lbs 2oz
DD#2: 9-27-2007 - 8lbs 14oz

Even though I don't get to post very often I am happy to join this new thread! Hope to post more!!

Hope everyone is doing well with their new babies:D:D

11-05-2007, 07:24 PM
Hotsling: Parker is in his hotsling right now! He doesn't mind it--he gets to stay close to me while I get some work done. I want to make a moby wrap soon as well!

11-05-2007, 07:32 PM
Well got distracted in the last post I did so here is the finished update of stats and answers to QOTD:

Me: Ericka, 33
DH: Jarett, 29
It's Twin Girls: Julianna and Katelyn
Birthdate: 10/23/07
Time of birth: 4:46 pm & 4:49m
Weight at birth: 5lbs 10oz & 5lbs 3oz
Length at birth: 17 3/4" & 18 1/2"
Other Children: Rebekah - 4/18/05 (passed), Easton - 9/5/06
1 week WBV: 5lbs 5oz & 4lbs 11oz
2 week WBV: 5lbs 5oz & 4lbs 11oz
1 month WBV:

pic for front page

BC - looking at Mirena to ask the peri about at my 6 week pp appt., He mentioned it when I said a tubal a few weeks ago. Was looking at Essure but takes time to scar over to prevent pregnancy.

Pre-Pg clothes - I am 2 weeks pp and have been in my pre-preggo clothes since last week, down about 31 lbs presently. (about 16 lbs less than pre-preggo weight)

sex - have another 4 weeks before my 6 week pp appt, so nope.

11-05-2007, 07:54 PM
sorry, my brain is fried. I need to change the WBV stats for Evan as follows:
10 days: 7lbs, 2.5oz, 20.5 inches
2 weeks: 7lbs, 4.5oz
4 weeks: 8lbs, 9oz, 21 inches


11-05-2007, 08:14 PM
I also messed up the wbv stats:

2 week:
7 lb 9oz, 20 in

1 month:
8lb 4 oz
20 1/4 in

Glad to hear I am not alone in the still need to loose weight camp. A distressingly large number of my friends IRL seem to always be back in their pre-pregnancy clothing by 2 weeks pp which makes me feel like I am doing something wrong.

BC: Planning on the mini-pill.

Off to nurse a fussy baby!

11-05-2007, 08:32 PM
Updated to here.

11-06-2007, 07:45 AM
Username: SQ2
Me: 29
DH: 29
DD: Molly
Birthdate: 10/18/07
Time of birth: 3:47am
Weight at birth: 6lbs, 12oz
Length at birth: 20.5 inches

2-week wbv: 6lbs, 15.25oz, 20.5 inches
Next appt: 12/14.

Pre-pg clothes: I'm still wearing maternity sweats. :o Anything else hurts my incision so I think it will be awhile before I'll be wearing jeans or any other real pants.

Sex: Not for awhile. My 6 wk appt is not until December. Strangly I've definitely had the drive for it (nothing like seeing DH as a daddy to turn me on...hehe.) but I'm in no way in any sort of physical shape to DTD. Oh well.

BC: Not sure yet. Probably a combo of charting to avoid and condoms. Really don't ever want to go back on the pill if I can help it but we'll see.

Jenn (and Bill)
11-06-2007, 08:24 AM
SQ2, I agree that seeing DH as a fabulous father is a turn on!

There's also something new about sex for me. At least once a day, I have to stop and realize that all we did was have sex and 39 weeks later, we had the most perfect, beautiful girl. Don't get me wrong....I'm not ready for sex or another child....but it does make the idea more magical for me!

Anybody else travelling for the holidays? We just booked our tickets to fly to St. Louis for Christmas to visit the family (and we have to stay for 2 weeks so I can clean out my dad's condo and get it on the market!). I've read every post in the travel thread and I'm still anxious about it all! I'm sure it will be fine but I have six weeks to stress myself out about it!

11-06-2007, 09:08 AM
Jenn~ Flying with a small baby is really not that that bad. I wouldn't stress about it if I were you! Nurse her during take off and landing and she'll probably sleep through a lot of it. Did you buy her a seat or are you holding her?

We're going to get our van fixed today so I get the pleasure of watching my 2 year old and newborn in the waiting room for another 90 minutes. We did this last Thursday and what stinks is that the waiting room isn't closed off so I was constantly chasing after my DD while hauling DS with me as she ran into the new car showroom (it's a car dealership). I might grab my stroller and walk around to find somewhere else to go this time.

11-06-2007, 09:21 AM
Jenn - traveling with a newborn is pretty easy. Easton's first airplane trip across country he was just over 2 months old and slept just about the whole time.

Holiday Traveling - not this year for us. Last year we went to VA 2 times, but Christmas took over 10 hours to get there instead of usual 5 hrs. My mom lives in NJ now and I told her before she even moved (she is 1 hr from us now) that we were not traveling this year, that people can come to us this year, as it would be crazy with 3 babies. She agreed it would be too much for us so she will come to us.

11-06-2007, 10:27 AM
I'm way behind already! We had a rough weekend with DD so I haven't been online much. I think the gentian violet is bothering her, but who knows.

Me: 27
DH: 29
It's a girl: Norah Patrice
Birthdate: 9/29/07
Time of birth: 2:34am
Weight at birth: 8lbs 1oz
Length at birth: 20 inches
Other children: DS, 3/4/04

1 week - 8 lbs 3 ozs
2.5 weeks - 10 lbs 4 ozs

11-06-2007, 10:46 AM
Okay, I have time for SOs and QOTDs now...

p.s. Thanks Pink for setting up the new thread!!

Clothes- I think I still have 7 lbs to go before I'm back to my pre-pg weight. I can fit into a few pairs of my regular jeans, but since I got pg in January and gorged myself through the holidays, most of them were too tight to begin with. Most of my shirts are too snug for my flabby middle and ginormous boobies too. I keep debating about going shopping and buying a few things to make me feel less frumpy or if I should just wait for a bit and try to fit into my regular clothes.

BC- We'll probably just use condoms. I don't really like hormonal BC and let's face it, there's not going to be a lot of action anyway. ;) DH will get snipped eventually.

Sex- My 6 week pp check up is on Monday and I'm not looking forward to it. I feel really bad for DH because it's been months and months, but I have no interest in it whatsoever. My nipples still hurt from the thrush and I still get engorged half the time since I started pumping and my milk is off again so I don't even like being hugged half the time. I can barely keep my eyes open by 7pm. I fully expect it to hurt again, even with lube, so I might humor him because we probably won't get very far to begin with. It really kills the mood having the baby right next to you too, not to mention that DD is a super light sleeper and our bed frame squeaks if you even roll over.

mobe- That stinks. I'd probably just ignore it for now and if the cops come, then oh well. I don't think you're doing anything wrong if he's fed and has shelter.

Slings- I have a Moby wrap and we had a bit of a breakthrough last night. DD still cried for the first 5 -10 minutes she was in it, but eventually fell asleep and stayed asleep while I got some stuff done around the house. I was shocked.

Traveling- Heck no. ;) Not with my kids. DD is following in her brother's footsteps and generally hates being in the car and won't sleep. I think I have the only 2 children who rarely sleep in the car.

Meredith- Congrats and welcome!

I think it's nap time for me. :) DH is going to be out of town all week so hopefully I won't have to be committed to the mental ward by Friday.

11-06-2007, 11:03 AM
Jenn: I am flying with Parker mid December...we will see how it goes!

so far no cops have been called to my house, and the dog has been asking to go out and not wanting to come back in. He hasn't barked once that I have heard in 2 days...hmmm

11-06-2007, 11:44 AM
moby - glad the cops haven't showed. Hopefully whatever neighbor typed the note has thought better of it.

traveling - my family is in town and DH's family only lives about 4 hours away. We are planning on going down their week after next (DH will not miss hunting season opening day and I don't want to be here without him) and then not till Christmas. I think it'll be fine. honestly, I'd rather travel with him now than in another 6 or 7 months.

us - today we went to our first LLL meeting. I was actually surprised by how comfortable I was and how helpful everyone was. I don't know why I was surprised, but it was nice to be around other moms who are BFing, who totally understand the struggles of early nursing and had lots of suggestions and support to offer.
tonight our photographer's coming to our house to do photos!

11-06-2007, 12:15 PM
Updated to here.

11-06-2007, 12:29 PM

TM: please do NOT include photos on first page, thanks!

thanks for the congrats in the old thread ladies, and thanks to steelcity for posting about j's arrival! i'm so glad i ended up being an october-mom after all.

Me: 30
DH: 31
DS: jasper
Birthdate: 10*30*2007
Time of birth: 11:33am
Weight at birth: 9lbs, 2oz :eek:
Length at birth: 21.25 inches
Other children: big bro is a tabby-cat

after WEEKS and WEEKS of prodromal labor - i finally went into real-deal active labor on 10/29 - my due date! jasper arrived after 15.5 hours of labor (2.5hrs of VERY active pushing) on the most beautiful fall day. i will write up a complete birth story in the upcoming week, still waiting to meet with my doula to receive her copy of how it all went down. we were hoping from the outset to have an all-natural birth, and thankfully we were able to stick with that plan! seriously - i am still in shock about this myself - considering how freakin' large this kid ended up being! overall, L&D was an amazing and positive experience - i am still replaying aspects of the birth over and over again in my head. however, we did have a complication called shoulder dystocia at the very end that made for some very scary moments. as i was telling my LJ friends, i am relieved that those panic-filled moments were short-lived and quickly became a blur as our son was placed on my chest.

gotta keep this short (VERY sleep-deprived!), but wanted to drop off a quick update!

11-06-2007, 01:24 PM
Congrats Nektarine!!

QOTD: Christmas gift. What items are you guys putting on your DC lists? Our familys have already begun asking what they can buy and there is just so many options.

11-06-2007, 01:32 PM
QOTD Christmas - last year we had a few things left on the registry (crib toy, few infant toys and such) We got a few things from the registry and a few clothes. This year we can use a crib toy again, diapers and formula. No need for clothes these girls have more clothes than me. :)

11-06-2007, 01:44 PM
Forgot to subscribe...

nektarine- He's so cute and doesn't look like a 9 lber at all!

QOTD Christmas- Since this is my 2nd child, I have plenty of baby toys, books, gear, etc. so I'm just asking for clothes for her. We're probably going to get her a gymini/playmat since I never had one with DS.

Jenn (and Bill)
11-06-2007, 02:07 PM
Christmas: I have no idea. No one's asked yet except MIL has offered to buy a Xmas dress! Um, I'm kind of looking forward to that myself! So I'm not sure what we'll ask for. Maybe clothes for 6 months plus and some toys.

Related questions: are you ladies buying anything for your DC for Xmas or is that just silly since they will totally not be aware of it? I don't know why I just thought of that but I did. I know DH and I need to talk about Christmas traditions and how we'll be celebrating. I think I need to order stockings for Mom, Dad and Natalie though. How weird that I'm the "Mom" on the stocking!!!

11-06-2007, 02:28 PM
Jenn: I know what you mean about a Christmas outfit. Thankfully my mom realized I wanted to buy it and didn't get him one, but now I am worried about MIL.

We are planning on buying him something he can use more next summer than right away. I figure most people will want to get him stuff he can use now so this will mean he will have a new toy before his birthday. I am thinking we will just put a chunk on money into his education fund for the rest of it.

11-06-2007, 02:39 PM
Christmas ~ My MIL has asked and she actually said she'll probably give us a gift card so that we can buy what we need for the baby since he's too young to really enjoy xmas. As for what we will buy him, I have no clue!

Today was our first day at home alone together and for the most part it went smoothly even though daddy isn't home yet. He was up from 12 till about 4ish, he just REFUSED to nap and was WIDE awake. He started fussing around 3:30 so I decided to just feed him early in hopes that he'd knock himself out and he did. So now he's napping and hopefully he won't wake up until daddy comes home that way daddy can spend quality time with the little guy. So overall it wasn't as scary as I was making it out to be.

11-06-2007, 04:55 PM
Sammy - Glad you had a good first day.

Peever - Sorry you're still having a rough go of it.

Ellie has been very fussy the past couple of days. I think she has bad gas and is very uncomfortable. That kills me because I'm having a hard time getting her to pass it and wish there were something I could do. It's been really frustrating for me with her cying almost all day and not getting in good feedings. I have no idea how much she's eaten today. We finally just had our first good feeding of the day and she seems to be pretty content now - thank goodness. Has anyone used gripe water before to help with gas?

Also, I'm not sure if she is sleeping less during the day now because she is uncomfortable or just getting older and not needing as much sleep. She's 1 month now. Anyone have any thoughts?

11-06-2007, 05:37 PM
Melanie - Our pediatrician told us to use mylicon for gas and we've been doing that for Michael and I believe it has really helped him be less fussy.

11-06-2007, 06:23 PM
We used gas drops for Easton, until it seemed not to do anything for him. We moved to Gripe Water and used that for about a month and it worked wonders on Easton. Melanie - try to burp her by laying her on her tummy across your thigh with her tummy right on your thigh for pressure. I would burp Easton that way and it worked to get almost all the gas out, much better than if he was shoulder burping.

11-06-2007, 07:05 PM
Melanie: We just discussed this in my new moms group today, and the instructor showed us a four-part move.

1) with your hands on the belly, rub downwards in kind of a left hand, right hand, etc. pattern with a decent amt of pressure. The movement should just be from ribcage down below belly button towards the diaper.

2) rub your hand from left (babys right) to right in the area below the ribcage

3) do movement 2) adding a rub down the right side (baby's left) of the belly (this mimics the movement of food/gas through the colon)

4) take baby's feet and bend the knees so feet are closer to the diaper and kind of "wave" the knees left to right. (Also good is the "bicycle" movement of the legs.)

Our instructor said these moves could be done as much as the baby will take it (lying down), or maybe 5-6 movements of each. HTH!

11-06-2007, 07:52 PM
Thanks to everyone for the advise!!! We tried Mylicon drops and I do think it helped a little, but it is staining everything. DH spilled the bottle on the carpet yesterday and it won't come out. I think I'm going to try Gripe Water tomorrow. She seems to be doing ok now. Now that I think about it, it's probably because of the Mylicon. I think I gave it to her at 4 today. We had a good breast feeding at 6 and bottle feeding at 8, and she took a bath and fell asleep nicely.

Merjmo - I will try your method as well. Thanks for passing it along.

11-07-2007, 06:56 AM
Melanie - The mylicon we have doesn't stain.

Me - Doing well. Actually very happy right now because the photographer that took Michael's newborn shots just sent me a link of pics we can choose for our announcement. I'm so in love with the pictures!!! If any of you ladies wanna look here's the link:


11-07-2007, 06:57 AM
I haven't been very good about putting DD on the floor because she's either sleeping or fussy most of the time. I think I manage to do it once a week. I put her on the floor last night on her tummy and propped her up on her arms and she swung her giant noggin to the side and then kicked her legs until she was on her back. I did it again about a dozen more times and she rolled over every time. I was surprised. DS hated tummy time and didn't consistently roll over until he was over 7 months old. She's also bearing weight on her legs and standing.

Jenn- I usually never buy my kids anything big because they're so spoiled by everyone else, but I feel obligated to get them something, even if they don't know the difference.

Sammy- DD refuses to nap a lot. ;) She's usually up for 3-4 hrs every evening.

Melanie- I really don't think the Mylicon drops work all that well, but it's worth a try. I just try to prevent the gas from happening in the first place. What are you eating? Here's a list of foods that can cause tummy troubles. Chocolate & spices, citrus, gas producing vegetables, & dairy. I can elaborate more later if you want. You could try eating a bland diet for a week and see if that helps. I second Ericka's burping technique. I get the best results that way and even though DD isn't all that gassy, I usually try to bicycle her legs at every diaper change to help things move along.

Better go feed DD...

11-07-2007, 09:23 AM
Peever: do you ever wear your DD in a type of carrier? Does that help with her fussiness? Mine tends to be ok in the daytime (of course that's probably because my mother is holding her constantly) but in the evening she's a mess and has to be held so she can sleep.

FSUSammy: those are really beautiful pictures of your son. :)

Melanie: I hope the Mylicon and/or Gripe Water can help her!

new moms group I joined a group locally that met for the first time yesterday and it was really helpful. It was nice to hear all the things the other women were struggling with and to know so much of what I'm experiencing they have also! We're doing ok on sleep but when I got up at 5:15 to feed her this morning I almost fell asleep!

Isn't it amazing to notice how much our babies change each week? I can see such a difference (especially in her little round belly, it's so funny!) from the last week when my mom got here. I love it when she's alert and looking around, even if I know she can't see that much!

Jenn (and Bill)
11-07-2007, 09:27 AM
Sammy, those pictures are adorable....you should be thrilled. How long was the photo shoot that he didn't have a diaper on for? My little one pees constantly during diaper changes and once right after a bath! I wouldn't risk it!

Us: We're 4 weeks old today! The LC is supposed to come later today to give the BF another shot. DH has a work event tonight so he's going to be home late. Sigh. I really need him to get on schedule so that he can a) start cleaning up the house that he never bothered to finish before we gave birth and b) start taking longer shifts in the evening with DD.

I assume little splotches on her face are still normal right? Last night she had several red ones on the right side of her face but they didn't last long. I think it's from the waterproof pad that I had temporarily used while the other one was being washed.

I'm also wondering about gas/reflux. How do you know when burping and spitting is normal and when it's something to be concerned about? I don't know if it's too much? We go to the ped on Monday but since I've never done this before, i'm not sure if I should be alarmed or if it's normal. She's had a couple of good spitting sessions, fairly projectile, sometimes as long as 2 hours after a feeding.Thoughts?

11-07-2007, 09:32 AM
Jenn - mention the spitting up to the ped when you see them, but our ped when he asked why we were on Soy, told him the hospital thought reflux. He said they don't have reflux, they just had enough to eat and their stomach opening closed off and the spit was what was laying on top of the opening. But mwention it nyway so they know about it.

11-07-2007, 10:55 AM
Jenn - His photo shoot was about 3 hours long (on and off). Most of it he didn't have a diaper on which we were surprised he didn't pee either because as soon as his little radar detector gets cold he shoots out! LOL We kept a little paper towel around.

11-07-2007, 11:07 AM
Updated to here.

11-07-2007, 11:18 AM
sammy: those pics are great. I haven't seen ours yet, but Parker screamed the entire time--he wasn't feeling well.

jenn: Parker spits up, but it just rolls out of his mouth and they called it reflux. He takes Mylanta everyday and it seems to help with the discomfert. She should grow out of it, but mention it to the ped--they should let you give her something for the discomfert. There is nothing that will close the sphincter and faster.

11-07-2007, 11:47 AM
OMGoodness Sammy - those are GREAT pictures :) I really need to convince DH to get newborn pictures taken of Taylor...

