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09-28-2006, 02:29 PM
So I just got back from my 38.5 week doctor's exam. She *tried* to do an internal exam, but had a lot of difficulty. My cervix was really high and WAY off to the side. She finally figured out I was only about 1-2 cm dialated.

I was hoping to be more dialated, so I didn't think to ask her about the position of my cervix.

Will having a high/side positioned cervix make any difference when it comes to labor and delivery? Will the baby be more likely to get "stuck" or will I have a long labor, waiting for it to get into the right position? Or will I be more likely to push and push and push and then end up with a c/s??

Does anyone know anything about this?

Thanks in advance!!!

09-28-2006, 02:39 PM
Not positive on this, but I believe your cervix starts in a posterior position and moves forward as labor progresses. I wouldn't think it has any bearing on length of labor, etc.

I know my cervix is "way back there" as of my last appointment. When I had Gabe, my cervix was tilted back a week before I delivered. I remember the nurse commenting that it was still posterior.

09-28-2006, 02:47 PM
Found this for you:

"Before labor begins, the cervix drops into the vaginal canal at an angle that makes it point toward the back (posterior). One sign of progress is that the cervix has become anterior, meaning that it's position has realigned to allow the baby to drop into the vagina (birth canal). This is generally a change that happens early in labor."

09-28-2006, 06:11 PM
I just had an internal and the Nurse Practitioner told me the same thing that was in Jenzen01's 2nd post. She said that a sign that labor is close is the cervix moves forward and the baby's head slips into it - kind of like the baby is slipping on a turtleneck is how she described it. I think that's also what they call "engagement". I'd imagine that as labor gets closer for you, your cervix will move into position.

09-28-2006, 06:40 PM
midwesterngal, you're still over a week away from your due date - I know it's hard to be patient (I've got 2 weeks to go) but my OB told me that:

1. things can change literally overnight - your cervix might be high up today, but tomorrow you could go into labor just like that;


2. some babies just like it in there and want to stick around for a little longer!

hang in there :)

09-28-2006, 07:54 PM
The position of your cervix at this exam has nothing to do with having an easy/difficult labor and definitely nothing to do with pushing - your cervix will be totally out of the way when it's time to push and the baby's head will slip right through. When your baby is ready to be born things will change a lot inside and it will all line up.

This is why i refused to get interal exams until I was in labor (and even then i limited the exams). Dilation doesn't really mean much in terms of when you'll go into labor - i know some people that walked around 4cm dilated for weeks before going into labor, and others who weren't dilated at all who went into labor that night or the next day.

Your cervix will be hard to reach before you're in labor b/c it is further to the back - my first ever internal was towards the start of labor and it HURT b/c the nurse had to reach so far back to check me. As labor progressed it moved closer to the front and it was not so difficult to check nor so painful.

i know it can be hard when you are towards the end of pregnancy but remember you could still have several weeks left to go. One thing that I did that helped was i looked at the date two weeks *after* my due date (in my case Easter) and fixed that in my mind as 'the baby will come by Easter' - that way i didn't get too stir crazy at the end and i was prepared to have longer to wait. And i was *so* shocked when i went into labor at 39 weeks (and i was not dilated at all when i went into labor, FWIW).

Hang in there! You're almost there. Remember that your baby isn't done baking yet - 37w-42w is a *range* of full-term. Just like when we were teenagers anywhere from 12-15 was normal to get your 1st period - we don't try 'inducing' periods in 13 year old girls just b/c some girls get them naturallly at the same time - we wait until our bodies are ready and then it happens. Same with labor and birth (barring medical circumstances of course) :).

09-29-2006, 07:28 AM
Thanks for the replies ladies!

I was hoping that the cervix position wouldn't mean a more painful birth.

I am so ready for my little bun to be done baking! LOL. I realize it could be another 2 weeks, but I'm kind of scared of giving birth, so I am ready for that part to be done and over with!

Thanks again!

10-03-2006, 07:36 AM
My cervix kept changing around -- at my last appt (39w4d) it had shifted into a more anterior position. I was induced the next day and it decided to move back to the posterior position! My Dr. had a hell of a time breaking my water (which he did 5 hours after piticon was administered) partly because of the position of my cervix and partly because my DS's head was SO LOW, but other than that I had an extremely easy labor/delivery (13 hours total).