DS had acid reflux when he was a newborn as well. Was on some sort of RX medicine (reglin I think ?) that helped a ton. They say they eat & eat because they're in pain and then they overeat and it all comes back up :( DS grew out of it when he was 3 months old....

11-07-2007, 12:05 PM
FSUSammy WONDERFUL photos! Michael is so adorable. I love the shot of him where he's curled up like a fetus. I love when DD does that because it reminds me how recently she was in my belly.

Jenn (and Bill)
11-07-2007, 02:27 PM
Thanks for the thoughts on the spitting/reflux. I will mention it to the ped but one of the reasons i'm not too concerned is because it doesn't seem to cause her much discomfort, if any.

You know, I wasn't going to do newborn photos professionally since Bill's taking so many and they're turning out well. But Sammy's are making me wish for some. Maybe I just need a furry rug and a naked baby!!!

The LC came today and thinks DD is making progress but is still unable to form her mouth around my nipple to get the milk to come down. She thinks a little more time and practice will help! Argh!

11-07-2007, 03:55 PM
LOL Jenn! Definitely get a furry rug if you can. That way you can take pics at small bursts.

11-07-2007, 06:18 PM
Now I want to get professional newborn photos done too!!! Those are great Sammy!!!

11-07-2007, 07:26 PM
Jenn - DH said if you want a furry rug like the photographers use, go to IKEA, there is where they get them.

DH will be doing our newborn shots this weekend.

We will probably follow a lot of the same ones we did with Easton: Easton's Newborn (http://duckling.smugmug.com/gallery/1921722#97221018)

11-07-2007, 08:38 PM
Sorry to be MIA...lots going on here including family drama that I bore you all with!

Little Miss Caroline is having a rough go of things right now. She is dealing with some horrible reflux to the point where she gags and chokes and stops breathing for a few seconds. Luckily it has never lasted more than 3-4 seconds but it is by far the most terrifying thing I have ever dealt with! She is now on Prilosec and will hopefully start feeling better. Since she was breech, we had to go get an ultrasound of her hips done to check for hip dysplasia. We are being referred to a pediatric orthopedic because th u/s showed a mild subluxation on the left leg, which means her leg pops in and out of the hip socket. We are hoping it is so mild that we won't have to do the harness. And lastly, like her brother, she has a milk protein allergy. So, I am going to have to cut all dairy and soy out of my diet. DS grew out of it by 6 months, so it won't be that big of a deal. This little girl is amazing, though. Despite all that ts going on with her, she is such a sweet, happy, laid-back baby.

Had the kids' pictures taken...here are a couple.


Jenn (and Bill)
11-08-2007, 09:21 AM
ok, clearly i need to start taking my DD's clothes off before her next pictures. I'm always worried about what outfit for her to wear but between Sammy, Ericka and UTChick, the answer is clearly naked!!!

UTChick, that's a lot for one little girl to have to put up with! Glad she's handling it ok.

I think it was Daisy, I finally watched Friday Night Lights from last week! Very funny. I especially liked it when she said she had to go pump and dump!

All quiet on the DD front. In fact, i should be napping at the moment since she's sleeping and i'm exhausted!

11-08-2007, 09:58 AM
Jenn - we would have done more without his diaper, he was squirting each time it came off. We took the photos in our kitchen 2 days after moving in and we didn't have the heat on since it was warm out but the apartment was a little cool.

It's best to take the pics naked so you can remember just how little they really were, with clothes that adds bulk to the baby. It's more natural to have naked newborn shots anyway, I think.

11-08-2007, 10:17 AM
UTChick - Those pics are too cute!

Me - Well Michael's umbilical cord fell off two days ago so last night to commemorate his 3 week birthday we gave him his first bath. At first he hated it but after he quickly christened the tub water with his own pee he felt more comfortable in there. He ended up loving his bath and I can't wait to bathe him again! I'm waiting for him to wake from his nap to make a quick run to the post office for stamps since we are all out. I *might* try to make a run to walmart to see if they carry the diapers that someone bought us that needs to be upped in size but I'm afraid of going there alone with a newborn.

11-08-2007, 11:07 AM
FSU - you will do fine, going out with a newborn alone is a piece of cake. I took the girls out alone the other day.

11-08-2007, 02:05 PM
Adorable pics everyone. Also makes me want to take DD to get some.

Sammy - I am sure your outing will be fine. The key is to change, feed, then pop him in the carseat and run before he decides it is time to eat again!

UTChick - Sorry to hear that Caroline is having such a tough time. Good to hear that she is easy going despite it all.

We are heading out tomorrow for our first overnight trip since DD was born and since DS moved into a bed (which only happened last Sunday). I am off to pack while /I have 2 sleeping kids.

Have a great weekend!

11-08-2007, 02:21 PM
Username: CarrieCP
Me: Carrie, 31
DH: M, 32
DS: Jonah
Birthdate: 10/11/07
Time of birth: 6:58 a.m.
Weight at birth: 8 lbs. 13 oz.
Length at birth: 21 3/4 inches

11-08-2007, 02:38 PM
Just checking in. I kept DS home yesterday so of course DD wouldn't sleep. I don't get it. He's not even that noisy. She just fights going to sleep. She still has her colicky sessions a couple of times a day. Hopefully the sleep issue will get better - for both kids. DS is not doing well with the time change. Needless to say, I'm tired! I can't wait for DH to finally come home tomorrow night.

Sammy- Those are great! I keep waiting to get DD's pics taken until her purple mouth goes away, but now I think maybe I should have just had them taken anyway to remember her permanent purple mouth. ;) Of course she's passed the tiny newborn stage now. You'll do fine on the outing. I take DD out daily. I just try to limit it to about an hour so I don't press my luck. Yep, just change and feed him and get in the car!

merjmo- I do have a Moby and use that in the evenings as it's often the only way I can get dinner ready and eat, but she still cries for 5-10 minutes after I put her in there anyway before she finally settles down. Getting her to sleep is the worst. It often requires me holding/bouncing/rocking her for an hour and I just don't have time for that when I'm single parenting so much and I have a 3.5 yr old too. She usually has a fussy session in the morning too and I hate to put her in the sling because I need to shower and when I take her out, she just wakes up anyway. It gets frustrating. They do change quickly!

Jenn- Newborns often have a red blotchy rash. I forget the technical term for it, but it's probably fine. I wouldn't worry about the reflux if she's not bothered by it and is gaining weight fine. DS had horrible reflux and screamed all day so we put him on meds. DD has silent reflux where she spits up and swallows it, but she doesn't seem to be too bothered by it so she's not on meds. Babies often spit up when they burp. That's the only time DD has spit up is following a big burp. Her reflux seems to be worse when she's cluster feeding. She doesn't take a paci so I think she overeats. I hope Natalie gets better with bfing!

Kathy- DS had horrible reflux and digestive problems too. It sucks. I hope the hip thing is okay. Very cute pics!

spps- I hope your overnight trip goes well!

11-08-2007, 02:50 PM
Catching up on QOTDs...

Pre-preg clothing: Uh, no way, not even close! I've lost 29 of the 31 pounds I gained, but between my poochy c-section belly and my ginormous boobs, I'm still wearing maternity pants and big nursing tops. I miss my jeans! Also, my wedding ring still doesn't fit :(

Birth control: I don't know! I wish I could go back to charting, but I don't think that's going to be a reliable option for a while, and I really don't want to get pregnant again too early, because of the c-section. I don't want an IUD. So I am trying to decide between the mini-pill (ugh, don't like hormonal BC) or using condoms every time.

Sex: As soon as I get the green light from the midwife, IT'S BUSINESS TIME! (Any Flight of the Conchords fans out there?) I have my checkup next week, at the 5-week PP mark, and I'm kind of hoping she won't make us wait the full 6 weeks.

Traveling: No way. We live far from our families, and usually fly to visit them 4-6 times a year, but I announced that we're not taking DS on a plane until after flu season and rsv season. But secretly, I just really wanted a break from all the travel. (I used to travel sometimes for work, too, and am just so sick of airplanes!)

Holiday gifts: We'll ask for classic children's books for DS. My parents tend to go really overboard with buying toys, and we just don't have room in our tiny house.

I have a question...
Has your DC started losing his or her hair? I loved my DS's soft, silky, newborn hair, and now he's a balding, patchy mess! I knew this was likely to happen, but it's still kind of a bummer. I wonder if his regrowth will be a different color and/or texture. On the bright side, at least my own hair hasn't started falling out yet!

11-08-2007, 03:16 PM
Updated to here.

11-08-2007, 07:27 PM
I love everyone's pics. Is 5 weeks too late to do newborn pics? She's definitely so much bigger. I'm bummed we didn't do it by 3 weeks, but she had really bad acne that week so I waited.

Got my miracle blanket today. Had a hard time getting the arm part right, but I'm assuming it is fine because she is sleeping nicely now. She definitely fell asleep quicker tonight than any other night so far. Am interested to see how long she will sleep tonight because she's already been going 7 hours between feedings at night. Don't know how much longer she can go at this point. I'm really hoping for a longer stretch after the night time feeding, but she eats so little when I feed her at 2:30a because she is still passed out. I don't know how to get her to eat more without completely waking her up. I did that one night and it took an hour and a half to get her back down instead of the 15 minutes it takes when I don't wake her.

So I got the gripe water yesterday and only gave it to her once. I was turned off by how much each dose is. It took forever for me to give it to her because I didn't want her to choke. Also, after I gave it to her I tasted it and that stuff is nasty. I can't believe she wasn't screaming when I gave it to her. I'm going to stick with Mylicon for now. It seems to be working much better now that I'm giving it to her after almost every meal. She is way less fussy.

The only thing that hasn't been good is going out. Previously she was so good when I needed to run errands. Just would fall asleep as soon as we got in the car and not wake until we got home. Now she isn't sleeping well in the car and will scream. I've had to pull over a bunch of times to stick the paci in her mouth. It's mainly in the afternoons. She just doesn't seem to want to nap anymore after about 1:00.

11-08-2007, 08:09 PM
Mom2B - 5 weeks is not too late, but you won't be able to do all the poses that could have been done at 3 weeks or sooner. We would have done ours as soon as we came home but the girls were really quite floppy, at least now even though they are still sort of floppy, they seem to have a little more control of their heads.

11-08-2007, 08:14 PM
As soon as I get the green light from the midwife, IT'S BUSINESS TIME! (Any Flight of the Conchords fans out there?) Me, me! :D That video is hilarious...and SO true!

Feeling very overwhelmed. All the visitors we've had has been overwhelming. I just want to crawl into a cave with my family and be alone for a month at least. DD is eating well which makes me happy. She has been spitting up a lot more lately. Last night was pretty bad at a 2am feeding, when I was changing her she kept spitting up on every single sleeper I put on her, and then she peed all over herself and another sleeper. It was a long 2 hours before I handed her off to DH and got some sleep. Oh boy. I wonder if she's goign through a growth spurt now (she's 3 weeks today) and is just drinking more milk but her little stomach can't handle it yet.

11-08-2007, 08:24 PM
Mom2B--we did ours at 5 weeks. they would have been great if he had been feeling well!

11-09-2007, 08:43 AM
newborn pics - we had pictures done Tuesday (1 month old) but it went horrible. The photographer was great and worked with us for 2 hours, but DS just absolutely HATED being naked and peed at least a dozen times. I was soaked by the time it was over and we didn't get any good pictures at all after the first 5 minutes. He would be so calm when I'd wrap him in a blanket so the photographer got a few body part shots. We have an appt. to do pictures with another photographer in a couple weeks, so we will definitely do clothed pictures so we can hopefully get some of a happy baby.
if anyone wants to see the results of our session this week, here they are

11-09-2007, 12:01 PM
Updated to here.

11-09-2007, 12:07 PM
Anyone doing their own newborn pictures? Any hints on how to get good ones?

DH said no to pro pictures (too much $$ right now) and I'd love to get some good 'newborn' pictures... That's the 1 thing I regret not having done with DS last year. We have a Kodak easy share camera that's not too fancy, if it matters.

11-09-2007, 02:00 PM
Both kids are sleeping, so I have some time!!

Pink~ My brother does photography for fun and did my son's newborn pics. We did them early morning by a window for good natural light. We set up a table near the window and in front of a dresser. He used a dark bed sheet as a drape over the table and up the side of the dresser to make the backdrop. This worked well for us because I wanted black and white shots. Here are some of them:



I forgot to join the thread, so here is my info:

Username: UTChick
Me: Kathy, 30
DH: Mike, 36
DD: Caroline Elizabeth
Birthdate: 10.11.07
Time of birth: 12:01 pm
Weight at birth: 6 lbs. 12oz.
Length at birth: 19.25"
Any other children: Michael 8.18.06

Thanks for all the well wishes for Caroline. We have an appt. for the 19th with a pediatric orthopedic, so fingers crossed that we get some good news.

Pre-preg clothing ~ Ok...some of you make me sick! ;) Not even close to pre-preg weight or clothing. I've lost 16 lbs. but still 24 away from pre-preg weight and another 7 lbs. to get to where I was before getting pg with DS since I hadn't finished losing that weight when I got pg this time!! I will be doing WW again since it worked so well last time. Interestingly, I wasn't eating enough prior to joining WW nursing moms program and when I started eating all my points, I lost a ton of weight very quickly.

Birth control ~ Can't do the pill anymore since I now have a family history of aneurysms (my brother had a brain aneurysm the night before DS was born last year) so we are looking into an IUD (Mirena).

Holidays ~ My family lives close by and ILs are coming for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, so no travelling this year! Woohoo!!

SQ2 ~ I read your post about disappointment over c-sections a while back and I didn't have a chance to respond at the time. I have had to have 2 c-sections since both babies were breech. With DS, I was very upset because it was right at the end of my pg and we couldn't get him to turn and all my expectations for how childbirth would go went right down the toilet. Because it was a planned c/s I did have about a week to come to terms with it and accept the situation, but I was still disappointed. However, I got over it pretty soon afterward. I do have to say that my brother's medical emergency played a big part in that. We almost lost him a few times during the first two weeks after my c/s so I think emotionally, I could only handle that and basically put the c/s out of my mind. It probably would have been harder to get over if I wasn't already preoccupied by my brother's situation. This time, I knew there was a big possibility that we would do a repeat. DD was breech since July. Plus, I realized that I got a healthy baby and in the long run, that is all that matters. I don't mean that to down-play your feelings at all - they are very valid. I think you may just need more time, especially since your c/s was after labor and hours of pushing. I can definitely see how that would be very hard emotionally (and physically). Didn't mean to write a novel, but wanted to answer your question. :)

11-09-2007, 02:01 PM
Travelling~ We're driving 8 hours to Idaho for Thanksgiving and having Christmas at our house with my parents. We've done the 8 hour drive with a newborn before and had a good idea how that will work. We'll pull off the freeway at the first exit when he starts crying to feed him and then pray that there's an on ramp to get back on!

Holiday Gifts~ This is a tough one since we already have a ton of infant toys/stuff from DD so there's really not a lot DS needs. I'll probably tell people to buy him books and toys that are appropriate anywhere from 3-12 months since he won't get any new toys from Christmas through his birthday! We don't need clothes that's for sure :)

Newborn pictures~ I didn't bring Ethan in for pictures but did my own. I draped a white sheet over the back of the couch and opened the curtains to get good natural light. I put his white blanket on the floor and nursed him so he was happy before laying him on his belly to get some pictures for his birth announcement. I turned the flash off on my digital camera and I'm happy with the results. Can't afford to get professional pics done either!

Ethan came down with his very first cold yesterday thanks to his big sister and her yucky nose. Poor guy is having a hard time breathing laying down so he's napping in his bouncer and sleeping in his car seat at night to prop him up a bit. Hopefully it will go away soon since it's hard to clear his little nostrils!

I swear Ethan smiled at me this morning, it was the cutest thing ever! I tried to get some video of it but he got too distracted by the red light on the camera. Hopefully I'll have luck getting his smile caught on film soon though :)

11-09-2007, 02:30 PM
UTChick Thanks so much for your response! I definitely am very grateful for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby as well as the fact that I didn't have trouble getting pregnant. I feel very very lucky in all those respects and you're right, that's all that really matters. I do think that my feelings are probably common among other c-section mommies (I actually just did a post about it in the c-section thread). A lot of it for me is just not being able to write a complete birth story in my head because of all the medication I was on (and the fact that I pretty much had a panic attack on the operating table). I feel like I "lost time" so to speak and will never get it back. It helps to talk to DH about what happened right after DD was born before he brought her to me.

GREAT photos! We're going to try to some of our own too. How old was your son in those pictures?

11-09-2007, 02:38 PM
SQ2 - I feel the same way you do about the whole c-section thing. I knew my chances were even higher with my induction too but when I remember breaking down when the nurses told me that I had to have a c-section. Actually I'm not talking to one of my aunts right now because of what happened at that time. She kept saying its not a big deal, calm down, but to me it was a HUGE deal. Especially since at my hospital its very rare to find a doc that will do a VBAC so I'll never get that chance again. AND to me its major surgery. My memory is also very foggy, especially towards the end of the surgery up until I went to bed that night. I haven't thought about it much lately because I know that if there was any way possible that this little guy was able to come out vaginally my doc would have let me try but he was stuck and she even confirmed that after she closed me up in the OR. I know in time I'll be ok with having had the surgery but its still not easy.

11-09-2007, 02:49 PM
SQ2~ Oh, I can completely understand that! I think "planned" c-sections and emergency ones are very different experiences, so I can see how you feel like there are missing pieces. Mine were very relaxed, I hadn't had any meds (except for the spinal), so I remember everything vividly. So it sounds like the circumstances were very different for you. My memories are just a little fuzzy about being in the recovery room the first time (but again probably due to me thinking about my brother who was having brain surgery at the time). Did your DH get to video at all? It was good for me to watch the videos and see what he got to see up close after the kids were born. I am sure that you will get lots of support from the c-section thread and sounds like your DH is very supportive as well. :) Oh, I think DS was around a month old when we did his pics because my brother took them after he got out of the hospital himself.

11-09-2007, 02:52 PM
I don't think they allowed video in the OR, but I am kicking myself for not having someone videotape what happend in the recovery room. I will never get those 2 hours back and it really sucks that I can't remember it very well. But it helps to go over what happened with DH. My c-section wasn't emergency, but it wasn't planned.

We're planning to take photos sometime this week and DD will be almost a month. I'm glad I got the idea from this thread before she gets too big!

11-09-2007, 03:18 PM
Updated to here.

11-09-2007, 07:40 PM
I don't think I've subscribed to this thread! It is job market time in my field, so I've been busy applying for jobs. There is only so much time that both kids are sleeping!! I'll try to catch up

Username: Megande
Me: Megan, 27
DH: Derek, 27
DS: Reed
Birthdate: 10-3-07
Time of birth: 7:53 am
Weight at birth: 8 lbs, 13 oz
Length at birth: 21.75
Any other children: Dean, 6-27-05

Birth control- We are going to use charting and either condoms or withdrawal. I didn't ovulate until DS1 was a year old, so hopefully I won't have to worry about kids born too close together. We achieved our ideal spacing last time using this method, so I'm hopeful it will work as well again.

Traveling-We haven't decided whether to visit our families for Christmas. It is 7.5 hours to my parents, 4 hours from my parents to DH's, and then 8.5 hours back home. We did it when DS1 was 8 weeks old, but we didn't also have a toddler at the time. Reed HATES the car and the car seat, so it would be a LONG trip. But DH and I both have grandparents in their mid to late 80s, and they haven't met Reed. And I think I would really miss my family. So we will see. Hopefully Reed will get better at car travel.

SQ2-With DS1, I had trouble coming to terms with having a C-section. Before his birth, I had never even considered it as a possibility. I had a very long and difficult labor, went unmedicated for over 24 hours, and pushed for 3. I also had a difficult C-section. My OB says it was one of the scariest that she has ever done :eek:. I cried and cried and cried when she told me that it was necessary (and it totally was. DS had torn the birth canal trying to get out because he was so big). But I felt like a failure. I felt like I was *supposed* to have a vaginal delivery, and that I had done something wrong, and I was somehow less of a mother or a woman because I hadn't done it the "right" way. I still am sometimes sad that I will never know what it feels like to push a baby out, but as DS1 gets older, it matters to me less and less. It has had no effect on the kid he is today. And, when I talk to some of my friends that had vaginal deliveries, I think in some ways my experience was easier. I don't have urinary incontinence, pooping wasn't scary, sex wasn't scary, and I got to pick my next kid's birthday. That was great because our family lives far away, and we knew we would have help. I've tried to focus on the positive, and that has helped the most. Sorry for the novel. But I know how you feel!!

11-10-2007, 03:12 PM
We still have thrush. :( I could just cry. My nipples are killing me again. I've got my 6 week check up on Monday so I'll talk with my OB about it and with the ped again. This is such a PITA.

I just typed up a long reply and now it's gone. I hate that. I'll be back later to redo my SOs.

11-10-2007, 04:43 PM
Updated to here.

11-10-2007, 05:14 PM
Just wanted to share the picture I took to use as my avatar when I'm having a bad day:

Sorry about the thrush, Peever!!

11-10-2007, 06:19 PM
Cute pic Megan!!!

Peever - I was wondering how you were feeling. Sorry that you still have no relief. My breasts are still burning as well. DD still doesn't have any symptoms, thank goodness. I have my 6 week pp appointment on Wednesday and plan on talking to my ob about getting a different dosing of Diflucan. I found this article online that you may find helpful.

Well, we tried to get newborn pics taken today, but she started screaming after the second shot. We decided to go home and try again another day. Oh well.

11-10-2007, 07:19 PM
Thanks for the pic tips ladies! I hope the next sunny day that we have, will work to try and get some....

Such a cute picture Megan :)

Sorry to hear the problems with thrush, Peever :( I'm having nipple problems as well (sore & bleeding) but no thrush, thank goodness.

Well I think Taylor has acid reflux, just like her 'big' brother :( Is displaying the exact same signs he did when he was a newborn... Seeming like she's hungry 24/7, spitting/throwing up, ect. So at her 2 week appt next week I'll ask her ped about it. Maybe we can get some of the medicine that DS took, it seemed to help a ton. She's also been sleeping worse at night, the past few nights she's been up every hour and a half to 2 hours, instead of sleeping 3-4 hours like she had been :( So I've been zombie woman the past few days....

Jenn (and Bill)
11-10-2007, 07:33 PM
So DD is a month old today and I"m trying to figure out if I have PPD or not. But what's making it hard to determine is that it's not DD and motherhood that's depressing me (though the screwed up sleep schedule and the unexplained crying adds to it), it's the rest of my life (family, work) that seem to have me so stressed out.

We're holding off on taking some newborn (i.e. naked on a furry rug) pictures because her face is kind of splotchy. I think it's just baby acne because if it was an allergy, it wouldn't just be on her face right? Anyone know how long baby acne takes to clear up???

11-10-2007, 08:02 PM
Megan- Cute and the shirt even matches. ;)

Melanie- Thanks for the link. I'm already doing most of those things, but I'm going to do the rest to cover all bases. I always get a kick out of the "expose your nipples to the sun" comments. I'm sure my neighbors would love that. ;) Just out of curiousity, what dose of Diflucan are you on and what dose are you going to request? Good luck with newborn pics. It's hard to time those right.

Pink- Yeah, as soon as my sore nipples started to heal, I got thrush too. It doesn't help that DD nurses poorly because of the thrush. She pops on and off a lot and chomps on me because I'm sure her mouth hurts too. It causes excess gas too so that's not helping either. DD's reflux has already gotten a lot better. I cut dairy out of my diet for the most part because that aggrevates reflux and I think that's made a big difference. It sucks, but it's worth it. DS had horrible reflux so I'm happy we've avoided meds with DD so far. Prevacid worked the best for him.

Jenn- Have you talked with your OB about it? I think some crying is normal. I cried every day for 5 months, but DS was sick and colicky and it was really exhausting and frustrating so I knew it was just from that and not PPD. Sometimes it's more than that though and anxiety about other things doesn't help. Good luck with that. It's good to be proactive. My kids never had acne, but I think it usually clears up in a couple weeks?

11-10-2007, 08:27 PM
Jenn - according to this: http://www.babycenter.com/0_baby-acne_72.bc baby acne can last weeks or months. Our son had it for quite a while. My DH said take the pics, they won't be newborn if you wait much longer. Don't worry about the acne, a photographer can get rid of them in the prints.

Jenn (and Bill)
11-10-2007, 10:01 PM
Peever, I haven't talked to my OB about it but I will when I go for my 6 wk appt on the 21st. I know some crying is normal. Actually, I was just looking at the pamphlets from the hospital and one of the symptoms is listed as crying uncontrollably. Well, truthfully, my crying is totally controlled. I get sad, I cry. At any given moment that I'm crying, I know why it is that I'm crying and what set me off. So maybe I'm concerned for nothing since the main symptoms are feeling like you could hurt yourself or your baby and I'm SOOOOO far from those symptoms.

Thanks for the acne tips ladies. I notice it's not coming and going but there are times when it looks better than others! Ericka, we're doing the pics ourselves so there's not as much we can do....but we can also retake them!

Oooh, QOTD: DD has her one month WBV on Monday and it's her first shot. I love that our ped told us to expect this but now I'm paranoid and I"m not sure if DH is going to be able to go with us or not. Do babies hate these or am I paranoid for nothing? Any tips?

11-11-2007, 08:26 AM
Peever - I didn't get the correct dosing. My doc prescribed 2 tablets of 200 mg each. I was told by the LC that this is not the correct dosing to treat intraductal yeast, and that I should get a loading dose of 400 mg and continue to take 100 mg for at least a week. I called to ask for new dosing and was told by the nurse that that isn't how the doc prescribes this. I never actually talked to the doc though. I have my PP appointment this Wednesday and am going to insist on the correct dosing because I'm so sick of this pain already. I don't have it in my nipples like you, I have a burning and itching throughout my breast. DD has no symptoms, which I am so thankful for. However, I will continue to give her Nystatin while I treat myself.

OK, so I know that newborns sneeze, but how do you know when the sneezing is actually a cold? DD sneezes quite a bit and I have to suction boogers out of her nose almost every day. Her nose isn't drippy, and the boogers are hardish, not slimy and mucousy.

11-11-2007, 08:48 AM
Jenn - ah ok about the photos, you can do some photoshop editing if need be on them. But don't worry, they are still your baby and will be great with or without acne.

Mom2B - Easton was like that when he was a baby. Presently the girls do have colds, they are stuffy, can hear the junk in their nose and sneezing a lot. Their noses have the soft mucousy stuff. Pretty sure your daughter doesn't have a cold.

11-11-2007, 09:33 AM
I think poor DD has a yeast rash. =( What can I do to quickly treat her. We got vagisil and some other cream from target. It's so read and raw looking.

11-11-2007, 09:36 AM
Mom2B~ I can tell DS has a cold right now because he sounds sooooo stuffy trying to breathe at times, different from the normal newborn breathing sounds and when he sneezes snot comes out. That and the fact that my 2 year old has a green snotty nose which she seems to have shared ;) Sneezing is pretty normal and doesn't indicate a cold really.

DS still has his cold and it's really hard to try and suck his poor little nose out. We've still got him sleeping in his car seat at night to prop him up a bit and help the poor kid breathe. I took a bath with both kiddos last night which was interesting :) I was hoping a warm bath would help DS feel better and then my DD had to jump in with us. I'm just glad DH didn't take a picture like he threatened to do!

11-11-2007, 10:09 AM
mommycal - my son had a yeast rash diagnosed in the NICU, but we were given Nystatin from the hospital since he got it in NICU, and he got another one a few months ago, we had to go to the ped to get another cream for him, they gave us Oxistat. My son is now 14 months old so he can have yogurt which has helped him out. For your DD, keep the area clean, try and leave her diaper off a little bit today, put Lotrimin AF on it as well (someone I know said that you can also put plain yogurt on the rash, probably would work, that was our next step but him eating the yogurt along with his med did the trick), that is what the ped recommended before we got the oxistat from the other ped in the practice. Call the ped in the am if it doesn't seem to improve some.

You may just have a bad diaper rash on your hands though so use a good diaper rash cream and try to let her air dry some

11-11-2007, 10:17 AM
Jenn, I actually had PPD with DS #1, and it was even worse this time around. I called my Ob crying hysterically about three weeks ago begging her to give me something. She put me on low dose Lexapro, and what a difference! I feel fantastic! My symptoms were uncontrollable crying, excessive highs and lows. I never had feelings of wanting to hurt the baby or myself, but more anxiety and feeling lonely even though there were tons of family around at the time. Definatly mention it to your Ob and do not hesitate to seek treatment if you feel like you need to.

We are good. DS is growing like a weed and eating all the time. Sleep has gotten much better, he is going for 4-5 hour stretches at night when swaddled. DS #1 is going to spent two days at my dad's ranch, so I will have a bit of a break. Then on Wed. DS #1 starts part-time preschool at a new place. I'm hoping that he makes more progress in the reading department. He is good with colors and numbers, but does not know any of his letters, and he will be 4 in Feb., so I'm thinking he should at least be able to identify some letters by now, no?

Sorry to those who have sick kiddos and are struggling with thrush. Here's wishing that everyone feels better soon.

11-11-2007, 10:21 AM
Peever: have you used APNO at all? (All Purpose Nipple Ointment) It's only made in some pharmacies because they have to combine the stuff - you probably already know this though. But it is supposed to help with ANY nipple pain, regardless of cause. I have some and it's helping a little but I've only been using it since Friday.

Megande: that picture is AWESOME!

Holy cow, DD ate around 1:15 and after we finally got her to sleep she didn't wake up again until 7!!! SEVEN! It was fabulous! Now of course she's probably going to want to make up for it with all-day nursing, but whatever. :D

11-11-2007, 10:40 AM
Jenn- I think it's a good idea to talk to your OB and you all can decide if you need something or not. Most babies hate shots, but they usually only cry for a minute. DD doesn't get her first shot until our 2 month check up. I'm going to give her some Tylenol about a half hour before our appt and that usually helps.

Melanie- DD got a loading dose and then a smaller dose for the next 6 days too. I just don't know what is recommended for me. My nipples are the worst with the burning and peeling, but I do have itching on my entire breast and get shooting pains occasionally. DD is bothered by it too. She nurses like crap - yanking and chomping on me because her mouth hurts so that doesn't help my already sore nipples. I did the gentian violet again today because we're both miserable. I don't think your DD has a cold. That sounds just like my DD.

Caly- Is it red and bumpy or just raw? Yeast rashes are tiny raised red bumps. If it's just red and raw, it's diaper rash. If it is a yeast rash, use Lotrimin AF on her bottom, but you might want to take her to the ped and have her checked for thrush.

Kellie- I hope your kiddos are feeling better soon!

Jennifer- We're working on letters now too. DS is finally pretty good at recognizing all of them, but he only recognizes a couple of numbers. He's not really all that interested most of the time so it's hard to come up with creative ideas to help him learn.

merjmo- I have not heard of that, but I'm using gentian violet and lotrimin on my nipples so in theory that should take care of it. I'm hoping if I get on oral diflucan in addition to all of this that it will take care of the thrush once and for all. I'd love that kind of sleep! DD was going 5-6 hrs for the first stretch and now we're back to about 4 hrs.

11-11-2007, 02:09 PM
Jenn- I think it's a good idea to talk to your OB and you all can decide if you need something or not. Most babies hate shots, but they usually only cry for a minute. DD doesn't get her first shot until our 2 month check up. I'm going to give her some Tylenol about a half hour before our appt and that usually helps.

Melanie- DD got a loading dose and then a smaller dose for the next 6 days too. I just don't know what is recommended for me. My nipples are the worst with the burning and peeling, but I do have itching on my entire breast and get shooting pains occasionally. DD is bothered by it too. She nurses like crap - yanking and chomping on me because her mouth hurts so that doesn't help my already sore nipples. I did the gentian violet again today because we're both miserable. I don't think your DD has a cold. That sounds just like my DD.

Caly- Is it red and bumpy or just raw? Yeast rashes are tiny raised red bumps. If it's just red and raw, it's diaper rash. If it is a yeast rash, use Lotrimin AF on her bottom, but you might want to take her to the ped and have her checked for thrush.

Kellie- I hope your kiddos are feeling better soon!

Jennifer- We're working on letters now too. DS is finally pretty good at recognizing all of them, but he only recognizes a couple of numbers. He's not really all that interested most of the time so it's hard to come up with creative ideas to help him learn.

merjmo- I have not heard of that, but I'm using gentian violet and lotrimin on my nipples so in theory that should take care of it. I'm hoping if I get on oral diflucan in addition to all of this that it will take care of the thrush once and for all. I'd love that kind of sleep! DD was going 5-6 hrs for the first stretch and now we're back to about 4 hrs.

def looks like yeast or something else. not your average diaper rash. :( how can you tell if it's thrush? I know you've been dealing w/it.

11-11-2007, 02:48 PM
Caly- It's always little red raised bumps. If it's just red and raw, it's a diaper rash. If you google "yeast diaper rash" you can find pics of it. Some of them are really bad, but you get the jist.

11-11-2007, 05:04 PM
Jenn - I've been questioning whether I have PPD as well. I was really a mess the first 3 weeks. I didn't feel like hurting anyone, but I was really depressed and feeling sorry for myself. DH had to keep reminding me how lucky we were to have a healthy baby and that the hard work we had to put in during the days and nights was completely normal. I think I've finally gotten better, but I still have my moments.

So, DH played poker on Friday night so I was on my own for bedtime for the first time. We did our normal routine, but it took me over an hour to get Ellie to fall asleep once I put her in the crib. I finally gave in and had to nurse her even though I really didn't want to do that. Also, I had such a hard time figuring out how to swaddle her in the miracle blanket. Last night I told DH he was in charge of bedtime. Well, he got her to sleep in about 10 minutes and had a perfect swaddle even though it was the first time he'd used the miracle blanket. I was actually kind of annoyed. Not at hime, but just at the fact that I feel like I'm doing everything all wrong even though I'm supposed to be the one who's good at this.

Jenn (and Bill)
11-11-2007, 05:24 PM
Melanie, sounds like the "baby blues" which is even more normal. I know I had that...just not sure what I've got now. It's so off and on and it relates so much more to the other stressors in my life!

I know how you feel about doing everything wrong. DD woke up crying at 6pm tonight and it sounded pretty serious. She had started her last bottle at 4:15 and usually goes three hours with no problems and if she gets fussy before three hours, she usually will fall back asleep if one of us is holding her! Well, I couldn't get her to stop crying and it was pretty insistent. I changed her and that didn't help, tried to burp her and nothing. So of course DH tried and actually for the first time, he wasn't 100% successful, though he did get the cry to a much more manageable sound level! So we gave her another bottle. And she calmed down. But now she's still wide awake! Sigh....

So many questions for the Ped tomorrow. acne and rash, spitting up and dribbling. I just feel like I know nothing even though I'm the mother of a pretty happy kid!

Oh, and she's definitely losing some of her beautiful hair. She seems to have two bald spots making her look like an old guy with a widow's peak. Nice to have a month old child with a receding hairline! So is it all going to fall out? And how fast does it grow back? She seems to have peach fuzz in those areas but it's nothing like the stuff she had at birth. I'll ask the ped tomorrow but might as well ask you girls now!

11-11-2007, 05:39 PM
Wow, this thread is hopping.

Friday Kyle had his one month doctors appt. I am getting more and more upset with the doctor. I mentioned how he seems to have bad gas about an hour after he eats, and cries until he gets it out and the doctor asks if I had read about colic. As if, plus he mentioned nothing about the vaccines he will be getting next time, and there are some we have to get a perscription for and bring to the appt if we are getting them. Anyways he is now 10 lbs 2 oz and 23.5inches long. I think we are going to have a tall little boy on our hands.

Sorry for everyone that has thrush, but I have some questions for you, I am trying to figure out what is wrong with lefty. Does your DC has problems latching? DS keeps pulling off it and then getting mad if I don't let him re-latch right away? Did you notice any smell to your breast pad? I have noticed it has a weird smell even though I change that pad twice a day and my bra everyday.


11-12-2007, 07:54 AM
Melanie- I just got one of those miracle blankets and I have no idea how to use it! I got it from a friend so there's no instructions so now I have to ask her how to use it.

Jenn- DD's hair has just fallen out in patches on top. There's already some fuzz there, but it will take a while to catch up to her newborn hair.

Melissa- Do you burp him after each feeding? It might be something you're eating too. DD fusses at the breast sometimes. Usually it's because she has gas or needs to poop so she wants to eat, but she doesn't. Sometimes it's because I don't get a letdown fast enough or it's too fast. I don't know what to tell you on the smell. That could be something you're eating too.

11-12-2007, 09:23 AM
Peever - If you go on www.miracleblanket.com there is a video and instructions.

11-12-2007, 03:03 PM
Updated to here.

Jenn (and Bill)
11-12-2007, 04:59 PM
Our 1 month WBV went great today. Natalie is 9 pounds, six ounces and 21.5 inches. Hair loss is normal, rash is baby acne but she gave me a cream to try if I want. Thinks I should offer her more milk in the bottle at each feeding and try and slow down her feeding to avoid the spitting up. Other than that, all is great. 75th percentile in the weight and height and the head is measuring right where it needs to be.

Last night was MISERABLE! We fed her at 11:30 (after only two hours) and she wouldn't sleep! DH went to bed at 12:30, I fed her again at 2am and by 2:30, I thought I was losing my mind so I made DH get back up and try and get her down. He woke me up again at 4:30 and then I think she finally fell asleep after that feeding. I know this is normal but it hasn't been normal for us so it wasn't fun! I know I complain when she only seems to want to sleep on us, but at least she was sleeping!!

11-12-2007, 07:44 PM
Glad your WBV went well Jenn!! Sorry about your rough night. Ellie was up from 2:30 - 3:45, then again at 5:15 and 7:15. We both got in a good nap from 8:15 - 10:15 this morning though.

Is anyone following E.A.S.Y from the Baby Whisperer? I've been trying to do that dream feed, but I can't get Ellie to wake up enough to eat. Has anyone else had any success?

11-12-2007, 08:12 PM
Quick question: Can I give Caleb anything for a cold? He has a runny nose and is sneezing/weezing and just congested in general. He does not have a temperature. I would like to give him something because he's miserable and cannot sleep. TIA.

11-12-2007, 08:21 PM
Quick question: Can I give Caleb anything for a cold?

My DS got a cold at 6 weeks and I was told it was ok to give Tylenol Infant cold drops and use Little Noses on his nose. That combined with a humidifier and baby vicks seemed to help a ton.

Of course, I'd give your ped a call before you give him anything...

11-12-2007, 08:27 PM
Pink: all cold medicine for infant was just recalled the other week so I wouldn't give it anymore.

jjsanner: I think in light of the recent recalls no. Sorry.

11-12-2007, 08:29 PM
jj - With the girls stuffiness, I am just using Little Noses Saline Drops and sucking the junk out. I also have their bassinet mattress raised at the head and will use the vaporizer if need be. No meds until at least 6 weeks old after talking to a ped. They told me no Tylenol for the girls, even if they have a fever it's call the ped instead of giving meds.

With Easton (14 month old) he gets the Little Noses Med just give a small dose, it has helped him a lot. I know about the recall but we aren't abusing them and onlyuse since he really needs something more than saline drops.

11-13-2007, 07:28 AM
Updated to here.

11-13-2007, 07:44 AM
Had my 6 week check up yesterday and got some Diflucan for the thrush. Hopefully we can get rid of it once and for all. The ped said to put DD back on Diflucan as well. DH got a cold so I can use that as an excuse to postpone DTD for a few days. :P

DD has had a rough couple of days. It's just annoying that she's always on different meds because I can never tell if it's the medicine or if it's something I'm eating. She's been super gassy and she projectile vomited all over us this morning. She's never done that before. She wasn't bothered by it though and has been eating better and has been in better spirits this morning. She has diarrhea, which I hope is just from the meds, so I have a huge pile of clothes with poop stains that I'm trying to get out. Ugh.

She slept pretty well last night. She only woke up once from 8-6. She still takes a while to get to sleep. I have to hold her on my chest for a while before I can put her down. So I don't get as much sleep as she does, but I can't complain. This is way better than DS.

I'm just looking at all the WBV stats and realized that DD is a chunk! I can only imagine what she'll weigh at her 2 month visit. We've got some dainty babies, probably because most of them came early. I think only 4 babies were over 8lbs at birth? I was also surprised that no one went into November.

QOTD- For the WOHMs, when are you returning to work? I'm going to take 12 weeks off so I'm due back on 12/26. There's a couple of days of training that I know my boss would ideally like me back for at the end of this month, but I don't feel like leaving DD. ;) We're going to try to make it work for me to be a SAHM after January, but we'll see. Things will be tight.

Melanie- I'll have to look at that. I figured they'd have something on their website. Although DD has been sleeping well without being swaddled, but I wonder if it would settle her down quicker so I don't have to hold her for quite as long. I think if I could just get her off meds, she'd sleep a lot better anyway. The gas wakes her up. I'm just doing what I need to do to get sleep at this point. ;)

Jenn- Sorry for the rough night. Hopefully tonight will be better. DD likes to sleep on me too.

Jennifer- I don't know. He's awfully tiny. I'd probably call the ped on that now that there's so many recalls. I use a humidifer and saline drops and have them sleep inclined.

11-13-2007, 09:12 AM
Working ~ I'm taking the full 12 weeks and return back January 9th!

Jenn - Sorry for the rough night. I think at this early stage its ok for them to fall asleep on you since they don't know any better.

Me - We are doing well at being almost 4 weeks old. Man how time is flying right by, before I know it I'll be returning back to work and that makes me sad.

QOTD (Bleeding) ~ When did your postpartum bleeding stop? I think mine is done because I've had absolutely no discharge for the past couple of days but I'm too paranoid and keep wearing a pad.

11-13-2007, 10:42 AM
Work - I am certainly taking till mid-January and after that we will see. My boss is super flexible about my return date. (I work for a super small company).

Bleeding - I also think mine is done, but keep wearing apanty-liner just in case.

Me - Our weekend away went fine. Both kids slept as if we were at home. This week's fun activity is deciding on pre-school for DS for next year. Schools around here fill up crazy early :rolleyes:

Jenn (and Bill)
11-13-2007, 10:50 AM
I got 12 weeks too and head back on January 3rd. Kind of unreal how fast it's coming up! I miss work a lot but the thought of mising my DD's days isn't going to be easy. Plus, we haven't started researching the daycares around here and I asked DH to call them all in July and again this week so that we can visit them next week and get that off the to do list!

Bleeding - mine ended at close to four weeks! I stopped wearing the pads because I realized they were causing more pain than the tearing and stitches and I just had to get them off!!

Last night was a little better for us. We fed her shortly after midnight and she wouldn't fall asleep again. I did everything I could and by around 2:30, i was losing my mind again. So I gave her to DH who decided by now, she was probably hungry and fed her and then she slept till 7 when we fed her again and then let her sleep between us, which unfortunately, she doesn't do well either!

Getting ready to head into the city today for a meeting with our tax guy to consult on my dad's estate! Ugh! One of the things I tried to get done before baby came that didn't work out that way! At least I'm getting practice getting out of the house. But his office is on the second floor with no elevator so I have to carry her instead of using the stroller!

11-13-2007, 11:06 AM
Sammy- I know. I'm already over half way done with my maternity leave. There's still a million projects that I wanted to accomplish on my leave!

Bleeding- I mostly stopped bleeding at 7 days and have been wearing liners since then. I've been mostly done for weeks now, but it's still a little random. I can go for days without spotting and this week I had another couple of days of spotting again so I'm still wearing liners.

spps- That is crazy. Thankfully preschools aren't as big of an issue here, but I do need to start checking some out for next fall as well. I wish my kids travelled that well!

Jenn- It's hard finding a good daycare. I really don't want to leave DD. I know she'll be with her brother at a small home daycare and he's old enough that he can tell me about their day, but I always have a tough time at the beginning. I really hope I only have to go back to work for 6-8 weeks. I'm terrified about trying to make it work financially as a SAHM though. I'm glad last night was a little better. Good luck on your outing!

11-13-2007, 01:07 PM
bleeding - my OB said it can stop and restart over several weeks. The twins are 3 weeks today and I have pretty much stopped as of about 4 days ago, not putting the pads away just yet though, I recall it coming back with Easton, enough that I thought it was a period only to discover I started bleeding 2 weeks after the 6 week appt to what was my period.

11-13-2007, 04:06 PM
Ericka - Thanks for your post about your bleeding experience with Easton. I'm definitely not going to put the pads away just yet in fear of something like that happening to me! LOL

11-13-2007, 04:25 PM
Bleeding~ I think mine finally quit a few days ago, so 5 weeks for me. I won't be putting the pads in the back of the cabinet though since last time AF returned full force at 4 months postpartum despite the fact that I was constantly nursing my DD who was nowhere near sleeping through the night!

Ethan still has his cold and it seems to be worse at night. Two nights ago we were up every 30 minutes or so and none of us got any sleep. Last night I gave up and brought him to bed with me around 3:30am and he slept much better. I haven't given him any meds for it since I don't think there's much to give him. I've been bringing him into the bathroom when I take a shower so he can breathe in the steam and have also been giving him warm baths at night along with my DD which helps loosen things so I can suck out his nose better.

I think Ethan is getting bigger, I was looking at him today and I *swear* he's grown a lot in the last three weeks since he was last weighed! He looks so much bigger and is starting to outgrown newborn sized stuff and some 0-3 stuff is finally fitting. Such a tiny guy!

Anyone else dealing with cradle cap? DD had it and now DS is battling it. After his bath last night I combed a lot of loose skin out with a fine tooth comb and it looks a little better, but he's still pretty flaky. Hopefully it doesn't last too long!

11-14-2007, 07:52 AM
how fortuitous. I came in here to ask about bleeding and it's the QOTD. My bleeding stopped around 4 weeks PP and I just had regular discharge. Monday I started spotting again and last night more bleeding. today (5 1/2 weeks PP) it's kind of like a period.
Tomorrow's my 6 week checkup, so I'll ask my OB about it, but it does relieve me to know other people had it stop, then start back up

11-14-2007, 12:01 PM
Updated to here.

Jenn (and Bill)
11-14-2007, 01:53 PM
So Natalie is five weeks old today and though I guess I'm getting used to this, I still feel like I'm just beginning. Our latch is getting better but we don't think she's bringing the milk down, I still haven't found more than one nursing bra that fits. It's just frustrating!

And my DH pulled the ultimate guy act last night around midnight. I had just fed her and changed her and put her on the bed between us, hoping she'd stay calm while I pumped. But she didn't, so I made him get up and help. It was only midnight which is nothing since he normally stays up till 3 or 4 am!

So he groggily leaves the room and comes back and I ask him what he's doing and he said he was looking for her bottle. I told him she had just eaten (good thing I was awake or he'd have just fed her!) So he starts to rock her to sleep and I tell him the pad in her cosleeper is wet from spit so he takes it out and I tell him to put the other one down. He doesn't. So I stop pumping to go get one of the other pads we use and while I'm out of the room for 30 seconds, he puts her down on the cosleeper sheet. I was SO frustrated. Of course she spit again but not enough to worry about!

so this morning I mentioned it to him and he said he must have still been sleeping! At least he apologized. Not a Daddy of the Year moment!!

11-14-2007, 04:07 PM
Jenn - I hear ya on feeling like its just the beginning. Our little guy is 4 weeks old today and I still feel like there is so much I don't know!

Me - I'm hoping someone here can help. Our little guy FIGHTS me during the day to nap. He does well all night long thankfully but in the day time he rather be up than nap. So when he's wide awake I'll take advantage of things and will do tummy time and stuff like that with him but then he'll start yawning so I go put him down in his crib to nap and he cries and cries and cries. I've even resorted to swaddling him today during his nap (I used to only swaddle at night) and he'll fall fast asleep in my arms but once I put him in the crib he'll just open his eyes and stare at the ceiling. At least this time he didn't cry. But still how do I convince him that he needs to close his eyes and sleep?

Jenn (and Bill)
11-14-2007, 05:09 PM
Sammy, I have the same problem but pretty much day and night. Sometimes she's dreamy.....but most of the time, she'll only fall asleep on one of us or in the chair and if I put her in her cosleeper or even on our bed, she's wide awake!

It's frustrating! I hope someone has some good advice for both of us!

Today, I didn't get anything done till about 1/2 hour ago when i threw her in her vibrating chair in the bathroom. I managed to get a shower, the mail, start a load of laundry and start a load of dishes. The rest of the day, I wasn't able to be too far away from her without her crying and wanting to be held. I guess I should have used the chair earlier but I just feel a little weird about relying on that stuff...

11-14-2007, 05:56 PM
Jenn & Sammy Sounds like we all had similar days. :( The past few days are the first time I've been alone with DD all day while DH is at work. We've had family here the past few weeks so there's always been someone to hold her. If she's awake, she fusses if someone's not holding her. She'll fall asleep in my arms, and then I try to put her in the bouncy chair, the Boppy, or in her crib and most of the time her eyes snap open and she starts crying within a minute of putting her down. I finally was able to get her to sleep in the Boppy and then I put the Boppy in the crib while I rushed to finally get in a shower. It is amazing how long it takes to get simple things done. Another issue I'm having is recovering from the c-section. The pain makes it difficult to carry her around all the time as well as wear any of the carriers we have for her. It's really frustrating. Today the whole day went by and I feel like I barely got anything done. And then I get frustrated when she cries and I have to pick her up and then wince in pain. Ugh. If I sit at the computer with the Boppy in my lap she will sleep there sometimes. At least that lets me get caught up on email and other computer stuff. Anyways, I feel your pain, ladies! Our lives are totally different now. (In a good way but it's taking some getting used to for sure.)

ETA ~ DH and I have the same problem at night when we take turns putting her down in her crib after feedings. She'll easily fall asleep in our arms but it usually takes at least 3-4 tries to get her to stay asleep in the crib. Sometimes I'll set her down gently and just leave my arms/hands around her so she can tell I'm still there, but she's laying in the crib. It works sometimes. But usually she starts crying, we pick her up and rock her and she's konked out in seconds. And sometimes she won't even fall asleep in my arms in the middle of the night. She seems to like to be alert and ready to party in the wee hours of the morning when all I want to do is go back to sleep. Anyone have any suggestions?

11-14-2007, 07:23 PM
Jenn, Sammy, and SQ2 - We're having the same sleep problems - my little guy only wants to sleep in my arms, day and night, and he usually gets really alert around 3 a.m. and won't go back to sleep. It's really frustrating, but it must be normal if we're all having trouble!

The one thing that really saves me during the day is his Tiny Love Symphony in Motion mobile. The kid is FASCINATED by the moving parts on that thing - if he's fussing, I'll put him in his crib and turn it on and he won't make a peep until it finishes playing. That gives me 15 minutes to take a shower or do whatever I need to do.

Us -- Jonah had his one-month WBV yesterday, and he is a tank! 12 lbs, 2 oz. I realized that I will probably never be able to carry him in his Snugride seat, because he is gaining weight faster than I am recovering strength after my c-section. He's also too tall for his 0-3 month sleepers! I don't know where he gets it, because I'm average size and his dad is just a little on the tall side.

Here are his WBV stats for the front page:
Birth: 8 lbs, 13 oz and 21 3/4 in
5 days: 8 lbs, 10 oz and 21 1/4 in
1 month: 12 lbs, 2 oz and 23 1/2 in

Jenn (and Bill)
11-14-2007, 09:01 PM
Well, I feel better knowing that everyone's DC are having the same issues. Now if only my DH would believe me. He has this new thing where if she's crying and not wet, he'll feed her. I'd like him to try a little harder if the feeding cues aren't always there. Maybe I'm just being critical! I'd also like him to get used to this new life of ours!!!

Carrie, that is big! Guess he's getting enough to eat!

11-15-2007, 07:55 AM
Sorry everyone is having a hard time with bedtime. We are too. We are trying to get her to fall asleep in the crib on her own, but she cries as soon as the pacifier falls out of her mouth. It has taken us up to 2 hours of rushing back in there to put it in some nights. Last night we only had to go in twice though and she was asleep within 30 minutes. It was great, but then she was up as usual at 2:30, then again at 4. I couldn't get her back down at 4, so finally resorted to sticking her on my boob again to fall asleep at 5:30 and let her sleep on me in my bed until 8. I think that we are putting her to bed too early, but DH disagrees. Right now she is getting her last feeding around 7:30, and asleep around 9. I can't really expect her to last too much longer than 2:30 or 3 at this point (that's 7 hours between feedings), so I feel like I will never get a good night sleep.

What time does everyone else do bedtime? Are you feeding right before? I think that we are going to switch and do the bath before the bottle rather than the other way around because it seems to settle her down quicker, but since I'm not nursing her for that feeding she isn't falling asleep while eating, which is really important to us. We don't want to put her down asleep.

During the day she naps in her bouncy seat. She loves that thing and takes great naps up until around 2, but she hasn't been napping or eating well later in the afternoon and evening.

11-15-2007, 08:25 AM
Carrie - Our little guy if fascinated by his Tiny Love mobile too. I call the little characters his "friends" and he loves watching them but as soon as they stop playing he starts crying again. I wish it was longer than 15 minutes!

Bedtime - I try to have his last feeding around 9:30. If I do that he usually will sleep till 3 or 4, 5 if I'm really lucky! I do the bath around his 6:30 feeding though and its always before that way the feeding sooths him to sleep.

Me - Last night was HELL! After much coaxing I got the little guy to do his late afternoon nap all swaddled up in his miracle blanket. He fought me like crazy at first. But he ended up sleeping a good 5 hours and woke up around 8ish which is LATE for him. He's usually up around 6:30 demanding to eat but since he was sleeping I chose not to wake him which I think was not good because even though he fell back asleep after his 8pm feeding he woke up around 1:45 WIDE AWAKE. And after I fed him he refused to go to sleep. After 2 hours of fussing with him in and out of the bassinet. With the mobile on/off, the nightlight on/off. The music on/off. You get the point I decided to give him another ounce of formula even though he was showing NO signs of being hungry. He goobled that up soooooo fast. But still when I put him down he would fuss. So I got so fed up that I wheeled the bassinet into the living room and went to sleep on the couch that way DH could get some form of sleep since he's the one that is working during the day. And of course once I got out there the little guy decided to play nice and go to sleep! The nerve! LOL

11-15-2007, 09:20 AM
Blah - wrote a whole long message and it disappeared...

I'm right there with ya on bedtime. We have been trying to stick with the same bedtime routine every night - bottle at 7:30, bath, then bed. It has been taking her about an hour an a half to fall asleep though because like everyone else's DC's, as soon as she gets laid down, the eyes pop right open. My DH and I are running in and out of the room constantly to stick the paci back in her mouth. Last night I suggested that we save the last ounce and a half of the bottle for after the bath and it seemed to help. She fell asleep in about 30 minutes. She was still up as usual at 2:30 for another feeding, but then she woke again at 4 and wouldn't go back to bed. Finally at 5:30 I brought her into my room stuck her on my boob again and she fell asleep and slept on me until 8.

I keep telling DH that 7:30 is too early for the last feeding, but he wants to stick with it since that's what we started. Sure, he's not the one getting up in the middle of the night. I can't really expect her to go much longer than 7 hours between feedings at this point, can I? What time do you all do bedtime?

Ellie is a great napper in the mornings. She will take 2 - 2 hour naps by 2:00, but after that we struggle with naps and feedings for the rest of the day. She pretty much takes all naps in her bouncy seat or car seat if we are out.

Jenn (and Bill)
11-15-2007, 11:24 AM
Wait! How much of a schedule should they have at this point? Natalie is still eating when she wants and sleeping when she wants. My schedule is this: feed her, change her, calm her till she falls asleep in my arms, try to put her down for a real nap, pick her up again cause she woke up, finally give up and put her somewhere to fuss while I pump, repeat.

Since we're still only bathing 2x a week, I squeeze that in the evening whenever I have the energy.

Am I doing something wrong??? HELP!

11-15-2007, 11:39 AM
My girls don't have much of a schedule, never really had one with Easton either.

The girls usually eat every 3 hours, are awake for a while, go back to sleep for 3 hours and wake to eat and we repeat that all day pretty much. I don't rock them to sleep, I put them down awake and let them fuss if need be for a few mins, they usually settle down and fall asleep in a few mins of laying down.

With Easton depended on what time he woke up and then he would go for a nap 2 hours after he woke up and then would wake to eat and play a little and sometimes went back down for a nap. He has been a 1 nap a day baby since he was about 4 months old since he would sleep 3 hours usually at a time.

11-15-2007, 12:21 PM
Jenn - We are not on a schedule here either. DD starts her longest stretch of sleep anytime between 8:30 and 11, she wakes up to eat around 3 or 4 AM, then again around 6:30 when DH gets up, otherwise she eats/naps when she is ready, and she is usually up for no more than 2 hours at a time.

11-15-2007, 12:51 PM
Jenn - We don't have a schedule either. DS still wants to nurse every 2-3 hours, so I just go with the flow. I'm in awe of all these babies who are sleeping more than 3 hours at a time!

11-15-2007, 04:25 PM
Jenn - I'd hardly call what we are doing a schedule. DS eats about every 3 hours during the day. It's starting to get longer and longer though which is supposed to be a good thing. At night he's starting to sleep more for 1 stretch so I'm trying to make that the stretch that starts at 9:30 that way I can get most of my good sleep. Every time I feed him I always estimate that his next feeding is 3 hours away, if I get longer than that then GREAT but I don't rely on that.

11-15-2007, 04:43 PM
You all seem to be getting longer and longer between feeding and I feel like ours are getting closer. I am trying to watch for cues but it seems even after i feed him he puts his hands in his mouth.

11-15-2007, 04:57 PM
We're nowhere near being on a schedule since I'm nursing on demand. We're not bathing him every night yet (that's our bedtime routine with our 2yo) but we'll start doing that soon to get everyone on the same or similar schedule. I'd like to eventually put him down for sleep for the night at the same time as my DD around 7:30 or 8pm. I am starting to move him to sleeping in our room after 7:30pm to differentiate night and daytime sleep since during the day he naps mostly in the living room or in my sling. At the moment Ethan is up every two hours or less through the night to eat and last night was the very first time I got three hours of sleep in a row since he was born!!! He slept from 9 to 12am, nursed and promptly fell back asleep, and didn't wake again until 3am. He seems to be up for the day anytime around 6am which isn't my favorite but since my DD is up around 7am I wouldn't get much more sleep anyways.

Mom2b~ You might try waking DD to feed right before you go to bed. Chances are she'll eat and fall right back asleep and hopefully will sleep longer through the night for you :) And lucky you for having a baby that sleeps so well!!!

Jenn~ You're doing just fine, I wouldn't worry about trying to schedule your baby quite yet since she's still so little. Eventually a bedtime routine will do wonders but at this point it might not make a difference.

11-15-2007, 06:50 PM
Just chiming in on sleep/bedtime real quick. I SWEAR by Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. DS1 gave us every sleep problem possible, so I feel like a sleep expert at this point. We stick him in his bed at night, and he goes to sleep on his own with no fuss, so I guess we've been successful!

So here is my opinion on sleep/routines. For the first 3 months, do whatever works. If they cry when you put them down and you can manage it, don't put them down. As they get older, they will be able to sleep on their own...you aren't creating a sleep monster...yet ;). Get a sling, cosleep, whatever. I'm all for feeding on demand and nursing to sleep. If the boob makes them sleep, use it! When they get to 3 or 4 months, they won't be so sleepy after a feeding. It really won't create a dependence on nursing to sleep. We've been able to put DS1 to bed awake since 2 months or so. Dr. Weissbluth says it is natural for them to go to sleep after a feeding for the first few months. It doesn't create long term problems.

As for routines, day night confusion goes away around 6 weeks. Around 7 to 8 weeks, noncollicky babies should start wanting an earlier bedtime. I don't bother with a routine until at least then. I think you just end up stressing yourself out. Anyway, I've done a TON of research on sleeping, so that is just my $.02 :)

11-15-2007, 07:25 PM
Megan: can I ask you a wrap question? I was wondering how you get Reed to be comfy in it? Everytime I put Kyle in mine he doesn't seem to like it more than 10 minutes and I can only get him to sleep in it if I put him in asleep. TIA

11-15-2007, 08:46 PM
mlfallis- do you mean like the moby wrap? I put Reed in there like this (http://www.mobywrap.com/instructions.php?link=4). Sometimes I use the center section to tuck his legs in. He has to have a pacifier, and sometimes I have to dance a little, but he really likes it. He likes it better than just being held, actually. Maybe you can modify it some to fit Kyle's likes and dislikes. Does he want his arms out, tucked in, head constrained, free, etc? Reed likes being upright, but doesn't like fabric over his head until he is asleep. I have to keep his head out and just support it a little until after he goes to sleep. The best thing about the wrap in my opinion is how many different ways you can use it.

11-16-2007, 12:18 PM
Updated to here

11-16-2007, 12:56 PM
Hi Mommies!!

Sorry I have been MIA lately. The week of Halloween my in-laws were in town all week and it made it tough to make it onto CC, not to mention it was a week of appointments...Vet appt. Pediatrician appt, my OBGYN follow-up appt. A CRAZY Week.

Then last week my DH was gone for 8 days and nights traveling on the east coast, so I became a weenie and high tailed it up to Seattle to see my family for the week. Not sure why, but I just didn't want to be by myself with both kids for a whole week...at least not YET! Anyway their computer was being replaced, so gain another week with no CC. The good news is that Thatcher did excellent on the 3 hour drive, both ways.

This week was back to normal but I had 8000 loads of laundry to do and just needed time to catch up on bills, mail, etc. So anyway, I've caught up on the new thread and am so sad to read that so many of you are experiencing the blues (I HATE that term but not sure what else to call it)

I was a crazy lady after my DD was born. I just felt so overwhelmed and would then be blissfully happy and then cry a few minutes later. I chalk it up to hormones and breastfeeding for me, but I guess I'm trying to say I know what you are going through and it gets better, I promise!! There is something about havng a baby who will smile back (intentionally!) and who can call you mommy, or give you a hug that just makes the crappy days melt away faster. Hang in there!!

As for us, we are doing good.:) I've basically gotten over any fear of going out with 2 kids I have. I just seem to make it work, and DD has been a trooper with riding in shopping carts WITH the groceries, always holding my hand when we go somewhere etc. I do have to admit I'm dreading christmas shopping with 2 little ones and the next 4 months of rainy weather we will be having makes it tougher and tougher to get somewhere and stay dry. Oh well!:rolleyes:

Thatcher is doing realy well. I like to call him my "hungry hungry hippo";) I swear he eats like a hippo during the day and barely ever makes it 3 hours inbetween feedings...it's more like 2 and he is taking a very big bottle. He naps a lot in his bouncy seat during the day, and sleeps very well in his crib at night. We usually do his last feeding of the day at about 9ish and he usually sleeps then until about 2:30, and wakes at 5:30 and is up for the day at about 8:30. I wish he would switch his long sleep period to more of the middle of the night (midnight to 6 pretty please!) but I can't complain.

I'm dying to know how big he has gotten...We don't have a 1 month appt, so I have to wait until early Dec. He is still in newborn clothes barely, but the 0-3 mo stuff looks so huge! Other thant hat we got all his birth announcements sent out last week...I'll post a pic of them and an updated one of our little guy later.

As for me I'm so happy to be 2-3 lbs below my pre-pregoo weight (which was low for me after a diet) and am a few lbs away from my "fake" drivers licence weight!;) Back ina ll my pre-preggo clothes and loking forward to shopping for a few new cute things to cover my 2 kids belly. Life is good :)

Gotta get lunch ready for the kiddos. Hope you are all doing well and have a good weekend ahead.

11-16-2007, 03:49 PM
Sorry for the lack of updates from me ladies, having major maritial problems so I haven't been on much :(

Taylor had her 2 week WBV yesterday and has thrush :( No wonder BFing has gotten more painful... I have a RX for Nysitasin (sp?) for her but I was wondering from the other ladies who've gone through this, what can I use on my nipples? Any suggestions to make this go away quicker would be appreciated. Thanks

11-16-2007, 03:54 PM
I had my postpartum visit with my midwife yesterday which went well. She said I healed up quickly and that she's glad she didn't do stitches since I healed fine without them. I told her about the tears I had with Grace and that these were in the same spot and she said if I ever had a third I'd most likely tear in the same two places again. She also said I tore my cervix which explains why Ethan was so bloody when he was born. When he first came out and I saw how bloody he was my first thought was that I tore really bad and was surprised I didn't. I guess tearing the cervix during delivery isn't that common but it shouldn't effect me any. Interesting though. She also said my uterus went back to being tipped backwards so I'm back to where I started pre-Grace. I asked if I could skip paps every other year since I have a history of negative results and don't need to fill b/c prescriptions and she said that would be fine. So now I'm cleared for resuming my normal activities which makes Dh incredibly excited.

Ethan's cold isn't going away and the poor guy is still very congested. I suck out his nose and use saline stuff every now and again and it seems to help some. He's starting to sleep better though, the past two nights he's developing a habit of sleeping for 3 hours between feedings. I'm ALL about the increase of time between feedings! I've started giving him a bath and getting him ready for bed at the same time as Grace and putting him to sleep in our room (in his car seat right now since he has a cold) between 8 and 9pm which I think is helping him sleep better at night. During the day he sleeps in the living room so when I put him down in our room it's kind of a signal that it's time for night time sleeping.

11-16-2007, 05:49 PM
Oh my gosh, are all of you taking care of my DD? I have the same issues - won't sleep anywhere but near us, not wanting to sleep in the daytime, trying to figure out how to feed her on demand and make sure she's sleeping before 2 hours goes by, etc. I'm also familiar with the "wide awake at 3am" routine, but it's new for us...she had been fine with nights and going back to sleep after eating.

I did just read in the Sears book about how unless they're in DEEP sleep they won't be able to be put down somewhere without waking up, and that it usually takes at least 20 minutes to get them into deep sleep. How do you hold them and not fall asleep yourself at night for 20 minutes?

And I won't even get started on the BFing issues, but Pink...see if you can get APNO (all-purpose nipple ointment) prescribed for you from the OB, and you might try Gentian violet for you and DD. I think Peever is using this? I can't even get mine until Monday, and I'm not sure how to last until then. DD doesn't even have any signs of thrush, but I am in some serious pain.

11-16-2007, 08:14 PM
Hey ladies. I'm not sure if this is normal or not but I've noticed that on my son's forehead from about his eyebrows back to about the middle of his head he is peeling. I've noticed peeling around his ankles and stuff and I know that's normal but is this something I need to bring to the attention of the pediatrician?

I don't want to call them if this is as normal as the peeling I've seen on his ankles.

11-16-2007, 08:22 PM
sounds like normal peeling. The girls have some peeling happening on the forehead as well

11-16-2007, 08:49 PM
Thanks Ericka I thought it was normal, just wanted to run it by you experts! Didn't want to start being the crazy mom that calls the ped. for every little thing.

Jenn (and Bill)
11-17-2007, 08:45 AM
Good to know....my DD's toes are peeling a little!!!

Pink - sorry you're having problems.

Last night was better for DD. She ate at 11:20 and 2, but went back to sleep right away! Yay!!!

11-17-2007, 11:10 AM
Sammy~ Ethan peeled a LOT more then my DD did...his feet, hands, abdomen, forehead, behind his ears etc. It's normal and our ped suggested we not use baby lotions or anything other then just water on his skin until it clears up. Washing with a washcloth and water will help exfoliate it.

We're going to the ped's to get DD's flu shot this morning, hopefully that will help eliminate some sickness in our household this winter! We're leaving for our Thanksgiving trip tomorrow after church, will be in Portland until Tuesday when we drive 7 hours to Boise. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

11-17-2007, 06:00 PM
Just checking in. I'm still not convinced the thrush is gone for us. DD's tongue still looks pretty good, but my nipples are questionable. She ate all night last night and man that hurt. I'm still using the Lotrimin for another week or two so hopefully the thrush will stay away.

She's all of a sudden SUPER gassy though and she still has some diarrhea. I just wonder how long it's going to take for her stomach to heal after all the meds she's been on. I'm really not eating anything that should cause gas. I've given up chocolate, spices, caffeine, citrus fruits, gassy veggies and dairy. So she's been miserable and I've been miserable as a result and things just aren't going that well for me. Hopefully it will get better. I've sent DS to daycare every day and have had my mom over a lot to help because it's nearly impossible to keep up the house and have a 3 yr old and a colicky newborn. Hopefully DH won't have to travel as much next week.

Crap. I wanted to do SOs, but DD just woke up. I'll try to be back later.

11-17-2007, 07:20 PM
I think we may have just had our first bout with colic too. Yikes - that was stressful. Luckily, DH handled most of it because he is in charge of bedtime. The crying lasted for about 2 hours, but we did get a break when we gave her a bath. She was happy as can be in the bath, but as soon as she got out she was miserable again. I don't know if that counts as colic or not.

On a positive note, my breast pain has cleared up. When I went for my PPD appointment on Wed, my OB refused to give me the prescription for Diflucan that the LC recommended. She said that the dosing was too high and that it could mess with my liver. She didn't think that I had thrush and though the pain was due to my engorgement. I think she was right. Another couple of days of Motrin and ice packs seems to have helped.

Pink - sorry to hear that you are having problems. Hope things get better.

Peever - I'm glad you are getting some help, and hope your DD feels better soon.

11-17-2007, 09:13 PM
Daisy - I'll definitely do the washcloth thing to exfoliate my son's forehead!

Peever - Are you giving her any mylicon or gripe water for the gas?

Melanie - I hope that wasn't colic. Could she possibly have been a little hungry? I've noticed that our little guy will start going crazy crying and all and after we've verified that he's not gassy or needs a diaper change a lot of times even though he might not show signs he's actually hungry. Even if its for very very little. Worth a try.

Me - Well my little man is a month old today and I just can't believe it. At 8:49pm he was even up and I sang him Happy 1 Month Birthday. LOL I told him how the doctor had to cut mommy up and pull him out and all and held him up like they did to show him to me. Awwww I remember all of that like it was just yesterday. I hope I never forget it either. Today I ventured to Old Navy to get some jeans. Down here in South Florida it doesn't really get cold but we got a little bit of a cold spell and of course I have no pants that fit. All of my jeans are too small so I needed something to get me by until I can fit in those again. Well I managed to find mid-rise jeans in a 14 Short and of course when I held them up I was sure they'd be too big on me. And of course just my luck they fit perfectly! I had to convince myself that it's ok and that I just had a baby so its ok to buy jeans this size. The biggest I've ever gotten pants was a size 12 YEARS ago and that was at my heaviest and I hated myself when I was that size. Of course I carry my weight very well so you'd never know I was the size I was but still. So I got 2 pairs of jeans and I do have to admit that even though I'm not happy with the size it is great to wear pants that fit and look GREAT on you!

11-18-2007, 07:02 AM
Ugh last night was not good. DS wouldn't sleep and both mommy and daddy ach forgot once to make sure his penis was down and had to to two complete chib sheet and baby stippings. Thankfully the second one was at 8:30am but still.

melanie: I hope it isn't colic.

Sammy: Very brave of you for buying new jeans. I am still trying to hold out but am about to cave. I have a family party in two weeks and will need something other than the one pair of pre-pg pants I fit in to wear.

11-18-2007, 08:57 AM
DD is really starting to freak me out. She started rolling over from tummy to back when propped up on her arms at a little over 5 weeks. I put her in her chair this morning so I could take a shower. I always put her on her side in her chair. Her first choice is to sleep on her tummy on my chest, but her second favorite is on her side. She sleeps in a sleep positioner on her side at night. My son was the same way.

I took a quick shower and peaked out to check on her and it looked like she was face down in her chair. I ran over to her in a panic and she wasn't completely face down, but she had managed to wiggle around so that she was laying almost on her tummy, just like she would be on my chest. She's only 7 weeks old! I don't know how she managed that. Now I have to watch her like a hawk. She is huge though. I still can't get over how big she is. I had to switch to size 2 dipes today.

Trying for SOs...

Melissa- Sorry you had a rough night. Gotta like boy diaper changes. ;) As far as the wrap goes, DD gets pretty pissed off when I put her in it, but I just bounce around with her and pat her on the back and she eventually settles down and goes to sleep. She likes her feet tucked up underneath her and like Megan's Reed, she doesn't like her head covered until she gets sleepy.

Sammy- She hasn't been that gassy until this week, but I did go buy some mylicon to see if it helped. I think it does. She's been doing better today. Still overly gassy, but at least she's not screaming about it. Don't feel bad about the jeans. They say 9 months on, 9 months off. I'm at my prepg weight thanks to my elimination diet, but my jeans were already too tight when I got pg so I still only fit into a couple of pairs. Someday. ;) It is wonderful to have jeans that fit and look good on you, no matter what size.

Melanie- DD is colicky because of the gas. If she starts crying like that, I usually go down the list...clean diaper...check...hungry...check...sleepy...check. ;) Your dr was probably right, especially since your DD didn't have any symptoms. I had massive engorgement and it took 3-4 week and lots of ice packs, hot showers, and Ibruprofen to get over it.

Kellie- Good luck on your trip! I hope Ethan is feeling better.

Jenn- I'm glad things are better.

Sammy- Both my kids peeled all over. I think it stopped around 4 weeks?

Pink- So sorry about your problems. I hope it's nothing serious. As far as the thrush goes. Ugh. It sucks. Nystatin rarely clears the thrush up, especially if you're having problems too. I don't know why they always prescribe if first. If that doesn't work, they often prescribe Diflucan. That's never worked for me either and it's expensive. So if the Nystatin doesn't work, my advice is to get some gentian violet. It's cheap and you can buy it OTC at most pharmacies. Take a clean q-tip and dip it in the violet and let your DD bite down on it. That will usually coat the whole mouth, but paint it on if it doesn't. It will stain everything so put something you don't care about on both of you and if she spits up, cover anything she's around with an old towel. They recommend putting it on before a feeding so your nipples will be coated as well. I'd start by doing it every other day for 3 applications. Use Lotrimin AF cream on your nipples after every feeding. You can buy it OTC, it's an athlete's foot/jock itch cream. You have to wipe it off before you feed her. I hope it clears up for you soon!

garden- Glad things are going well for you and congrats on almost reaching your fake drivers license weight!

Sleeping- I totally agree about not worrying about routines or bad habits right now. Just do what you need to do to get some sleep. The babies are still so little that I just let DD do her own thing. She eats and sleeps whenever she wants to and it works out pretty well that way. Kids will fall asleep on their own eventually.

Okay, I've got to tend to the kiddos...

Jenn (and Bill)
11-18-2007, 10:43 AM
Sammy, if it makes you feel any better, I've lost all my PG weight plus 25 more pounds and I'd be happy as a clam to fit into size 14 jeans. Someday...

Us: well, we tried to take some pictures last night but I'm not sure how well they'll turn out since she's still really splotchy. We're having a small dinner party tonight (what were we thinking but we do it every year right before thanksgiving) and people will be hanging out with my balding, peeling, splotchy daughter. How she manages to be cute through all of that amazes me!

Sleep: we got a 4.5 hour stretch last night and then a 4 hour stretch. Well, that was between feedings, not actual time asleep but I still think that's pretty amazing. The problem is we've been cleaning and DH has been cooking so we aren't enjoying it like we should be!

PPD: My DH and I are going back to therapy tomorrow so I can discuss my symptoms. And I'm going to try and bring up how his habits affect my stress level. I've spent the last nine months trying to get him to clean up the house and here I am, six weeks PP and he's so busy cooking for company that he can't clean for company. What's it gonna take? I know there's not a lot of free time on his end but he's gonna have to find it because I don't think I can live like this much longer! I've never been a neat freak before and I understand that it's the clutter that is bringing us down but I don't want my DD to grow up in this mess. Maybe we should hurry up and buy a house...then we could have a fresh start, though the moving boxes wouldn't get unpacked for years then, would they?

In other news, my milk supply has dropped and I'm still EP and it's killing me. I still try to get her to latch on 1-2 a day but I'm not convinced she's getting any milk. Hoping things magically turn the corner this week as she turns six weeks old. OK, enough CC...must go clean!

11-18-2007, 10:53 AM
Peever: So sorry that things aren't going very well - it seems really unfair that at 7 wks PP you are *still* dealing with the pain of thrush. :( I hope it gets better soon!

Sammy: just be careful if you're going to wipe at your DS's head. You can put any kind of vegetable oil on him, but JoJoba oil won't stain his clothes like other oils will. We use it (got it at Trader Joe's, but I would think Whole Foods or other "natural" stores would carry it, and it's cheap) on DD when she's dry. You can also put a few drops in his bath water to help keep his skin soft. And yay for jeans that look good!

us: we're so lazy, we still haven't given DD an immersion bath yet. And she'll be 4 weeks on Tuesday! DH is just really good at the sponge bath or wipedown so I let him do it and we're always too tired to do the full bath!

This morning we had our first experience with projectile poop - it was hysterical, and got all over my robe, DH, and all my pump supplies! :eek: I had a lot of stuff to wash, but it was worth it to see DH's face when it happened. Then we were up early enough that I got to go back to my yoga class and it felt GREAT! My teacher (I used to go to her class 3 days a week) even got teary-eyed when she saw me.

QOTD: Is anyone making a big dinner for (American) Thanksgiving?[/b] I think we're going to DH's colleague's house, but I've started making a few dishes each day so we can have our own celebration on Friday (I thought we'd be on our own so I started cooking).

11-18-2007, 11:11 AM
OMG - To celebrate her 1-month birthday, DD actually put herself to sleep in her crib for a nap this morning. We're going on 1 hour now and I'm speechless. :eek: Way to go, little girl! :D I was so excited I got out the video camera and tiptoed in. Hee hee. I hope this continues. I tried to do the drowsy, but awake thing and it actually worked this time. Still struggling with putting her back to sleep after her middle of the night feedings. It's so hard because I'm so tired and she's SO awake. I wish it was as simple as getting up, feeding her, changing her, and then putting her back down. But instead it's feed, change, feed, clean up spit-up, change clothes, clean up-spit-up, change diaper, changes clothes, retrieve pacifier from floor after she spits it up, unswaddle her after she spits up all over the blanket, rock her, walk around rocking her and try mulptile times to put her down in her crib and usually suceeding on the 2nd or 3rd try..2 hours after I woke up to feed her...and then it's time to feed her again! :rolleyes:

I can't believe she is one month old. It really seems like it was just yesterday she was born. Like Sammy, I celebrated the exact time she was born with her...at 3:47am this morning. ;) It was still fun though. No matter how tired I am in the middle of the night when I get up to feed her, the adorable way she gazes at me...almost smiling...makes it all worth it.

Sorry, I don't have time for SO's. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

11-18-2007, 02:26 PM
QOTD: Has anyone started any kind of diet to get back to their prepregnancy weight? If so, what?

11-18-2007, 04:57 PM
QOTD: Is anyone making a big dinner for (American) Thanksgiving?[/b] I think we're going to DH's colleague's house, but I've started making a few dishes each day so we can have our own celebration on Friday (I thought we'd be on our own so I started cooking).

It'll just be DH, I and the 2 babies so we'll be cooking a traditional thanksgiving dinner (turkey & all the fixin's) but it won't be 'big'.

Pink- So sorry about your problems. I hope it's nothing serious. As far as the thrush goes. Ugh. It sucks. Nystatin rarely clears the thrush up, especially if you're having problems too. I don't know why they always prescribe if first. If that doesn't work, they often prescribe Diflucan. That's never worked for me either and it's expensive. So if the Nystatin doesn't work, my advice is to get some gentian violet. It's cheap and you can buy it OTC at most pharmacies. Take a clean q-tip and dip it in the violet and let your DD bite down on it. That will usually coat the whole mouth, but paint it on if it doesn't. It will stain everything so put something you don't care about on both of you and if she spits up, cover anything she's around with an old towel. They recommend putting it on before a feeding so your nipples will be coated as well. I'd start by doing it every other day for 3 applications. Use Lotrimin AF cream on your nipples after every feeding. You can buy it OTC, it's an athlete's foot/jock itch cream. You have to wipe it off before you feed her. I hope it clears up for you soon!

Thanks hun. Unfortunately it is serious :(

I will keep the gentian violet in mind. I got some yeast infection medication from the pharmacy (Monistat I think?) because the pharmecist recommended it. Will that work? Or do I need the athletes foot cream?

QOTD: Has anyone started any kind of diet to get back to their prepregnancy weight? If so, what?

Only 'diet' I've been abiding by is to stop eating when I'm full. Prior to getting pregnant with my DS last year (and while I've been pregnant the last 2 years) I would eat & eat even after I was full. I love food that much! I was never really overweight or anything (could lose 5lbs or so) but now that I'm not pregnant and desperately want my body back I've curbed my eating habits. I'm also not eating as many sweets as I used to. So far I'm down almost 30lbs and have my waist back, I just gotta work on this darn 'muffin top.'

As soon as I get the clearance from my OBGYN at my PP appt (in 3 weeks) I'll start an excersize routine in the evenings once DH is home from work.

11-18-2007, 06:00 PM
Pink: Sorry things aren't well.

Sammy: I am doing WW on my own. I am not very strict with it, but I am so tired of my weight I had to do something. I find if I do any exercises I end up bleeding more so I figure I better stop until I stop bleeding. God I hope that is soon, it is getting really annoying.

11-18-2007, 08:37 PM
Weight - Peri said no exercise until after 6 weeks, it will cause bleeding to restart. I am down about 33lbs, 15 of which was gained in pregnancy.

Jenn (and Bill)
11-18-2007, 09:15 PM
Thanksgiving - We had our big thanksgiving dinner tonight. DH did all the cooking and NONE of the cleaning and I did as much cleaning as I could muster this weekend. DD did give us a good spell of quiet where we didn't need to hold her which was nice. But it was hard and it's safe to say we're both exhausted and won't be entertaining "big" again for a while!

And I just need to vent and say that my DH put the cleaning off again and after my two friends arrived, he finally moved the boxes out of the living room and threw them in the nursery, where I might add they started! He moved them to the living room when he cleaned out the nursery which he hasn't finished yet! We're never going to be done...he's just going to keep moving the boxes from one room to another! ARGH!

11-19-2007, 12:11 PM
Peever - Your DD sounds very advanced. That's great!!! I also had to move Ellie up to stage 2 diapers yesterday. She is wearing a 3-6 month outfit today and she is only 6 weeks!!!

SQ2 - Wow!! Napping in the crib is great. I rely on the bouncy seat for naps. I have a hard time getting her to sleep flat on her back during the day.

I'm so nervous to go shopping because I don't know what size I am. I lost all 30 pounds from the pregnancy, but I still can't fit into my pants (except for 1 pair). I know I need to get back to my spinning classes, but it's just so hard to get motivated. I'm going to set a goal of her 2 month birthday to get started.

I'm exhausted lately. Ellie gets a great stretch of sleep when we put her down, which is 9:00p-2:30a. The only problem is that I go to bed around 11, so even though she is getting 5 hours, I'm only getting 3. I've had a hard time getting her back down after that. She is typically up every hour and a half after that and at 5:30 I've been bringing her into my room and letting her sleep on me. I've toyed with the idea of moving bed time later, but DH and I really like having the alone time at night. I guess eventually she will just start to sleep for a longer stretch, so I'll just have to wait it out.

Thinking that Saturday may not have been colic. I remember that I had a yogurt based smoothie that afternoon and I'm thinking that it may have reaked havok on her little tummy. She was fine yesterday. We'll see how it goes the rest of the week.

Question - How do you know when it's time to give up the swaddle? I think that she still likes it at night, but I think I want to keep her arms free so that she can learn to find her hand and suck on it when the paci falls out.

11-19-2007, 12:44 PM
Regarding weight loss programs -- I had initially planned to go to Weight Watchers around 6-8 weeks, because I wanted to lose the pregnancy weight plus 5-10 more pounds. But now I feel kind of weird about going, because I've lost all my pregnancy weight, and I'm not technically overweight. So now it's more of a vanity thing. I just wonder if I would feel comfortable and welcomed there. I think I will put it off and see if I can lose the weight on my own. I might use SparkPeople.com... I like their online tools a lot, and it's free.

Question - do your babies grunt a lot? At night, my little guy has been driving me crazy with the grunting, and I can't figure out what he wants. He's hungry only about half of the time. The last two nights, he's woken me up at least once an hour with the noisy grunts. At first I thought his sinuses were dry, but I've been running the humidifier and giving him saline nasal drops, and it's had no impact. Any ideas?

In other news, I have an appointment with a lactation consultant tomorrow, because I have a really forceful letdown and DS has been choking and coughing a lot and swallowing a lot of air, which makes him really miserable. I've done a lot of reading about it and tried a lot of things -- different positions, keeping him on one side for multiple feedings, pumping a little bit before latching him on -- but it seems to be getting worse. I really hope the LC has some good advice, because it breaks my heart that I'm causing him pain by feeding him. :(

11-19-2007, 12:56 PM
Mom2B - Easton broke free of his swaddle very early on, thinking close to 5 weeks. The girls I can't keep swaddled for anything, they are like their brother breaking free of it. They like to have their hands out, they suck on them or each others and like touching each others hands while sleeping.

11-19-2007, 03:07 PM
Carrie ~ I plan on joining WW but the online version. Its easy to do if you are able to keep up with it. I did it before I got pregnant and really enjoyed it. Of course its easy to slack off.

Swaddling ~ I think most people give up swaddling when the baby starts rolling over. Our DS even with the miracle blanket WILL let his hands out if he really wants them bad enough.

Grunting ~ Our DS grunts at night too especially after I feed him. He also squeeks! He makes the funniest sounds.

11-19-2007, 03:09 PM
Wanted to let you all know that Target has Pampers and Huggies on sale for a GREAT price! Found the deal on Baby Cheapskate today and had to go take advantage of it even though we had a bunch of diapers already. The Jumbo pack are on sale for $8 a piece. I was able to get an additional $1.50 off each because I had coupons too!

Jenn (and Bill)
11-19-2007, 10:34 PM
Sammy, thanks for the tip though I honestly don't know how much they sell for normally. I've been good about checking the unit price but I have no idea what the packs sell for!

Melanie, I think that's why they tell you to sleep when your baby sleeps. You're supposed to be too tired to want to spend quality time with your DH. But I get it. In fact, I should be sleeping right now because DD is sleeping but she's gonna get up any minute so what's the point?

So Natalie's Social Security card arrived today. YAY! Does anyone know if they're going to send a birth certificate or if I have to request one?

The other thing that arrived today was her first personalized gift came and someone sent a little blanket with a lamb head on it with her first and middle name and her birthday on it. Problem is they spelled her middle name wrong....it's my maiden name and it's always misspelled but that's so annoying. I'm going to call the company tomorrow and see if it was their mistake or the people who ordered it and hope they redo it! But I wouldn't be surprised if it was the people who ordered it, which sucks more since they are friends with my mom (it's her last name!). Just goes to show you how often my name has been spelled wrong!

Went to visit our first daycare center today and I didn't love it. Big! Infant room has a capacity of 23!!! Yikes. I anticipated a NICU like setting: quiet, dark and lots of newborns being rocked to sleep in old style rocking chairs. Boy was I wrong!! Hopefully, we'll like the one tomorrow better or we're going to have to do some more research/creative thinking. I just don't know where to look for the in-home daycare people around here since we don't know anyone who lives by us!

11-20-2007, 08:42 AM
Jenn - Wow, 23 infants? That's huge! The daycare hunt really sucks. We've visited 8 centers so far, with 2 more scheduled this week, and so far I've only found one that a) we like, b) has an opening for us, and c) is not located on a toxic waste cleanup site. (Really.) Good luck!

11-20-2007, 09:02 AM
Jenn - I had to request a birth certificate. To get a copy was $14. I had to wait until he was a month before sending the application for a copy and should get it within 2 weeks.

11-20-2007, 09:13 AM
Jenn - with Easton we had to go to Municipal building to purchase his birth certificates. With the girls the state sent us 1 for each of them. Just got their birth certificates yesterday as well.
Regarding the daycare thing. I use to work in a day care in the infant room, we had 3 infants for each adult (3 adults working in there) don't think that you will definitely find a daycare with the old rockers, and dark room and such. It doesn't happen unless all the infants are 2 months old or younger. We had babies from 6 weeks to 6 months supposedly (one baby was 8 months and still in our room since the next room didn't have space for her yet)

11-20-2007, 09:15 AM
Just checking in quick. I've got to leave soon to find some little tights for DD to wear for Thanksgiving/baptism. The ones I bought are way too long. I've got to order the food for her baptism too. I forgot to do that and it's on Sunday! Oops.

Jenn- Sorry about your DH. I have to give mine 1+ years to complete house projects. I'm not exaggerating either! Good luck on the bfing. It's tough to EP. Are you eating oatmeal? Drinking plenty of water? There's herbal things you can try too. I hope she learns to latch soon. I had to go to the municipal building to get DD's birth certificate. As far as daycare goes, most of them around her have a dark area with cribs off to the side so babies can nap and then there's a play area that's bright and colorful. It depends on your state, but most of them have a ratio of 3 or 4 babies to 1 adult. Obviously the smaller the better.

merjmo- Thankfully I think the thrush is finally gone! Gotta like the explosive poop. DD hasn't done that to me for a while, but that will make sure you're awake!

Thanksgiving- We usually always host Thanksgiving, but I'm taking this year off. MIL is doing it instead and is nice enough to have my family over as well. I just have to bring pies. :)

SQ2- Way to go Molly! That doesn't happen very often here, but every once in a while DD will surprise me. DD is up for a while at night too. I usually have to bicycle her legs for a while and work out the gas, change her, feed her, and hold her for a good 20 minutes before I can put her back down so I'm up for a minimum of an hour every time.

Diet- I'm at my pre-pg weight, but I'd still like to lose about 10 lbs more to fit into my clothes. I'm not dieting though. I just eat healthy. I wouldn't recommend exercising before 6 weeks and for those of you who are bfing, make sure you're consuming enough calories. Bfing burns a lot and you don't want your milk supply to suffer.

Pink- Sorry things aren't going well. :( That cream should probably work.

Melanie- I'm pretty shocked how strong she is. DS despised being on his tummy so he didn't consistently roll over until he was over 7 months old. They're just so different it's funny. I go to bed as soon as DD does, even if it's 8:30pm. I'd like to spend more time with DH, but I need my sleep. DD doesn't sleep that well at night and even with me taking a few naps a week, I can barely keep my eyes open at night.

Swaddle- I didn't do it for very long with DD. She doesn't like it. She sometimes wake herself up if she's just falling asleep, but she's getting better at going back to sleep again. I don't have any problems with her waking herself up when she's sleeping.

Carrie- I'm glad I'm not the only one with a big baby! DD is sometimes noisy at night if she has gas or if she's stuffy, but it's gotten a lot better as she's gotten older. I have a forceful letdown as well. I always feed DD reclined with her on top of me as much as possible and that helps. I only feed on one side for a while too. DD is a lot better at keeping up than DS was. It will get better as he gets older. I hope the LC has more ideas for you.

Sammy- That is a good deal. I have a ton of diapers already and actually have 2 big packs of size 1 dipes to take back since DD outgrew them WAY faster than I thought she should. I think I have plenty of size 2 dipes, but I should start stocking up on size 3s while they're on sale. I have coupons too. :)

11-20-2007, 09:45 AM
Well yesterday I did some Christmas shopping with DS. What an experience. I had him in his carset in the stroller, since he was asleep when we arrived at the mall and I didn't want to wake him and the two canopies together so no one could see in. People either were annoyed I walk with a stroller or wanted to see in. I hope to finish up my shopping soon before the malls get even busier, it is just to hard. I wish he would like the wrap for longer periods of time then I would have something else to try.

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

11-20-2007, 09:50 AM
Mlfallis - was probably because people wanted to see the baby. The annoyed because of a stroller looks is when it's Christmas week and people are rushing around last minute.

11-20-2007, 10:15 AM
I hope someone can help me out here. A few days ago I thought I was coming down with a cold and it has been confirmed because this morning I woke up all stuffed up and with a very very sore throat. Now I'm hope alone with DS all day long. Is there anything I can do to help prevent him from catching my cold? I'm formula feeding so I know that if I was BFing he'd be getting my immunity but unfortunately that's not the case. Do I just need to cross my fingers and hope he doesn't get sick?

11-20-2007, 10:25 AM
Grunting~ Yup my little guy is a grunter too...especially when he's hungry but the past few nights I heard him grunting and went in to feed him and he's dead asleep, so I guess he's a sleepy grunter too.:rolleyes:

Swaddling~ We still do it every night and probably will for as long as possible. It seems to be the only way to calm him down at night for the long stretch of sleep. And IIRC we did it for several months with DD too.

Diet~ I wanted to try weight watchers before I got pregnant just to lose some vanity weight, but decided to try on my own first. I managed to lose about 15 lbs over the holidays last year just from eating better and portion control. I'm a few lbs below my pre-preggo weight now but would still like to lose a few more so I might try eating good again.

christmas shopping~ I'm seriously dreading it...sad but true! DD likes to walk along beside the stroller but then starts running everywhere and then gets tired so she'll want to ride. I'm trying to avoid buying a double stroller, which I think would be a nightmare for holiday shopping anyway.

Funny story about my first christmas as a mommy... All off DH's family lives pretty far away so we always ship them their presents. Well we had all their gifts ready to ship so I packed them in the car along with DD who was 4 months at the time. It was raining cats and dogs as I pulled up in front of the UPS store, like torrential downpour rain. Not only that but some of the boxes were so big and heavy I had to use both hands to carry them. So I had 3-4 super big heavy boxes and a purse and DD in her infant car seat and was trying to figure out how to get it all inside the store. So I grab DD and my purse and go into the store to get in line, set them on the floor and announce to everyone not to touch my baby as I go get my packages from the car, and proceed to go out to the car 3-4 more times to get all the packages and by the time I was done I was soaked to the bone.

I'm sure everyone in the store thought I was a psycho and a totally neglectful mother, but I honestly just didn't know how else to do it without DD getting soaking wet. Not a proud moment for me, but you gotta do what you gotta do right?

Christmas pictures? Is anyone planning on doing formal type christmas pics of their babies?

11-20-2007, 10:32 AM
Sammy~ I'd call your pediatrician if I were you. I had a bout of food poisoning a few weeks ago that had me praying to the porcelain gods all day and I was scared it was the flu and I would pass it along to DS, so I was about to call the pediatrician to see what to do when I finally got better. I was also visiting family so they helped take care of DS which helped, but being alone like you is scary.

Oh and a ? for you. We are formula feeding too...how much does your DS eat in a feeding? Just curious to see if my little guy is eating enough.

11-20-2007, 10:35 AM
garden - I'll go ahead and call them. I'd hate for it to turn into the flu or something. Our little guy is eating about 5-6oz every 4-7 hours. When he sleeps longer and longer is when he wants to eat more. I feel like I'm feeding him too much but I keep telling myself that because he's sleeping more he's technically skipping one of his feedings. He used to eat 4oz every 3-4 hours. Just in the last week he's been sleeping longer during the day and night.

11-20-2007, 10:48 AM
Sammy - not whole lot you can do to prevent if your baby does get sick. Just make sure you wash your hands and try not to kiss the baby much. My girls are stuffy and have been for almost 2 weeks. Just prepare yourself now by getting Saline drops, nasal aspirator and vaporizer. Raise their sleep area som as well. Since you can't give a newborn medicines.

Formula feeding the girls are 4 weeks today and eat between 2 1/2-4 1/2oz every 3 hours roughly

11-20-2007, 11:02 AM
I fear my breastfeeding relationship is over :( I'm literally bleeding on both sides and just touching them makes them burn... There's no way I can pump at this point even.... Gawd I really hoped I'd make it longer than with Jacob.... I'm using the medicine they prescribed for her but it's not really helping :( DH is stopping on his way home from work today to get some gentian violet but I fear 2 days of not nursing/pumping is going to be the end of it :(

11-20-2007, 11:21 AM
Ericka - Is there a specific brand of saline drops that are good for babies? Also about the vaporizer my mom had given me one that she used with my brother 13 years ago. I just don't know if its even a good idea to use that when needed since its so old. Do you think I should get a new one or should this one be good enough?

Pink - I'm sorry you are having probs breastfeeding. And hope that its not over for you.

Me - Called the pediatrician and the nurse did confirmed what Ericka said. There is nothing I can do except keep my hands clean when around DS. Ugh!

11-20-2007, 11:28 AM
Sammy - I have Little Noses brand Saline drops/spray, you can use them as much as needed (2-3 drops per nostril), since there is no medicine in it.. As for the vaporizer I would make sure it's really clean and works, we bought one last year for Easton since he was super stuffy for a few days. Make sure you don't place it right at the baby. We never used Vicks in the vaporizer, we just used water and salt (Ours is a Vicks model we got from CVS) to produce the steam.

11-20-2007, 12:23 PM
Updated to here.

Jenn (and Bill)
11-20-2007, 05:50 PM
Formula: Since I've been pumping, I give DD a bottle of BM and she's taking 4 ounces every 3 hours. Sometimes a little more during the night and sometimes a little less! Are the amounts comparable for formula? We may be switching to formula soon, unfortunately!

Pink: thinking of you. Seems you're having a rough week with the marital issues and now the BF issues!

We went to our other daycare option today and it was much better! Max for the infant room is 17 but it's laid out pretty well and we got a good vibe from the people there and all the kids looked really content! So unless we come up with another option to pursue, we're going to sign her up! The best part is that is within walking distance of our house and close to our bus stop so we can drop her off and go straight to the bus. And it's cheaper than the option we saw yesterday and didn't like!

11-20-2007, 10:48 PM
Thanks for the feedback on formula girls. DS is taking about 4 ounces every 2-3 hours. I'd love him to eat more and not as often, but he is usually sound asleep after 4 ounces. I usually manage to get 6 or so in him right before bed and then he has a great 6-7 hour stretch of sleep.

Pink~ Best of luck with the breastfeeding, but if it doesn't last for you don't beat yourself up. You have so much going on, the last thing you need is another hurdle. Big hugs!

Sammy~ Hope the cold passes quickly without passing on to your little man.

Jenn~ That is great news about the better daycare option. Hope you can find a place you feel good about.

QOTD~ How tired is everyone??

Some days I'm fine, others I feel like I'm on autopilot for the first few hours of each day. I cross a hurdle about 4:00 or so and am pretty awake in the evenings. I keep meaning to go to sleep earlier when the kids do to get enough rest, but I'm so excited to have some quiet time with DH that it rarely happens. I'm so embarrassed to admit I usually nod off during our middle of the night feedings, it;s just so dark and quiet and the rocking motion gets me every time.:rolleyes:

My only saving grace is that DH gets up with both kids at 8 or so on weekend mornings so I can get a few additional hours of sleep...I LOVE that man!

11-21-2007, 09:06 AM
sleep - I have the hardest time waking up in the morning but after I'm up and showered I have a hard time napping and forget trying to get to bed early. I'm lucky if I get to bed before 11.

Me - I'm MISERABLE today. I feel like my head is about to explode. I need some more medicine because I'm getting close to running out of what we already have at home. Thankfully DH decided to work from home today so I can easily run to Walgreens or CVS to pick up something.

11-21-2007, 11:59 AM
i can't keep up with all of you over here! it frustrates me, because i wish that i could - since i'm dealing with all the same sleep issues as you guys and could probably learn a thing or two from everyone. but this little boy of mine rarely lets me get a minute to go online! and when i do, i've only got one hand free to page up & down, it's impossible to type. :mad: i think he must have been (or still is) going through a growth spurt or something, because he's been eating a ton more during the day, and has been fussier than usual lately.

all in all, i think things are going pretty well... although i am still totally overwhelmed and drained! DH went back to work last week which was really hard for me (we don't have any family living near us), but it's been getting a little bit easier since then. i think in the beginning i was just in complete shock of how different my day-to-day life is... but now i am adjusting. some days feel relatively normal, and other days i still feel like i just can't do this! having less and less of the freak-out days, which is a good thing.

jasper turned 3 weeks old yesterday! not sure how much he weighs now, but he was up to 9lb, 9.5oz at his 2wk lactation consultant appt last week. my beefy butterball! we're dealing with some reflux issues that have been frustrating (we keep him elevated after meals, he sleeps in carseat at night), but he doesn't seem THAT irritable after spitting up & he's gaining weight like a champ...so the pediatrician is not concerned (it's just hard for me to hear him gag at night!).

i think i have the only kid who greatly dislikes both the swaddleme AND the miracle blanket. we ended up going with the luna lullaby blankets (http://http://www.lunalullaby.com/lunalullaby/SoothingBlanketShop.aspx), and swaddle the harvey-karp way... and so far it's been working for us.

when i first came home from the hospital, i felt like the thinnest woman alive after having such a big belly for so long. i thought i looked great! but then once i tried to put on my old pre-pg clothes, reality sunk in as i am still a lot bigger than my pre-pg self. i gained 34 lb, and i had lost 22lb by my 2wk post-partum appt. i can't exercise until my 6wk appt - so i'm just trying to not go too crazy with junk food (although i swear BFing makes me crave sweets more than pregnancy). this weekend i caved and bought a new outfit at banana republic to wear for thanksgiving, because i was just so sick & tired of wearing maternity clothes.

christmas pics...
we had newborn photos taken last week by the photographer who did my maternity pics, so no holiday ones for us. although, i was thinking i might take one of the newborn shots & use it for a holiday card. would it be weird to do a combined holiday card/birth announcement for an october baby?

tired? YES!
i feel like my post-partum recovery has been very slow-going, so i am still physically uncomfortable most of the time and sleep-deprived on top that. i had no idea that the post-partum period would be so dificult physically!

oops...gotta get going.

hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving!!!

11-21-2007, 05:07 PM
My baby girls went for a weight check today, it was 2 weeks since the last one.

Julianna - 6lbs 15oz
Katelyn - 6lbs 5oz

They will have their 1 month WBV next week most likely. We are happy with the weight gain, especially since the 1st and 2nd week weights they gained nothing. Julianna now gained 15oz in 2 weeks and Katelyn 1lb 10oz in 2 weeks. So glad we switched from the Soy formula, since they seemed to just poop that out all the time.

11-21-2007, 06:32 PM
nektarine - It took me a good 5 weeks to really start feeling more like myself. I know it's rough, but it will get better. Hang in there.

sleeping - Still exhausted. I feel like this week we went backwards rather than getting better. Instead of waking at 2:30, she's now waking at 1, and every hour and a half after that. At 6 she will finally go down for 2-3 hours. I am so frustrated because I have no idea if she's hungry when she wakes up or if she just needs the paci. I always feel like I should try to feed her, but I think she will keep waking and crying if she knows I will come running with the boob. I'm putting DH on night time duty for the next couple of nights and telling him not to wake me to feed her unless it's been 3 hours or she is really upset.

Wishing everyone a good night's sleep. I hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving!! GOBBLE GOBBLE

Jenn (and Bill)
11-21-2007, 07:18 PM
Nektarine, I totally could have written that post three weeks ago and maybe I did! I totally understand how you're feeling, especially the complete life adjustment shock, even though I did everything I could to prepare myself for it! It gets better (I'm at six weeks and it's only a little better, but it's definitely improving.)

Highlights for me since the last post:
1) picked the daycare. Called the second place and made an appointment to enroll her on Monday.
2) Got to retake my glucose test this morning to make sure the gestational diabetes didn't turn into real diabetes. Please keep your fingers crossed.
3) Went shopping tonight and bought a miracle blanket, another pair of Xmas PJs and two Xmas outfits that aren't fancy dresses. Thinking she'll be more comfy in a fancy sleeper style than a dress. And I can't imagine making her wear tights at this age!! Haven't decided for sure what she'll wear but I may do one comfy night and one fancy night. But first I should determine what our holiday plans are! Picked up some diapers at Target too and a couple cute outfits at Macy's that were 40% off.

I'm kind of amazed at those of you who have a schedule. Melanie's report makes it sound like her DD wakes at 2:30 with some regularity. Though I try to feed every three hours, sometimes she's hungry after 2 or 2.5 and at night, she wakes up when she's hungry and it's never the same length of time. So how do you do it?

Oh, I got SUPER excited today when I realized that my DD gets to have her picture taken with Santa. I don't know why it never occurred to me but I got all excited at starting this as a yearly thing. Sorry, you can tell I'm a first time Mom! I'm also thinking about getting stockings personalized with mom, dad and natalie (and I'm still getting used to the idea that the "mom" is me!) and one of those personalized ornaments where you put the family names on the penguins or snowmen or whatever! I guess I'm getting excited about the holidays even though she's too young to notice!

Anyone else starting new holiday traditions?

11-21-2007, 11:47 PM
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

nektarine: buying new clothes that fit was a great idea - I wish I'd thought of it. :) I hope things get better soon!

Jenn: hope the GD didn't turn into type II. Yay for pictures with Santa!

sleep: right now I wish I were sleeping, instead of pumping!!! We do ok, but I'm getting more than DH because I get a nap in usually right as he goes to work. She's been on a "schedule" of eating around 9 and waking between 1 and 2:30 to eat again, and then she tends to go back to sleep right away until between 5:30 and 6:30. This morning, though, she was WIDE AWAKE from 6:30 until after she ate again at 9, which KILLED ME...I was totally ready for our nap at 8 and she had other plans. We were able to sleep from 10-12, but I'd wished I'd *known* she wasn't going to nap early so I could have gotten some stuff done.

Speaking of sleep....zzzzzzzzzzzz

11-22-2007, 09:20 AM
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I had the start of mastitis again yesterday. Sigh. I just can't catch a break. I immediately took a hot shower and pumped off the excess and sent myself to bed with DD for the rest of the day in hopes of getting over it before it turned into an infection. I just can't handle being on antibiotics and risk getting thrush again. I think I'll be okay. My boob still hurts, but I'm not feverish so hopefully I was proactive enough to avoid causing problems.

I think dairy is definitely a problem with DD along with chocolate and anything spicy so Thanksgiving is going to be a big disappointment today. Oh well. I did it before with DS and I know it's not forever, but I love food. I might try dairy again on Christmas and see if there's any improvement.

DD is wearing a dress with tights for the first time today and she's pretty cute. :)

Oops, gotta go. I'll be back later for SOs...

Jenn (and Bill)
11-22-2007, 09:45 AM
Peever, hope you post some pictures. Still haven't decided what DD is wearing for Xmas and how dressed up she should get! Hope it's not mastitis!

Merjmo, I hear you on less pumping and more sleeping! Hope you get a nap in today!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I know I have a LOT to be thankful for this year!

11-22-2007, 03:19 PM
Jenn - As much as we try to have a schedule, it does not usually go like clockwork. I am trying it because I find that it helps me predict her needs a little better. This week we were so off. She woke at 1 every morning and was up every hour and a half after that. I was so thrown off because I didn't know when she was hungry and when she just needed the paci. Last night was so much better, and she was back to waking at 2:30 and then at 6. It was great. I'm sure Natalie will look adorable in whatever you put her in!!!

Meredith - sounds like our DC's are following the same sort of routine.

Peever - I'm so sorry that you continue to have problems. Feel better.

11-22-2007, 06:03 PM
Thanksgiving was good here. We usually host it and we took the year off and it was so nice and relaxing! My MIL was a saint and made a dairy free version of everything for me so I had plenty to eat. I was still bummed about not getting to eat pie, but maybe things will be better by xmas.

Sammy- I hope you're feeling better and I hope your son avoids getting sick!

Christmas pictures- I'm having the kids pictures taken this week and hopefully one of them will be good enough for our xmas card. DS is in a terrible picture taking phase. He insists on sticking his tongue out in nearly every picture and won't sit still either. I'm going to take them to see Santa at the mall too and have their picture taken. DS still is iffy about Santa so we'll see how that goes. I'm just glad I'm on maternity leave this year so I can take them in the middle of the week day and not have to stand in line forever!

Pink- I hope things are going better for you. I know how much it hurts to nurse with thrush. :(

Jenn- I'm glad you found a daycare you liked! Good luck on your glucose test! The dress with tights is pretty cute. You should try it. ;) I don't know if I even got any pics of her that are post-worthy and don't include other family members. She gets baptized on Sunday so maybe I'll get more then. It is mastitis, but I think I resolved it before it got to the infected point.

Tired- Yep, I'm tired. I still try to nap a few times a week. I go to bed as soon as I can get both kids to sleep, but some nights that's not until 10. My DS is a crappy sleeper at night so he's usually up by 6am so I don't get a lot of sleep considering DD usually wakes up twice a night. I just can't wait until I get to sleep for longer than 3 hrs at a time.

nektarine- Every day I tell DH that I can't imagine going back to work after 6 weeks like so many woman do. DD will be 8 weeks on Saturday and I still can't imagine going back to work. It's going to be hard enough to do it after 12! My best advice is to let everything go that doesn't absolutely need to be done and just concentrate on the main things like eating and sleeping. This sucks, but dairy can aggrevate reflux (even if he doesn't have a milk protein issue) so laying off at least major dairy can help with the spitting up. It's killing me to not be able to raid DS's leftover halloween candy because of my DD's dairy and chocolate issues. I've got a killer sweet tooth now too. I still haven't finished DD's birth announcements so they'll be going out with our xmas card too and she was born a month before your DS so I think that's totally acceptable. ;)

Ericka- I'm glad they are doing well!

Melanie- Keep in mind that most babies have a growth spurt around 6 weeks so they eat more often. I think DD had her's a little late because she was an eating machine earlier this week. I hope I can avoid any more bfing problems!

merjmo- DS wakes up every day at 6am. I'd so love to go back to sleep too!

Better get DS to bed...

11-22-2007, 07:01 PM
Well Taylor is a month old today... As sleep deprived and emotional as I am, it's gone by SUPER quick.

Thrush is not getting any better on me, Taylor's mouth is almost all cleared up. I pumped last night and only got 1oz from both sides :( So I fear this is it for me.... Just touching them kills me...

Oh well, I'm not going to beat myself up about it. DS did just fine on formula and as much as I wanted to BF her, sometimes it just doesn't work out.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and here's a picture I took of Taylor today next to her brother's dragon :D (Please excuse the bad hair day - she just had her bath)


11-22-2007, 07:12 PM
Updated to here.

Jenn (and Bill)
11-22-2007, 07:51 PM
Speaking of Christmas pics, I think I changed my mind. DH takes lots of good pics so we hadn't thought of paying for any (we turned them down at the hospital!) but I made an appointment for Kiddie Kandids for next week. Is it wrong to want that cheesy background? So if they turn out, I'll give them to the grandparents and if I can get a decent one of all three of us, I'll use it for a xmas card. Now I have to plan the attire for all three of us!!!! If they don't turn out, we'll get out our tripod!

do you guys prewash fancy dresses? Won't they look less crisp?

11-22-2007, 07:57 PM
I don't plan on washing any fancy dresses for the girls until at least 1 wearing. Not sure if the girls will get dresses this year or not. We have matching red Christmas sleepers with headbands and got Easton a Christmas sleeper in green so hoping to get some shots that way.

11-22-2007, 08:37 PM
Hi ladies! Happy Thanksgiving!

It's been a while, but I'm here. DS is thriving, we're up to 10 pounds now! We did find out after several fussy days and nights as well as some other symptoms that my poor baby has reflux. Per the specialist's request, we started him on Prevacid a few days ago.

Aside from the reflux, he is very gassy. I BF and supplement with formula (Carnation Good Start - Natural Cultures), and it seems he cannot get enough! And, he eats so often as well, like every 2-2.5 hours. The minimum he is satisfied with now is 4 oz., at times he wants 5 or 6. The specialist whom diagnosed him with reflux said that was wayyy too much for him, and the reason why he was is so hungry all the time is because eating soothes the acid, but ends up creating more in the long run. I'm feeling really frusterated as I don't want to not feed him when he is hungry, but I don't want to contribute to his reflux problem anymore.

Just looking for some support, I guess. DH and I don't know what to do at times.

11-23-2007, 10:54 AM
Happy belated Thanksgiving!

It's been a little crazy around here so I havn't been on in a while. I hosted Thanksgiving yesterday for 14 people, so needless to say I was a bit busy. Between caring for my 3.5YO, a fussy baby, shopping and getting everything cooked and out by 4:00PM yesterday, I didn't even have time to shower! I had to excuse myself once my sister and brother-in-law arrived to get cleaned up! But anyway, it went off without too many problems and everyone raved about the food, so I must have done something right! The house is finally cleaned up and back in order, thank goodness.

Not too many plans over the weekend, DS has a soccer game tomorrow and I might head up to my dads afterwards. Then next weekend is my sisters baby shower in CA (she is due witha girl on Feb. 16th), so I am driving over with my mom and both kids. Looking forward to seeing some old high school and college friends while I am there.

Christmas pics: We are going to try and do our own. We had them professionally done last year, and will probably due a shoot with the same photographer this year, but not in time for Christmas.

Sleep: Last night was not good, but the two nights prior he slept for 7 hours straight!

Mandos, sorry to hear about the reflux. My DS is solely on formula and he is up to 5 ozs. per feeding, so your numbers sound about right to me.

Pink, I am so sorry about your breastfeeding woes. I was devastated when I had to give up BF with DS #1, so I know the feeling. I will continue praying that your milk supply regulates itself and comes back. What a cutie Taylor is!

11-23-2007, 11:36 PM
Mandos*Bella -- I'm facing the same dilemma regarding reflux and feedings. I went to the lactation consultant a few days ago, thinking that my son was screaming due to a forceful letdown, and she said that the problem was actually silent reflux, where the baby actually swallows the spit-up. My son is HUGE (13 pounds at 6 weeks) because he wants to eat all the time to soothe the pain. I'm seeing the pediatrician on Tuesday and am hoping to get some answers. In the meantime, I'm nursing him in a somewhat upright position, and he is sleeping in the bouncy seat instead of flat on his back, and I've stopped eating dairy, caffeine, and citrus. Those things seem to be helping, but I feel like I'm flying by the seat of my pants. :(

11-24-2007, 09:38 AM
I have ben MIA--after some problems with school I withdrew a few weeks ago. I feel like so many things were poorly handled I don't kow if I will go back next fall. I wasn't allowed to take any time off...I was in class when DS was 1 week old. No one would talk with me about any leave until I had the baby, we all know that once you have your baby the last thing you want to think about is logistics of returning to work. There was one class and one professor who was being a bit of a jerk (not returning emails, giving me a zero for a quiz I missed although he told me he wouldn't, etc.) So the student services lady forwarded the emails I sent to her to the deans of the college. They met and decided I should just withdraw and start again. So with 5 weeks left of class I withdrew. If I was an employee somewhere what they did would be illegal I think, but since I am just a student I don't think I have an rights to maternity leave....as I was told "We didn't get you pregnany, you did that on your own."

I have been so busy being a full time mom and I love it! No more dairy for me. It sucks, but its the best for Parker.

2 month WBV
12 lbs 9 oz
24 in

11-24-2007, 10:26 AM
Mandos - What were the signs that your son had reflux? Our son eats about 5oz but every 4-7 hours. He manages to spit up at times and just yesterday DH figured out a new technique to feeding him. We now sit him up really high while he's eating and every 5 minutes we stop him and hold him straight out in front of us so that we can give his body time to move the formula down. Then after a minute we'll lightly burp him, usually he'll let out a HUGE belch. As long as he doesn't spit up we continue feeding him for another 5 minutes, keep repeating until the bottle is done. Oh and if he spits up we stop him and let him sit for a few minutes to allow the formula to go down before we introduce more.

11-24-2007, 02:00 PM
DH's SIL is in town this week and she does photography on the side so she took some pics of the kids today and it was so nice to have some time to leisurely take pics of them and not have to worry when DD had to eat. It's impossible for me to schedule stuff because inevitably it will be terrible timing and I'l be out a session fee. She got some good pics of them so I'll get to order our xmas cards shortly. Not to mention that it's free! :)

DD has been fussy lately and I can't put her down so that's hard. Hopefully going completely dairy free will help. I'm just hoping it's not soy too because I don't know what I'll do. I'm trying a lot harder to get her to take a bottle now and she did drink 2 ozs this morning. She's not overly fond of it, but hopefully it will be good enough to get her by at daycare. I've got to keep working on it, but I hate wasting milk. I started pumping in the morning instead of the afternoon so I'm getting more milk. I think I got 9 ozs this morning so that helps.

DD is getting baptized tomorrow and we still have to clean the whole house. I don't think the dress I ordered for her is going to make it today so that sucks.

Pink- Get a 'script for Diflucan from your OB. I did 150mg for 3 days and that cleared things up for me. I keep forgetting to do monthly pictures! She's cute. :)

Jenn- I don't prewash fancy dresses. I think deciding what everyone should wear is the hardest part.

Mandos- DS had horrible reflux and did well on prevacid. That does sound like a lot if he's eating every 2 hrs. Some babies want a constant trickle because it feels better. DS refused to eat because that equaled pain for him. It's frustrating either way. The gas could be from the reflux or it could be a milk protein sensitivity. Both my kids have had that. Have you tried going dairy free? Even if it's not a milk protein thing, dairy aggrevates reflux. Maybe you can ask your ped for some dairy free formula samples to try and see if that helps.

Jennifer- 7 hrs would be great!

Carrie- DD has silent reflux as well. I don't think the forceful letdown helps either because she seems to do it the most while she's nursing and it's worse when I'm really full.

mobe- That really sucks. You would think they would be a little more accomodating. What if someone had a death in the family? Would they be expected to return to class immediately? Stuff happens, ya know? I'm dairy free too. We'll have to swap food ideas. :)

Sammy- If your DS doesn't spit up all the time or isn't really fussy, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

11-24-2007, 02:09 PM
Updated to here.

11-24-2007, 06:22 PM
Hi mamas!

JJSanner- Yeah, I get told a lot that each baby is different, and what works for one infant doesn't fly for another. Looks like we've just got healthy eaters is all!

Carrie- I believe DS is also eating to soothe himself and the acid. I BF, and he is still hungry, so we formula feed, and he takes 4-5 oz. Sometimes after that, he wants the boob again. That's where he usually is able to fall asleep, poor thing. He also loves to be held higher up on my chest and have his back rubbed and patted. The Dr. said the pressure on his tummy feels good, which is why it calms himso quickly. I am lactose-intolerant, but still indulge in cheeses. I have cut that out as of late to try to help baby boy. I've also looked into the Tucker Sling and the Amby beds. Have you heard of either? Also, DS sleeps in his papasan chair as well, per his Dr's recc. She also said to feed him at a 45 degree angle, and keep him upright 30 minutes after meals.

Sammy- Some signs were: extreme fussiness, gas, waking up and/or crying when we laid him down, rash on his face, spitting up more, a lot of groaning at night, and more crying than what we were used to with him. Sounds like your DH came up with a good method; the specialist told us to feed DS 2 oz., then burp and continue.

Peever- I may do that. He is currently on Good Start Natural Cultures, and our pediatrician was fine with that as she said it breaks down and digests more easily, however the formulas you mentioned may be worth a try. Thanks!

Us: We decided to co-sleep, and I purchased a locking guard rail for our bed. I can't seem to sleep unless he is right near me, and I got the okay from our Ped. We'll see how it goes.

After 6 short weeks, DH is going back to work. I feel blessed I had such a nice long time with him off of work, and I am kind of nervous about my first week home alone with DS. It's been nice to have the added hands around!

Jenn (and Bill)
11-24-2007, 07:50 PM
Wow, after reading those 'symptoms,' I'm worried that DD has reflux. I asked the ped about the spitting up and in the BF thread and was told everything I described was normal. But DD has a lot of the same symptoms that Bella's DS has. But I guess that could describe almost any baby.

DH is feeding her now so we'll see how it goes. When I fed her a couple of hours ago, I paused to burp her and she spit up. But she got really fussy and cried afterwards, which isn't normal for her at all. And no matter what I did, she wouldn't take more than a couple more gulps from the bottle. Hope it was a fluke because normally she spits without any discomfort!

Peever, do we get to see those pics you guys took? I'm jealous! We had a friend who takes lots of great pictures take some maternity pics of us and I hated them. Plus, I didn't get to see them till way after I had the baby so I couldn't retake any of them! So consider yourself pretty lucky!

11-24-2007, 08:10 PM
Hi all!

I was in the October PG thread a long time ago, but due to tons of pregnancy complications I couldn't keep up with posting, although I read along the whole time. My DS Gabriel was born 2 weeks early, on 9/28, he was 7 lbs 2 oz and 19.5 inches long.

I'm dealing with PPD, and Gabe isn't a good sleeper, so things have been very stressful. I'm hoping that things get better soon.

Here are some of his one-month pictures that I had done:





11-24-2007, 09:16 PM
Updated to here.

11-25-2007, 08:58 AM
Welcome Gabriel!!! Hope things get easier for you Queen.

OK, so I am the worst mother ever...
I had DH keep the monitor on his side of the bed last night because he was on night duty. I told him that if she gets up before certain times he needs to go in an give her the pacifier, rather than me going in to feed her every time she wakes. So, she woke at 1:15 and he gave her the paci. She went back to sleep until 3, and I fed her that time. I went back to bed and woke up at 6:30. I looked over at the monitor and it was completely off. I guess the battery had died. When it's on my side it is plugged in all night. I faintly heard her crying through both of our closed doors. I ran in there and she was just fussing and stopped as soon as she saw me. I have a feeling though that she had cried herself to sleep at some point between 3 and 6 though because her eyes were swollen and red even though she wasn't crying when I went in there. I feel soooo bad.

11-25-2007, 02:21 PM
We tried the Bumbo seat the other day. She liked it... (sorry - still can't figure out how to resize.)


11-25-2007, 05:17 PM
OMGoodness Queen, Gabriel is a cutie pie!!! Hope things get better soon for you guys....

Melanie, wow I can't believe she's sitting in the Bumbo so well already! Taylor's only 20 days younger than Ellie but there's no way I could put her in one at this point... She's sooooo cute!!!

Taylor has been SUPER SUPER fussy the past few days. She's also not sleeping well. She was up for 7 hours today :eek: with only about a half hour nap... Her mouth is almost clear of the thrush, so I have no idea what it is. Might be reflux (I think she has it - shows all the signs that DS did when he was diagnosed), might be colic, I don't know... But it sure isn't fun. I'm a zombie at this point, DH is going to stay up with her for the next few hours and I'm going to go lay down and try to get a few hours of sleep, if tonight is anything like last night, I'm going to need it :(

Hope everyone had a great weekend....

11-25-2007, 11:04 PM
I forgot to post my stats in my previous post so here they are now:

Username: QueenofCA
Me: Melinda, 27
DH: Andy, 32
For each child:
DS/DD: Gabriel Martin
Birthdate: 9/28/07
Time of birth: 5:18 pm
Weight at birth: 7 lbs, 2 oz
Length at birth: 19.5 in.
Any other children: an Italian Greyhound named Ziggy

11-25-2007, 11:23 PM
Queen of CA - Welcome back. Gabe is a beautiful boy. I hope you get the help & support you need re: PPD -- I'm sorry you're going through this :(

PinkMartini - My DS started getting REALLY fussy at about 5 weeks, and his sleep deteriorated too. I read on AskMoxie.org (an awesome parenting blog) that lots of babies become very difficult at around 6 weeks, and that it's common to start worrying that they baby has colic, but that it's just a passing thing for most. Not sure if it's tied to the 6-week growth spurt or what. Anyway, I don't have any tips - just wanted to let you know that you're not alone in finding this stage challenging. Hope you got some sleep!

Mom2B - Ellie is such a doll! Great picture. Sorry about the monitor mishap - I'm sure it was harder than you than it was on your DD!

I swear I'm not sadistic, but I think my son is so cute when he lets out a big, sad, teary, crinkle-faced cry. He just started crying real tears in the past week or two, and it's so adorable! (To look at, NOT to listen to!) Of course, it really hurts me to see him get upset... but I'm just so fascinated by his moods and expressions of emotion.

11-26-2007, 11:21 AM
Mandos - Thanks for listing the symtpoms your little guy had. I don't think Michael has reflux now that I've seen your son's symptoms. I think he just has a bad case of spitting up.

Queen - Welcome back. Sorry you are dealing with PPD. I hope you are able to get the help you need. Those pics of Gave are absolutely adorable!

Melanie - I can't believe you got her in a bumbo already! She is too cute!!!

Pink - I hope you managed to get some sleep last night.

Carrie - LOL I don't think you are sadistic at all. I think its cute to see my DS cry too definitely not to hear him! I love seeing his lower lip quiver.

Me - We had a very low key Thanksgiving, just the three of us and it was nice. I bought a sleep positioner for Michael because he favors his right side when he's sleeping. I only use it during his day naps though because I'm afriad of him accidentally turning to his belly at night. During the day he is ok sleeping unswaddled but at night he prefers being swaddled and I just like the idea of him having his hands there to save him so until he's ok to be unswaddled at night I will keep doing it this way. He managed to STTN last night for the first time ever. He's been getting closer and closer every day but last night he did it. It was fantastic! I'm still kinda sick but glad to report that the little guy has not gotten my cold even with me being his primary caregiver!

11-26-2007, 11:32 AM
Updated to here.

11-26-2007, 11:51 AM
We're back from our week in Idaho and it was quite a trip. My MIL was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and had surgery the Thursday before Thanksgiving so she wasn't able to do much and I did most of the cooking etc. while caring for my toddler and Ethan. I made 4 pies and a rum cake last week and also did the potatoes. My FIL did the turkey and Dh's grandparents filled in the rest of the sides for Thanksgiving dinner. The 7 hour car ride over and back went well. We stopped three times both ways which wasn't too bad. It's so nice to be home though.

Ethan is growing like gang busters, he's really filling out and when I weighed myself on the bathroom scale last week with him and without him there was 12 lbs difference! He's also started cooing and making the cute baby sounds which are so endearing. He's still a very squeaky breather which worries Dh but I think is normal. I'll bring it up at his next ped appointment in 2 weeks though.

DD accidentally stepped on Ethan's face last week which caused a lot of tears. Ethan seemed fine and quit crying pretty quick but Grace had to be consoled for quite awhile since she felt so bad that she hurt her baby brother! At least we know she likes him if she felt that bad.

As far as sleeping goes I'm happy to say he's finally sleeping longer stretches at night occasionally. Last night was the first night he slept in the cradle in the office next to our room and not IN the room with us. I put him down in the cradle at 10pm and he woke up at 1:30am and 4am before being woken by Dh at 7am since Dh had a work meeting this morning. I slept a lot better with him out of the room like I knew I would. I'm not quite ready to put him in the crib in DD's room but maybe after Christmas. I want him to only be waking once or twice at night regularly when I put them in the same room and not every hour or two!

Jenn (and Bill)
11-26-2007, 06:47 PM
Daisy, welcome back, glad all went well!

OK, girls, I'm freaking out a little. I should have gotten the results from my glucose test today and when DH got home, he noticed we had a voice mail. It was my doctor and it is my belief that if everything were fine, the nurse would have called. Or she would have left a message. I don't even know what she said but I'm now positive that I have diabetes. ACK!

11-26-2007, 06:54 PM
Jenn - just call the office out before freaking out too much. Legally dr's offices are not allowed to leave messages of medical conditions, they need to personally talk to the patient.

11-27-2007, 08:31 AM
jenn--i hope everything is ok

11-27-2007, 09:00 AM
Jenn - Hope everything is ok. Let us know what you find out.

C-section Mommies - I came across the following two links on another board and thought I'd share them here since there were a few of us that felt cheated with having to end up with a c-section:

http://tinyurl.com/ynryd4 (http://tinyurl.com/ynryd4)


11-27-2007, 11:28 AM
I'm in elimination diet hell again. DD is still having problems so I'm dairy and soy free as of yesterday. I'm also avoiding gassy veggies, citrus fruits, spices, chocolate & caffeine. It's frustrating trying to guess what's bothering her. At least there's a lot more options now than there was with DS nearly 4 years ago.

She's very gassy and still has diarrhea and the rash on her face is getting worse. She can't sleep with the gas so I'm tired. I just hope I can get this figured out before I have to go back to work!

I think I'm going to pump and try to get a nap in. I'll be back for SOs.

11-27-2007, 12:03 PM
Sammy...Thank you thank you THANK YOU for those links! SO helpful. So much of what is said there fits how I felt/feel.

11-27-2007, 02:39 PM
Peever - I hope you can figure out what is irritating her soon.

SQ2 - As soon as I saw those articles I told myself if anything I had to post the links for YOU glad you found the links helpful. I found them helpful as well.

Me - Went for my 6 week pp appointment today. The doc gave me the all clear! The only thing I have to hold off on is abdominal exercises until 3 months pp. No big deal though. I started Weight Watchers yesterday and am hoping it will help me lose the remainder of my pregnancy weight that is just hanging around on me. The little guy is doing well. DH was pointing out how after almost 6 weeks its amazing how different we both now are when DS cries. At the beginning we'd freak out but now we pretty much know what to do and when.

11-27-2007, 02:45 PM
hey gals.
I've been MIA for a while. I just feel like it's so hard to keep up with everything. I was definitely handling this mom thing better at 4 weeks than I am at 7.
For the last few days DS has just been fussy whenever I'm not holding him and/or feeding him. He doesn't really eat a lot, it's like he just wants my boob to be there just in case he misses it. Other than that BFing is going well. I just feel kind of lost the last few days. The first few weeks were really hard, but I felt like I was doing well, following his cues and I could make him happy, but now it's like I'm starting all over.
my 6 week PP visit went well. Doctor said I was looking good, but wasn't completely healed. I am fine to exercise, but she suggested we wait on DTD for another few weeks, which I was completely fine with, but now am starting to feel a bit bad for DH about.
What are you ladies doing as far as interacting with/stimulating your babes? I read and sing to him and he has a playmat that has stuff hanging above that I lay him on to look at and for tummy time, but he really will only lay there for a few minutes before he starts yelling to be held again. I just feel like I'm not taking advantage of his alert time to stimulate him enough. He really likes lights, but other than that nothing seems to keep his attention
Here's hoping this is just a phase